Full WWE Velocity Results - 4/19/03 (Rhyno vs. Kanyon main event)

Reported by Keith Vinciguerra of WrestleView.com
» On Saturday, April 19, 2003 at 11:18 PM EST


The show opens with Shelton Benjamin warming up in the back, dancing around and singing his own name. Charlie Haas enters and informs his partner that he has set up a tag team match against Los Chihuahuas tonight to prepare them for their Mexican opponents at Backlash (even though the Guerreros are from Texas).

Team Angle vs. Los Chihuahuas
Team Angle takes immediate control with a pair of clotheslines as the bell rings. Shelton goes to work on one of the newcomers’ arms. He tags in Haas who does the same. They continue to pummel the Chihuahua in the corner for a while until he finally gets to his side of the ring and makes the tag. The new Chihuahua executes an armdrag but then gets thrown out of a spinning leg scissors attempt to land flat on his stomach. Team Angle hits a double gutbuster and then Haas applies the Cobra Twist. The rookie is able to duck out of the way of a charging Haas in the corner and rolls to his corner for the hot tag. The fresh Chihuahua barely makes contact on a spinning heel kick off the top rope. He trips on a ‘roll over the back’ as well and the Cat makes fun of his sloppiness. Shelton nails his Dragon Whip and then kicks the other Chihuahua in the leg. Charlie Haas ends it with the Haas of Pain submission.

Winners by submission: Team Angle

Flashback to Smackdown
They show Piper’s Pit with Shawn O’Haire and Roddy Piper talking about their alliance. Out comes Snuka to confront Piper. He gets attacked and Rikishi makes the save and calls out O’Haire, setting up their match at Backlash and a match between Rikishi and Piper next week.

Bill DeMott vs. Pat Tuson(sp?)
Before the match, a promo shows Bill spouting off some nonsense about seeing him but not seeing him or something. He takes immediate command when the bell rings, taking down the newcomer and laying on him. He then mauls Pat in the corner and sends him across the ring with an Irish Whip. Pat moves out of the way and lands a few punches before getting ramshackled by a clothesline. DeMott hits a power bomb. Some fans in the front row call for him to do it again but he covers the rookie for the win instead.

Winner by pinfall: Bill DeMott

Matt Hardy tells Shannon Moore that he needs to give something back and help teach some Mattitude to somebody new. That somebody is Crash Holly who apparently is a newly anointed “Moore-On”. After the commercial we see footage of the APA visiting wounded soldiers in Washington, D.C. and getting a tour of some important places there.

Crash vs. Funaki
The first lesson in Mattitude that Crash learns is he can’t swing his elbows when he walks down to the ring or climb up and down the turnbuckles like he used to. The match starts with some grappling maneuvers like headlocks and armbars. Crash sends Funaki flying to the outside where Shannon beats on him. Crash isn’t too happy about this and complains to Shannon, setting himself up for a flying high cross body by Funaki. Back in the ring, Crash takes down Smackdown’s #1 announcer and applies a surfboard submission. Funaki gets to his feet and misses a dropkick then counters a German suplex attempt into a rollup for a two count. Sidewalk slam and bodyslam by Crash, but Funaki takes over with a back suplex and a bulldog. He continues the assault with a face plant, sliding dropkick and an ensuguri. Shannon trips up Funaki from the outside which gives Crash the chance to roll him up for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Crash

Flashback to Smackdown
They show a recap of the #1 contender tournament, culminating with John Cena beating Chris Benoit (cleanly) last Thursday. After the break, we see Torrie at a Playboy signing. Some of those guys in line didn’t look old enough to buy Playboy!!

Rhyno vs. Kanyon
Kanyon cuts a promo before the match about getting herbal healing in India and finding a wise man who said that there is in fact someone better than Kanyon. But he doesn’t know who it is yet. Rhyno interrupts and charges into the ring. He abuses Kanyon with some elbows and a shortarm clothesline. He sets up for the Gore as the fans go wild. Kanyon moves out of the way and hits a side Kanyon leg sweep(?). He punches Rhyno in the corner, climbs the turnbuckle and hits a bulldog from the top rope. He drapes the man-beast around the ringpost and slide kicks him. Kanyon sails off the top rope with a beautiful moonsault .... and catches nothing but mat as Rhyno rolls out of the way. The ref reaches a nine count before the wrestlers make it to their feet. Rhyno takes control with some brawling and a spinebuster. He nails the spear this time and gets the win.

Winner by pinfall: Rhyno


Team Angle vs. Los Chihuahuas
That was not a Lucha Libre team. I’ve seen those guys on one of the Mexican stations and they are usually very impressive. These rookies were a bit too sloppy to be experienced Mexican wrestlers. Regardless, this was still a decent opening match. A squash for sure, but Team Angle is interesting enough to watch that it’s still somewhat interesting.

Piper’s Pit
I thought this edition was entertaining until I realized it was leading to a Piper match. And then they hit us with it: Piper vs. Rikishi next week. Sure, it will help build up the Rikishi vs. O’Haire match for the PPV, but do we really need to see Piper wrestle? He seems to be quite out of shape these days. I hope he makes it through the match without passing out from exhaustion.

Bill DeMott vs. Pat Tuson
I have no idea what Bill was talking about in his promo. I see him but I don’t want to see him. Is that what he meant? The match was a typical DeMott two minute squash in which his opponent got in exactly three punches worth of offense. Albert showed last week that he learned how to make a jobber match somewhat interesting. Maybe someday Bill will learn too.

Crash vs. Funaki
Decent match here. Lots of counters and some pretty good offense, but nothing too creative. It should be somewhat humorous to see Shannon Moore try to teach Mattitude to somebody else. Nice to see story developments on the B show for a change.

Rhyno vs. Kanyon
Great main event!! I’ve always liked Kanyon’s matches because he is very creative in the ring. I hope he continues to get heat from the fans so we’ll see more of him. Rhyno looked great as well and the fans were totally crazy for him.

Overall, Velocity was right on par. The Team Angle match and Crash vs. Funaki were decent. Bill Demott was boring as always. The main event was excellent for Velocity. The flashbacks were relatively interesting as well. See you next week for the pre-Backlash show.