Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 4/30/03 (Jarrett retains title; Sabu returns)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, May 1, 2003 at 12:18 AM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 4/30/03
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Results by: Buck Woodward of 1wrestling.com

Justin Credible & Perry Saturn defeated The New Church (Brian Lee & Slash, with Jim Mitchell), Ron & Don Harris and America's Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris) in 8:10. The announcers put over how four different factions were represented in this match (New Church, Team Extreme, SEX, and NWA). Surprisingly, they wrestled under tag team rules, with two men in, and everyone else on the apron, for most of the match. Towards the end, the Harris Brothers and New Church battled on the floor, while Team Extreme and America's Most Wanted fought in the ring. In the end, a Harris Twin kicked Chris Harris into James Storm, and Perry Saturn grabbed Storm and hit the Death Valley Driver for the pin.

In the SEX locker room, Goldylocks interviewed Glen Gilberti about Raven going to Team Extreme for help instead of SEX. Gilberti was insulted by it, calling Team Extreme "drug addicts from the Bingo Hall". Gilberti said he was going to confront Raven about his decision, saying he should have come to him for approval first. Gilberti then said that "either way", the NWA World Title was coming back to Sports Entertainment Xtreme.

Goldylocks interviewed Jerry Lynn about being a target in NWA:TNA for people trying to make a point. Lynn said he was tired of being a doormat, and said he was sick of busting his ass for nothing. He said tonight we would all see a brand new Jerry Lynn.

Jerry Lynn defeated Christopher Daniels in 7:06. Before the match, Daniels took the mic and said he had something to clear up. Daniels said that XXX was the "X Division dream team", not Lynn and Amazing Red. Daniels challenged Lynn, saying if he wins this match, Lynn & Red have to defend the NWA World Tag Team Title against all three members of XXX. Lynn countered by saying if he wins, he and Red get to defend the titles against one member of Triple X, of their choosing. Lynn then slugged Daniels to seal the deal and the match started. Lynn dominated the first two minutes, then Daniels took over after a chinbuster and drop toe hold into the ropes. Lots of great wrestling here, as you would expect. Daniels hit a standing moonsault, a Shining enzugiri, and a slingshot legdrop, but couldn't but Lynn away. Lynn dropkicked out of a flapjack attempt, then hit a spear and pounded Daniels. Lynn hit a clothesline and a German suplex for a two count. Daniels hit a legsweep to stop Lynn's momentum. Daniels hit a palm thrust on Lynn in the corner, and hit the Fall From Grace out of the corner for a two count. Daniels went for his double springboard moonsault, but Lynn moved, so Daniels landed on his feet. Daniels charged Lynn, who grabbed him in a TKO. Daniels kicked out at two, and backdropped out of a cradle piledriver attempt. The referee got bumped, and Daniels went for Angel's Wings, but Lynn hit him with a low blow and rolled him up for the pin.

A video package on the "Team Extreme - Sandman, Saturn, New Jack, Credible - was shown.

In the SEX locker room, Team Extreme were getting in the face of Glen Gilberti. There was a lot of trash talking and cursing, and it was revealed that neither side had been in contact with Raven all week.

AJ Styles & D'Lo Brown defeated Sonny Siaki & David Young, with Desire in 9:10. Before the match, an AJ Styles interview was shown, where AJ said it didn't matter who the champion was after tonight, because he was going to get his title shot and become champion himself. The heels managed to isolate Styles for a good portion of the match, before the hot tag was made to Brown. Brown and Styles hit a nice Sky High/neckbreaker combo on Young. Siaki broke up the pin. Styles hit a springboard shooting star press on Young on the floor. Brown hit the Sky High on Siaki. Desire got on the apron, and Brown sent Siaki into her. Desire fell to the floor, and Young went to check on her. Meanwhile, Brown backdropped Siaki into Styles arms for a Styles Clash. Brown followed with the Lo Down frog splash on Siaki and got the pin.

The aired D'Lo Brown's comments on the World title match. Brown said he would be looking for a match with the winner.

They aired a sit-down interview Mike Tenay conducted with Ron Killings and Konnan. Killings talked about being the first black NWA World Champion, and that he and Konnan had hit the same "speedbumps" in the career. Killings dropped the MF a few times, but it was bleeped. Konnan said there was racism in society and in wrestling. Konnan gave the same speech he has for weeks about there not being Latino or blacks in management or announcer positions in wrestling. Tenay mentioned Jonathan Coachman, and Konnan insinuated that he wasn't black. Tenay said they had their forum to speak, but they needed to prove themselves in the ring. Killings and Konnan then ended the interview by playing up black and Latino stereotypes.

Over at the dancers cages, a female "fan" tried to get into it with Lollipop, but security dragged her away.

Raven did a promo about how it was his fate to win the World Title tonight.

Chris Sabin defeated Shark Boy, Jimmy Rave and Jason Cross in an elimination match in 8:10. Tons of highspots and dives here. Shark Boy eliminated Rave at 2:45 with the Dead Sea Drop. Sabin eliminated Cross at 6:23 with the Future Shock (fisherman buster). At the end Sabin hooked the top rope to avoid a Dead Sea Drop and hit a Future Shock on Shark Boy for the pin.

Goldylocks interviewed Erik Watts. Watts talked about how Jeff Jarrett "saved him" last week from Dinero and Laree. Watts had a bunch of weapons, and said he had them to help his friend Jarrett. Dusty Rhodes showed up and told Watts he was full of it, and that he would have nothing to do with Jarrett tonight. Watts pulled out the NWA World Title belt he has been carrying around, and gave it to Dusty, saying he was the real champion. Watts kissed up to him some more and left. Dusty said that Watts was a "crazy son of a bitch".

