Full WWE SmackDown Results - 4/3/03 - Spokane, WA (Sable returns)

Reported by Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com
On Friday, April 4, 2003 at 9:38 AM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 4/3/03
Taped From: Spokane, Washington
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

The same video package of WrestleMania that was aired on Raw started off Smackdown.

Stephanie McMahon starts off the show with an announcement that due to injuries suffered at WrestleMania, neither Lesnar or Angle will be in attendance tonight. (I, along with a number of other wrestling fans wish Angle a speedy recovery.) She goes on to say that the Smackdown superstars will decide who will face Lesnar at Backlash, via a three (3) week, eight (8) man tournament.

Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio (Tournament Match)

Undertaker is first down the ramp and Spokane goes bonkers for him. Rey Mysterio is giving up 17" and 130 pounds to the Undertaker. This match is nothing more than a power display by the Dead Man and Rey Rey trying to reverse his way out of holds. Mysterio runs square into a choke slam, but escapes and hits a 619 on the big man. Mysterio attempts a West Coast Pop, but is caught in mid flight and lands on his back via the Last Ride, for the one, two, three. After the bell the Undertaker re-enters the ring and helps Rey Rey to he's feet.

Winner: Undertaker, he salutes the US flag as he is heading back up the ramp.

Backstage, Vince is asking if Hogan had arrived. He wants to be the first to know once Hogan arrives.

- commercial -

Whack of the Night: "Spanky" get a spot on the Smackdown roster by beating Shannon Moore two (2) weeks ago.

Brian Kendrick vs. Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia)

Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore are along side Tazz and Michael Cole, commenting on the match. Rather quick match with Kendrick garnering the victory after hitting Noble with a neck breaker off the ropes. After the bell, Kendrick is on the receiving end of a Twist of Fate from Hardy. Matt then challenges Brock Lesnar to a match next week on Smackdown.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

- Commercial -

A FBI vignette is shown.

Stills of the WWE Heavyweight Title Match at WrestleMania XIX are shown. We are then given a very Maddenesque (John) breakdown of Lesnar and the shooting star press he attempted that night (having not seen the PPV, all I have to say is DAMN).

The bagpipes hit and we are treated to a promo announcing that Piper's Pit will be returning to WWF/E Programming next week (on Smackdown). [Damn it why in the bloody hell is the WWE ramping up "Age in the Cage II" with Hogan and Piper, their match at Havoc in a cage looked only good next to the match Warrior and Hogan put on in WCW.]

- Commercial -

Chris Benoit vs. A Train (Tournament Match)

The early goings of the match were very mat oriented. Benoit attempts a number of early cross faces, but none "get the job done." The Wolverine then goes berserk with three (3) German suplexes. Benoit pulled out the victory by reversing a Derailer into the cross face.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Vince is in his office on the phone when Stephanie walks in wanting to know how he is. He is "alright", and is going to do something with Hogan in the ring that he should have done a long time ago. Stephanie warns him not to do anything he would regret.

- Commercial -

Sean O Haire Promo

Torrie Wilson getting ready for her "coming out" Playboy presentation.

Eddie Guerrero vs. John Cena (Tournament Match)

Chavo is not accompanying Eddie to the ring tonight. Cena walks out in a replica retro Bullets jersey with the number 23 and Jordan on the back (I am beginning to like his character, but damn it if your going retro and the Bullets are involved you must go with BERNARD KING). Back and forth action throughout this match, and a number of rolling suplexes from Eddie. Eddie goes for the Frog Splash but adjusts as Cena has gotten up and lands a awesome drop kick from the top rope. Cena gets the pin via a F5/Death Valley Driver combo move (combo because he had Eddie up in the beginnings of an F5 and then switches position to land the DVD).

Winner: John Cena

Outside Hogan arrives in a limo along with Jimmy Hart and Nick Hogan. Hogan looks excited to be in town and says, "this looks like Hulkamania's house."

Torrie Wilson makes her way to the ring, via an amazing reception from those in the arena. She (headlights on) wanted to thank everyone for their support. It never occurred to her that so many people wanted to see her naked (honey any straight red blooded male would have no problem with seeing you naked). She tease showing "puppies" when... Sable appears at the top of the ramp. Sable does her usual catch phrases and then explains to Torrie that those in the back doubting that they can be friend will be proven wrong. She then walks up to Torrie and pecks her on the lips. Torrie is in shock. (Funny side-note: Stephanie and Sable had identical shoes on.)

- Commercial --

Tajiri & Funaki vs. Team Angle (Non Title Match)

Team Angle (the champs) are introduced first and then we go to commercial. This match was great. A lot of energy and offense from both teams throughout. Tajiri damn near knocked Haas out with kicks early on and hit a tarantula later on in the match. After some "illegal" double teaming Team Angle picks up the victory when Haas gets Funaki in the Haas of Pain (think Walls of Jericho, but the one applying it grabs your head while holding onto your feet).

Winners: Team Angle

FBI is looking for the Undertaker wanting to have a "sit down."

WWE Rewind: The FBI, the Big Slow, and A Train laying out Nathan Jones at WrestleMania.

- Commercial -

Josh Matthews catches up with Cena just before he leaves the arena. Cena believe that if he were to defeat the Undertaker next week, it would shock the world (NO $#@%).

The FBI and Undertaker have their "sit down", they do not reach an understanding and FBI postures as though they are going to attack, but Jones walks in wanting to know if there is a problem. Nunzio says there is, but they will wait to resolve on their own terms.

- Commercial -

Goldberg/Backlash Promo is shown.

Rhyno vs. Big Show (Tournament Match)

Another big man whooping up on the "smaller" challenger. Show goes for an advantage via an exposed turnbuckle but is on the receiving end of its bare metal a number of times. While in the corner Show is hit with a GORE GORE GORE. Then A Train runs down onto the apron, but Rhyno knocks him off and hits the Big Show with another GORE GORE GORE. A Train gets into the ring and nails Rhyno with a nasty bicycle kick (no DQ), following that up with stomps into the corner. Finally the Ref DQs the Big Show and then Big Show proceeds to drop a leg across Rhyno's neck.

Winner: Rhyno

Vince is on his way to the ring.

- Commercial -

Slam of the Week: Hogan's three (3) leg drops for the victory at WrestleMania.

Vince comes out to the ring and eventually calls out Hogan, thus extending his hand in friendship. Hogan is not to receptive to the idea, but does return the gesture and both men say "thank you." As the crowd is roaring Vince then goes on to say that this is the last time anyone will see Hogan in a wrestling ring because he will be paid to sit out home for the duration of his contract (which there is not a written contract currently, but an agreement in principal [handshake]). Vince says that if Hogan doesnt like it he can meet him in the parking lot. Hogan obliges but is met by some of Spokane's finest and is "forced" via the situation and Jimmy Hart into the limo.

End of show. Next week Smackdown will be in Chicago, IL at the Allstate Arena.

If I may take a moment, I am aware that my prediction of Benoit and Rhyno walking out of WrestleMania with the titles went by the way side. But I would really like to see Cena and Benoit advance to face one another in the Finals to determine who goes onto Backlash and a shot at the WWE Title. Cena must get past someone that hates "laying down" for anyone and Benoit has to take on his partner (Rhyno). Unfortunately dragging down next week will be screen time for Piper and Sable (I am placing bets on Akeem the Dream with Slick showing up [any takers?]). This nostalgic trip the McMahons are on is going to backfire and their business will suffer even more.