Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 3/23/03 (6 days until WrestleMania)

Reported by Keith Vinciguerra of WrestleView.com
» On Sunday, March 23, 2003 at 8:30 PM EST

As promised yesterday, the Heat recap this week is brought to you by me, KVG. Miz is supposedly on business, but he’s more likely recovering from a night out at the bars.


The show opens the same way as Velocity, with a montage of “America the Beautiful” performances from past Wrestlemanias. We also see a quick flashback to Raw of the Rock singing his now obligatory song.

Jeff Hardy vs. Mark ????
Lita and the Coach were talking so much that I couldn’t hear Mark’s full name and they didn’t put it up on the screen. Before the match starts, they show Jeff making the save for Trish Stratus last week. In the ring, the newcomer takes down Jeff and slaps his head a few times. Jeff retaliates with a hip toss and a dropkick. He climbs the turnbuckles for a Whisper in the Wind, but Mark crotches him then drops Jeff with a neckbreaker. A chinbreaker turns the tide for Jeff and he continues with a legdrop to the sack o’ plenty and a running forearm. The two wrestlers exchange some punches and Mark sets up Jeff for a top rope back suplex. Jeff elbows him off the ropes and hits the Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Jeff Hardy

Al Snow vs. Steve Fender
Al starts things off with some armbars until Fender catches him with a boot to the midsection. The rookie tries to slide between Al’s legs, but Snow catches his arm and executes a pump handle back suplex. Fender grabs the momentum with a vicious clothesline followed by a body slam and a springboard dropkick. He gets thrown into the turnbuckles but backflips over Al who pretends to be hurt. Snow catches a kick attempt and nails a clothesline, his patented head butts to the chest, and a neckbreaker. High cross body by Al followed by the Snow Plow and it’s all over.

Winner by pinfall: Al Snow

HBK Wrestlemania flashbacks
I can just picture Miz going crazy to this montage. He listens to “Sexy Boy” before he goes to the gym, and he frequently wears tight jeans jacked up to his elbows and sequined jackets like his long time hero.

Flashback to Raw
We see HHH vs. Goldust complete with outside interference from Randy Orton, Ric Flair, and Booker T.

Jacqueline vs. Molly – No DQ match
Jackie takes control early with a spinning leg sweep and a shoulder block. Molly tries a powerbomb but falls backwards with Jackie on top of her. A dropkick sends Molly to the outside where the ladies exchange some knife chops. The battle spills out into the crowd for a moment. Back in the ring, they exchange some quick pin attempts. Jackie hits a float over DDT for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Jacqueline

Flashback to Raw
Eric Bischoff and Rock’s conversation is shown followed by the main event, Bischoff vs. Steve Austin.

Three Minute Warning vs. Spike Dudley and Tommy Dreamer
A “Rico sucks” chant breaks out before the match starts. Rosie takes down Dreamer immediately with some wild slugs to the back, but Dreamer fights back and tags in Spike. The littlest Dudley bites Rosie’s hand (although he is wearing a glove!!) and gets kicked in the stomach for it. In comes Jamaal, and he gets taken down by Spike, who hits his stomps in the corner and a running head butt to the nether region. Spike tries to tear his own shirt off, Hulkamania style, but can’t do it and resorts to pulling it over his head instead. Jamaal takes control with a brutal clothesline and beats on Spike for awhile with punches and a running butt first avalanche. 3MW continue to maul Spike until he makes a diving tag to Dreamer. In comes Tommy with the requisite hot tag maneuvers: clotheslines and bodyslams. Pandemonium breaks out as all four wrestlers are battling. Spike hits the Acid Drop then gets Samoan dropped. Dreamer nails a DDT but gets distracted by Rico. He walks into a sidewalk slam and then gets splashed off the top rope. Match over.

Winners by pinfall: Three Minute Warning w/Rico


Jeff Hardy vs. Matt ????
It’s pretty disrespectful to not put a guy’s name up on the screen. Regardless of how long he sticks around, he made it to WWE TV programming and deserves some name recognition. Anyway, this was a decent opening match with a few momentum shifts. The newcomer showed some interesting moves so it wasn’t a total squash (this sounds just like my review of Matt Hardy’s match on Velocity last night). Jeff has become very predictable in the ring though. I can’t remember the last time I saw him try something different.

Al Snow vs. Steve Fender
Wow, the Snow Plow sure looks painful. I guess if someone is going to drop you on your head, Al Snow is a reliable candidate. Fender showed some good offense and confidence in the ring. Another decent match.

Jackie Airbags vs. Molly
What was the point of the No DQ stipulation? Why wouldn’t one of them just grab a chair or timekeeper’s bell? The action was good and it was cool to see them take it into the crowd, but as usual the finish came out of nowhere. I can’t remember the last time I saw a ladies’ match with any length or depth to it. Too bad since they have several performers capable of that if given the chance. Speaking of which, wasn’t Lita supposed to be ready for action by Wrestlemania?

Three Minute Jobbers vs. Spike and Dreamer
This was probably the best tag team match I’ve seen from 3MW. Their offense looked a lot less sloppy and the match had decent pacing. Solid main event for a B show.

Overall, Heat easily beat out Velocity this week. The first two bouts were jobber matches, but they were still relatively interesting and not totally one sided. Jackie vs. Molly was a bit short but not bad. The main event was a good tag team match, something we rarely see on the weekend. Finally, flashbacks were kept to a minimum and that always makes me happy.