Full WWE SmackDown Results - 4/10/03 - Chicago, IL (Benoit, Cena advance)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
» On Friday, April 11, 2003 at 11:42 AM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 4/10/03
Originating From: The Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

Earlier today, Brock Lesnar entering the arena and is greeted by a number of admirers. One lucky lady gets her shirt signed by the Champ.

Smackdown Intro

Tazz and Michael Cole preview what is to come tonight.

Brock Lesnar vs. Matt Hardy [w/ Shannon Moore] (Non Title Match)

Hardy starts jawing Lesnar about how the Cruiserweight title means everything, he lays the title at their feet and dares Lesnar to do something about it. Lesnar responds by pointing out to Hardy that the WWE Championship is the “Real Deal”. He then places that at their feet and Hardy attempts to pick it up, but Lesnar damn near takes his head off with a clothesline (Bradshaw would be proud). Early on Hardy hits Lesnar in the back of the head with the title belt and for the rest of the match Lesnar is “selling” the shot (and thus concussion). Lesnar gets the victory by reversing Hardy’s Twist of Fate into the F5.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

– Commercial –

Piper’s Pit Retrospective: Frank(ie) Williams was the first guest on the Pit.

Last week’s “Death of Hulkamania” segment is recapped (with vintage Hogan highlights thrown in).

Sable makes her way to ringside (along with a copy of the May 2003 Playboy) for the next match.

– Commercial –

WWE Rewind: Sable reappearing in the WWE after 4 years.

Torrie Wilson & Brian Kendrick vs. Jamie Noble & Nidia

Sable gives Torrie a standing ovation upon her entrance into the ring. Noble and Nidia spend most of the match double teaming both Torrie and Kendrick. At one point in the match Noble has Torrie in the beginnings of a powerbomb and Kendrick comes off the top turnbuckle with an awesome missile drop kick. Torrie gets the victory by hitting a swinging DDT on Nidia.

Winner(s): Torrie and Kendrick

Backstage, Benoit congratulates Lesnar on his victory at WM, but is looking forward to meeting him in the ring at Backlash. Rhyno wanders in wanting to know why Benoit thinks he will be able to beat him tonight. Lesnar tells them to go out tonight and beat the hell out of each other, but come Backlash one of them will have hell to pay. Here comes the pain!

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Smack of the Night: Piper’s appearance at WM XIX.

Chris Benoit vs. Rhyno (Tournament Match)

Awesome technical mat oriented match between these to competitors. Rhyno was not able to connect on a Gore, but Benoit was able to land a flying headbutt from 3/4 across the ring. Benoit picked up the victory after adjusting his attempt at a crossface into a backslide.

Winner: Chris Benoit (both competitors shake after the bell)

Backstage, Sable enters Torrie's dressing room. Torrie is in the shower, Sable’s response is that it's okay, it's just her. She congratulates her on the match tonight and how her Playboy is selling almost as much as her’s (Sable) was. Torrie asks Sable if she's seen her towel and Sable says yes "right here" and tells her to come and get it. Torrie then steps out of the shower and walks up to Sable to retrieve her towel.

The ring crew is getting ready for the return of Piper’s Pit.

Vince makes his way to the ring.

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Piper’s Pit Retrospective: Snuka’s historical (coconut) appearance on the Pit.

Back in the ring, McMahon boasted about ridding himself and the WWE of Hulk Hogan. He also said that once one of his creation was on the shelf another had to come off it, he then introduces Piper. Vince then introduced himself as the special guest on the returning edition of Piper’s Pit. McMahon offered to shake Piper’s hand, but he refused and for the next 3 minutes the audience is treated to Vince ripping on Piper. Piper then got his chance and he went off, mentioning such McMahon failures as his music promoting, WBF (the then WWF audience’s first time to see Lex Luger), the XFL, and most recently his rug. The both come to an agreement that one thing they share is a hatred for Hulk Hogan. (Great now we are pimping a tag match between Vince/Piper and Hogan/?, hell I say bring back Tugboat to be his partner.) As McMahon made his way up the ramp Piper got one more in on him, by saying that Vince had done one thing Piper never did and that was to be pinned by Hogan. Vince was not too receptive to this fact. At this time Rikishi comes down to the ring carrying a coconut, Piper says that this isnt his problem, but Rikishi says it is since Snuka is a family member. Piper catches the coconut and Sean O Haire returns to the main roster via a beating on Rikishi, before Piper and O Haire leave Pipe cracks the coconut over Rikishi’s head.

