Full WWE SmackDown Results - 3/20/03 - Louisville, KY

Reported by Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com
On Friday, March 21, 2003 at 8:10 AM EST

WWE Smackdown Results for March 20, 2003
Originating from Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

The show opens with a video package of recording artist singing "America the Beautiful" at a number of WWF/E events.

WWE Programming Intro

A video package of Lesnar being duped by the Angles on last week's broadcast.

Rhyno (w/ Chris Benoit) vs. Charlie Haas (w/ Shelton Benjamin)

Benjamin takes every opportunity presented to him to interfere in this match. Benoit attempts to level the playing field by chasing after Benjamin on the outside. After a number of offensive exchanges by both competitors the match slows way down and Haas spends the next two (2) to three (3) minutes working on the left leg of Rhyno. Rhyno recovers and attempts to hit Haas with a GORE, but Benjamin trips him up and that gets Benoit into the ring, but the finish comes when Haas connects with one (1) of the tag team titles on the top of Rhyno's head.

Winner: Rhyno

"20 Years in the Making" Promo with Bob Costas speaking about Hogan and McMahon's relevance to WrestleMania. Compares both men to participants in an "old timers game at Yankee Stadium."

-- Commercial - Just so you know Christopher Walken is performing in the Cowbell skit (from SNL) at that time of this commercial on Comedy Central. Classic stuff.

We come back with Stephanie meeting with Brian Kendrick in her office, she is not too pleased with him always disobeying her. But if he is able to beat Shannon Moore tonight, he will have a spot on the Smackdown roster. GO SPANKY!

John Cena is under what looks like an overpass issues an open challenge to anyone in the music industry to try and match rhymes with him at WrestleMania X9. (Please Sir Mix a Lot answer the challenge, its your hometown.) He also informs the audience that he will be returning to Smackdown next week.

Los Guerreros promo. Chavo and Eddie are on the golf course needing to make some money and find two (2) willing victims to their antics.

-- Commercial --

Los Guerreros & Rikishi vs. The FBI

Chavo saw most of the action in this match with most of it having him on the receiving end of 2 or 3 on 1 situations. The end came with Rikishi clearing house and connecting on a super kick with Eddie coming off the top with a frog splash.

Winner(s): Los Guerreros & Rikishi

Hulk Hogan is shown arriving at the building.

-- Commercial --

"20 Years in the Making" Promo with The Brain speaking about Hogan and McMahon's egos.

Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia)

Noble is on the offensive throughout the duration of this match. The turning point is when Nidia, up on the apron, goes for Rey Rey's mask and he responds with a cross-body block from over the top rope onto the floor. Noble sees this and attempts a Tiger Bomb, but Rey Rey reverses it and hits the 619, immediately into the West Coast Pop and the easy one, two, three.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

The Angles (Kurt and Eric) are shown making there way to the ring. Kurt is trying to explain to his brother that Lesnar will pay for what he did to him. (I am sorry but that F5 into the ring post had to have hurt like hell).

-- Commercial -

WrestleMania X9 Third Degree Promo is shown, Tazz and Cole will host this "sit-down" with the stars on Sunday night at 9:00 PM on TNN.

The Angles in the ring. You know Kurt might be looking at a career threatening injury, but damn he can still work the crowd. Standard match hype character attack promo with Eric Angle on crutches and a knee brace, thus selling the beating he received from Lesnar seven (7) days earlier. Stephanie interrupts Kurt and explains that at WrestleMania Kurt can not have anyone interfere on his behalf, be counted out, or DQed or he will forfeit the title to Lesnar. Angle says that he is not leaving until Lesnar apologizes for his actions, HERE COMES THE PAIN. Lesnar gets in the ring and is hammered by both Angles. Kurt Olympic Slams him into a chair in the middle of the ring and then gets Lesnar in something like the STF. The Angles (why don't we call them the Pittsburgh Wrecking Crew) leave with Lesnar in the ring being attended to by refs.

-- Commercial --

The Undertaker vs. Bill DeMott

This was an absolute waste of television. Got caught up on the happenings in Iraq during this thing. The Undertaker got the victory with a choke slam followed by a Tombstone.

Winner: The Undertaker

-- Commercial --

Lesnar is shown being checked out by the medical staff. He (Lesnar) believes that it's the same rib that was broken in the Fall. (At least the Big Slow isn't responsible this time.)

Shannon Moore (w/ Matt Hardy) vs. Brian Kendrick

Back and forth action between two (2) up and coming cruiserweights. Kendrick ends up on the outside and Hardy throws/spins him into the steps. Resulting in a near fall for Moore. Rey Rey comes down to the ring to even up the odds. Rey Rey's appearance distracts Moore enough so that Kendrick can get the victory. Spanky is now a member of the Smackdown roster.

Winner: Brian "Spanky" Kendrick

Cole and Tazz announce that the Miller Lite girls will be performing/making an appearance in Seattle at WrestleMania.

-- Commercial -

WrestleMania Moment: Piper vs. Mr. T (Boxing Match) at WrestleMania II. Mr. T gets the victory after Piper snaps and resorts to wrestling tactics to get at Mr. T.

The WrestleMania X9 card is gone over, for both Raw and Smackdown talent.

This week's "news" conference in NY, highlights are shown.

Vince is shown in the back talking over the contract about to be signed.

-- Commercial -

Lugz Boot of the Week: Stephanie informing Team Angle of their Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania.

Chris Benoit (w/ Rhyno) vs. Shelton Benjamin (w/ Charlie Haas)

This was not a "normal" match because Benoit did not hit any suplexes, nor did either of the participants outside get that much involved. Rather short, the end came with Benjamin being unable to escape the Crossface being applied by Benoit.

Winner: Chris Benoit

"20 Years in the Making" Promo with Jesse Ventura.

-- Commercial --

Fred Durst explaining what an honor it will be to perform live at WrestleMania X9.

Mean Gene Okerlund in the ring introduces Hogan. Crowd goes bonkers, Hogan plays to it and then calls out McMahon to get this over with. Sneak attack by McMahon. Vince hits Hogan five (5) times with a chair and then warns him not to get up, but Hogan rises and then is sent back down to the canvas with a chair-shot that would have made Lance Storm proud. Vince signs the contract with a pen and then signs Hogan's name with the blood from the "Hulkster's" forehead.

End of Show