The events leading to Amazing Red vs. Kid Kash for the X-Division Title were recapped.

Goldylocks interviewed Kid Kash, saying he was still the X-Division champion, since his bout with Trinity last week was non-title. Kash also reiterated that he owned Trinity's contract, so she has been "suspended without pay" by him. He then called Amazing Red a "little prick".

Amazing Red defeated Kid Kash to become the new X-Division Champion in 9:11. Quick paced match until the very end. Towards the end, the ref got bumped, and Red suplexed out of a Moneymaker attempt, but the referee was not there to make the count. Kash reversed positions again, and went for the Moneymaker, but the masked luchador ran in and hit Kash, allowing Red to get the pin. The timekeeper was slow to ring the bell after the pin. The luchador then ran back in, gave Red a reverse DDT, and left through the crowd.

They aired a montage of interview clips from wrestlers talking about the Jeff Jarrett-Raven match. Chris Harris was non-committal as to who he thought would win, Jim Mitchell didn't care (since the New Church wasn't involved), Mike Sanders just made jokes about finally getting TV time, Dusty Rhodes talked about the pressure involved in being a champion.

The "crazy female fan" came back and tossed Lollipop out of the dance cage and started dancing in it. Lollipop got on the mic and ripped on the "fan", then challenged her to a fight. They had a catfight, and the referees broke it up, to the boos of the fans. They got back at each other again, but security came in and dragged the "fan" off.

A video package on Raven and his quest for the NWA World Heavyweight Title was shown.

Don West and Mike Tenay talked about "Anarchy In the Asylum", which will take place next week. Essentially it is a bunkhouse "Gauntlet For The Gold" where falls count anywhere, and the winner will be the number one contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. They promised that former champions from the NWA, WCW, ECW, WWE, Japan, Mexico, and Europe would be involved in the match.

A video package on Jeff Jarrett and his problems with Raven was shown.

They did the tale of the tape for the World Title bout.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Raven to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. They locked up, and Jarrett broke clean on the ropes. Raven downed Jarrett with a shoulderblock for an early two count. Raven outwrestled Jarrett, until he slid through the ropes to the floor and Jarrett dropkicked him in the head, between the ropes. Jarrett tossed Raven into the rails. As Jarrett got back in the ring, Julio grabbed his leg, allowing Raven to get an advantage. Alexis distracted the referee, and Julio ran in with a chair, but missed and hit Raven. Jarrett tossed Julio to the floor, and hit a pescado on Julio and Alexis. Raven, who was busted open following the chairshot, then hit Jarrett with a plancha. Raven took over on the floor, and Jarrett was soon bleeding as well. Raven went to put Jarrett through a table, but Jarrett rolled back into the ring, so Raven hit him with a forearm off the top instead. Raven hit a kneelift, and a drop toe hold into a chair for a two count. Both men were bleeding heavily. Raven used a rear chinlock to wear Jarrett down, then kneed him in the gut when Jarrett fought up. Raven went for a sleeper, and Jarrett broke it once, but Raven got it back on. Jarrett slumped to the mat, but fought back up and broke out with a jawbreaker. Jarrett went for a stunner, but Raven shoved it off, and both men fell to the mat. They both slugged it out, and Julio and Alexis tried to get involved again, but Jarrett knocked them off the apron. Jarrett catapulted Raven into the buckles, but only got a two count. Raven hit a superkick for a two count. Raven missed a back elbow, and Jarrett hit the Stroke for a two count. Raven reversed a whip into a DDT for a two count. Jarrett hit a clothesline and both men went over the top rope to the floor. Jarrett put Raven on the table that was set up earlier and pounded him. Jarrett went to the second rope, but Julio attacked him. Jarrett elbowed Julio off him and to the floor. Jarrett jumped off the second rope and put Raven through the table on the floor with an elbow. Jarrett brought Raven back into the ring and hit a DDT, but Alexis and Julio pulled the referee from the ring. The referee ordered them away from ringside. As the referee got on the apron, Raven rammed Jarrett into him, sending the ref to the floor. Raven hit Jarrett with a low blow, and fell to the mat. The Harris Brothers and Mike Sanders ran out, but Brian Lee, Slash, Mike Awesome and Jim Mitchell came out and stopped them, fighting back through the crowd. New Jack, Perry Saturn, Justin Credible and Sandman ran in and attacked Jarrett, handcuffing him, and beating him up including a superkick Conchairto with Credible and Saturn superkicking chairs held by Sandman and New Jack into Jarrett's head. Team Extreme cleared out, and Raven prepared to hit the handcuffed Jarrett with a chair. The lights went out, and when they came back on, Sabu was in the ring. Sabu threw a chair at Raven, then hit Air Sabu on him in the corner to a huge ovation. Sabu knocked members of Team Extreme off the apron to the floor, then hit a chair launch into a springboard somersault senton on members of Team Extreme on the floor. Sabu exited through the crowd, accidentally knocking down a fan on his way out. In the ring, Raven and Jarrett got back up, and Raven slugged the handcuffed Jarrett. Raven prepared to hit Jarrett with a chair, but Raven missed the chairshot and hit the ropes, with the chair bouncing back into Raven's face. Jarrett covered Raven for a two count. The referee was given a key to the cuffs (Mike Tenay said it was a "universal" cuff key) and started to unlock them. Raven went after Jarrett, but the referee backed him up. Raven then helped take the cuffs off Jarrett, and yelled at him to get up. Raven hit a DDT, but Jarrett kicked out at two. Raven picked up Jarrett for a second DDT, but Jarrett reversed it into the Stroke and got the pin. A few fans threw garbage into the ring. Dusty Rhodes came to the ring, shook hands with Jarrett, and raised his arm. A bloody Jarrett celebrated with the belt to end the show.

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