– Commercial –

The Smackdown audience is now introduced to the Next Generation Quebecers. (“We're not the Mounties We're handsome ,we're brave, we're strong We're not the Mounties, cos we enforce the law” [sorry flashback moment]). The same promo that was shown on Raw is shown here with Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree.

Rey Mysterio & Tajiri vs. Team Angle (Non Title Match)

Team Angle upon entering the ring requests that those in attendance bow their heads for a display of respect for their “leader” Kurt Angle, who will be under going surgery shortly. Rather quick match with most of the action involving all four competitors in the ring at once. Team Angle goes for something out of the Road Warriors/LOD playbook via the top rope, but Tajiri interferes and Rey Rey hits the 619 on Haas and follows that up with the West Coast Pop for the victory.

Winner(s): Mysterio & Tajiri

Backstage, Josh Matthews catches up with the Deadman wanting to know his reaction to Cena’s comments last week. Taker basically runs down Cena for not respecting him and promises a beating tonight.

Diva’s Magazine Promo is shown (Jackie Gayda will be returning to the WWE shortly, please god do not let her speak or wrestle. Just let her be a valet.)
– Commercial –

Nathan Jones vs. Bill DeMott

Complete squash here by Jones. He gets the victory following a boot to the head. (Just so everyone knows this was Jones’ in ring debut, and DeMott now is in the record books for putting over Jones and Goldberg in their first televised matches.)

Winner: Nathan Jones

Backstage, the FBI are filing a police report about Nunzio having $1200 “taken” from his bag. They have a pretty good idea about who could have done this.

Backstage, the cops ask Nathan Jones to come with them regarding an accusation of theft. Taker flips out and does not understand why after serving his (Jones) time they (the police) look at him first.

Backstage, Cena makes his way to the ring.

Backlash/Goldberg Promo is shown.

– Commercial –

Tobacco is Whacko: Cena advancing via pinfall over Latino Heat.

The Undertaker vs. John Cena (Tournament Match)

Cena cuts another hilarious rap/promo on his way to the ring. Another squash match with Taker beating Cena all around the ring. Taker lands a chokeslam on Cena, but his foot is on the rope. Cena is sent outside via a number of stomps and we have ourselves a commercial break. Cena is still getting his ass handed to him until he hits Taker with the chain, from the point on all his offense is focused on the “injured” elbow of the Deadman. Cena ends up in the corner where he pulls the ref in front of him as Taker comes in for an elbow. Refs out on the ground and Cena goes for a DVD, but it gets reversed and Taker hits the Last Ride. The ref is still outside, thus no decision, and the FBI run in and lay Taker out via a chair shot from Palumbo. Cena seizes this opportunity and as he is crawling over to make the cover the ref re-enters the ring and counts to three.

Winner: John Cena

End of show. Next week Cena vs. Benoit for the chance to face Lesnar at Backlash for “all the gold.”

Now I have to get something off my chest here. Earlier in the week the WWE posted on their website reactions to Goldberg joining the WWE, the article can be found following this link http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1210128?page=1 . None really stood out, but Jericho’s comments just really pissed me off. He (Y2J) says “I think he's the last big name in the business that hasn't been signed by WWE.” What in the bloody hell are you running off at the mouth Jericho? Lets see besides Ric Flair the man that took WCW to a global powerhouse is Sting, you moron! Most of the comments were “in character”, but I still do not believe there is any excuse for Jericho being a complete dumbs**t.