Full WWE Velocity Results - 4/12/03

Reported by Keith Vinciguerra of WrestleView.com
Ľ On Saturday, April 12, 2003 at 11:21 PM EST


Shannon Moore vs. Tajiri
The two wrestlers exchange armbars in the early going until Tajiri takes over with a snap mare and a leg drop. He tries to apply the tarantula, but Shannon slides out of it and slams Tajiriís head into the mat. He goes on the offensive with some punches and a suplex then slaps on a headlock. Tajiri pushes him off but gets caught with a dropkick. The Japanese Buzzsaw counters an Irish whip with a springboard elbow and then levels Shannon with a back kick to the face. He attempts some maneuver off the top rope but eats a Shannon boot. Shannon ducks a kick attempts and hits a heel kick off the second rope. He goes for his finisher (yes, the Moorgasm) but catches nothing but air. Tajiri hits his finishing kick to the head for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Tajiri

Flashback to Smackdown
The #1 contender semi-final between Chris Benoit and Rhyno is shown, with Benoit picking up the win.

A-Train vs. Chad Collyer
Collyer starts off hot with a dropkick to the chest, dropkick to the knee, and an ensuguri. He gets A-Train down on the mat and goes to work on the big manís leg. A-Train reverses an Irish whip and runs over the newcomer with a shoulder tackle. He mauls Collyer in the corner, drops him with a shortarm clothesline and then applies the dreaded bearhug. Collyer slides over the back with a sunset flip attempt but canít get A-Train down. Albert pushes Collyer into the turnbuckles but gets caught with a tornado DDT for a two count. The rookie makes the mistake of trying a suplex and Albert blocks it and levels Collyer with a bicycle kick. Jumping backbreaker and itís all over.

Winner by pinfall: A-Train

Flashback to Smackdown
They show Piperís Pit with Roddy and Vince making fun of each other. We also see Rikishi confront Piper and the surprise emergence of Shawn OíHaire. After a commercial break, we see the FBI telling police that Nathan Jones stole their stuff followed by the Undertaker trying to help him out. Finally, they show the second semi-final with John Cena picking up the big win over Undertaker.

FBI vs. Los Guerreros and Funaki
Nunzio and Chavo start things off with some grappling until Chavo takes over with an armdrag and an elbow to the back. Funaki tags in and hits a bulldog for a two count. In comes Eddie and the fans give him a great reaction. He hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and then whips Nunzio into his own corner. Johnny the Bull enters the match and gets triple dropkicked for his troubles. Palumbo sneaks in and nails a kick to Eddieís face. Both Eddie and the Bull are down as we go to a commercial break .... and weíre back. FBI is now pummeling Eddie in the corner. Seems like they are better at cheating so far. The Bull and Palumbo hit a vicious double team power bomb type maneuver that gets a huge pop from the crowd. Nunzio tags in and hits the Sicilian Slice. Chavo and Funaki have to make the save. Johnny press slams Eddie into the turnbuckles and Palumbo drops him with a boot to the face. Chuck then hits a Samoan drop; Eddie is just getting destroyed out there. He finally manages to hit a hurricanrana and then takes down both the Bull and Palumbo with a head scissors. Eddie finally makes the hot tag to Funaki who clears house in typical hot tag fashion. Pandemonium breaks out as all 6 men are battling in and around the ring. Palumbo catches Funaki in mid air and then the FBI hits the Kiss of Death (backbreaker by Palumbo, second rope legdrop by Stamboli) for the win.

Winners by pinfall: FBI


Shannon Moore vs. Tajiri
Great opening bout for the B show. Lots of counters and momentum changes kept the match interesting. Shannon continues to improve every week. Tajiri looked great as well. He seems a lot more motivated and full of energy since coming back.

A-Train vs. Chac Collyer
Wow!! A solid A-Train match. No reason to insult the big man at all this week. I thought this was going to be a two minute squash but the newcomer got in a ton of offense and Albert sold it all very well. I couldnít believe how many times Collyer had Albert on the mat. No complaints.

Piperís Pit
I really thought this was a bad idea at first but I like what they did with it. Using an established veteran to get over a young guy has to be a good thing. The beginning part was a bit goofy with Piper and Vince making fun of each other, but still humorous. Rikishi confronting Piper made sense because of Snuka, and OíHaire showing up made the whole thing worthwhile. OíHaire is huge (and he can wrestle)!! Just donít tell me this is going to end up with a Piper vs. Hogan match since they made such a big deal about it.

FBI vs. Los Guerreros and Funaki
6 Man Tag on Velocity!! And it involved some great talent too. The FBI looked awesome as they hit lots of power moves and showed some good tag team skills as well. The good guys didnít get in much offense for some reason, but the match was still solid.

Overall, Velocity was a winner this week. We only got three matches but none of them were bad. The big surprise was Albertís decent match against a jobber. Iím still in shock that it wasnít a one sided squash. Shannon and Tajiri started off the night well and the 6 man tag was a great main event. Even the flashbacks were relatively entertaining (thanks to a solid Smackdown). It sure is nice recapping a show when you donít have to be negative about anything.