Full WWE Confidential Results - 5/10/03 (Tribute to Miss. Elizabeth)

Reported by Matt Riggs of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, May 11, 2003 at 7:15 PM EST

Full WWE Confidential Results - 5/10/03
Hosted By: Mean Gene Okerlund
Reported By: Matt Riggs of WrestleView.com

Mean Gene welcomes everyone to the show, he starts off by saying that a 911 call was placed from the home of Lex Luger, early last Thursday morning, about a woman apparently being in distress and needing serious medical attention. The woman was announced died shortly after reaching the hospital. He goes on to say that we were all stunned later that afternoon with the tragic news that the woman was identified as Elizabeth Hulette at the age of 42. Better known in the wrestling world as Miss Elizabeth. Lex Luger was taken in for questioning, released, then took in again and arrested for illegal possession of controlled substances. He said that there is plenty of speculation regarding exactly what happened, and that the cause of death will not be officially released until an autopsy report comes back in about a month. And that tonight they will look into the last few years of Elizabeth's life. He then says that, "but first, we want to pay tribute and look at the career of the true First Lady of Wrestling, the original diva that we all fell in love with in 1985, Miss Elizabeth."


Various clips of Elizabeth with Randy Savage are shown to sad music, as Vince McMahon starts out by saying that she was a very unique individual that had unique qualities that we had never seen before and will never see again, by just being her self. Hulk Hogan said she had an unbelievable presence in front of the camera. Howard Finkel said that it was groundbreaking when she debuted in 1985 and that set the way for the other divas. Gerald Brisco says every time he thinks of a WWE Diva, Miss Elizabeth is always the first to come to mind because she pioneered the way they are, and that all of the Divas have a piece of Miss Elizabeth in them. More footage of Elizabeth entering with Randy Savage is shown. Vince said she didn't have a lot to say, she spoke through her eye and facial expressions, and it was unique because she had the special quality of making people want to emphasize with her. He said little girls wanted to grow up and be like her. Stephanie said she was very young when she first met Miss Elizabeth, and she kind of idolized her growing up, wanting to be like her, she was a classy lady. She said that backstage she was also a very sweet person. Brisco said that she did a lot of charity work with him and that she had that ability to connect with people, the moment she stepped out of the car. He credits a lot of that to her upbringing in Kentucky, because she respected everybody. Bruce Prichard said that she conducted herself outside the ring a lot like her character on television did. Stephanie said that her sweetness connected with the audience and they fell in love with her. She said the ultimate love story in wrestling was Elizabeth and Randy Savage. She said, as being a little girl, seeing them get married was the greatest moment in the world for her. Vintage footage from WWF Superstars from 1991, when Macho Man proposes to Elizabeth is shown. Prichard's personal favorite moment is the wedding from Madison Square Garden. Steve Lombardi said that was the wedding heard around the world. Vince says his lasting image of Miss Elizabeth, is seeing her hoisted on Randy Savage's shoulder with a big smile on her face with Savage's music playing, and she is giving back to the audience as much as she is receiving. He reiterates that is his lasting image/memory/moment of Miss Elizabeth. (My favorite memory of Elizabeth would have to WrestleMania VII).

-Commercial Break (Before this they hyped Lex Luger's 911 call will air and a look into the last few years of Elizabeth Hulette's life).

Gene talks about the war with Iraq and how some Smackdown superstars visited troops in Norfolk, VA aboard the USS Vella Gulf.


Dawn Marie, Sable, Rhyno, and Rey Mysterio recently visited US Troops aboard the USS Vella Gulf in Norfolk, VA. The superstars talked about how big of an honor it was to be there. Captain Rick Rikard, the commanding officer of the USS Vella Gulf said that there wasn't much they could give the troops, but having Superstars come on board and support them was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

-Commercial Break (They hype Luger's 911 call again and One on One with Cena).

Okerlund talks about a new feature on Confidential will feature one superstar talking about things they enjoy doing other than wrestling; the first will be The Hurricane.


Josh Matthews asks John Cena various questions that mostly had nothing to do with wrestling and were mostly related to rap.

Q: What does he predict will be the next fashion trend in hip-hop?
A: Steel chains with master lock.

Q: Where does he find those throwback jerseys and which one is his favorite?
A: Malls across America, Milwaukee Bucks is his favorite.

Q: What does he think of female rap artists?
A: They are tearing it up, doesn't matter what gender.

Q: Eminem's movie is called 8-Mile, what will John Cena's movie be called?
A: Two Hundreth Mile

Q: If there is one message he can send what is it?
A: Get an education, learn their stuff, he has his PHD in Thuganomics

Matthews asks him to give a rap back to Mean Gene in the studio, he gives one.

-Commercial Break (Hypes Luger's 911 Call and Ventura talking about announcing)

Mean Gene talks about Jesse "The Body" Ventura's successful career as an announcer, and how he was fortunate enough to have been able to work with him.


Ventura realized that it was time to make a transition from wrestler to announcer. Several clips of Ventura announcing are shown. Jesse says that his legacy will probably be that he was the greatest color commentator of all time. More clips. Ventura says he was proud to be able to step in to the ring on occasions and still announce to back up his commentary. He said if he had only been an announcer for twenty years then he wouldn't have been able to critique wrestling as well as he could, since he was. Tons of footage of he and Vince McMahon in the announce booth is shown. Jesse feels that he was part of the greatest broadcasting team in history, he and Vince McMahon. More footage of he and Vince is shown. Gorilla says that Jesse was thrown in the broadcast booth with him at first to see how he did, and he was very green. Monsoon said that during the opening when they welcomed everyone to WrestleMania I in Madison Square Garden, he literally had to hold Jesse up because he was so nervous. He said sometimes Jesse wouldn't want to talk at first and just sit there and watch the matches, but he would elbow him sometimes to get him to talk. Gorilla then said of course that he got to the point where he wouldn't shut up eventually. He said you either had it or you didn't have it, and Jesse had it. More vintage Ventura footage airs, thus closing the segment. (I'd say Ventura has 2 competitors to his claim has greatest color analyst, those are Heenan and Lawler, I prefer Heenan but that is just my opinion).

-Commercial Break (Luger's 911 call again is hyped and Match from the Vault)

Okerlund sends it to Rhyno for him to select the match he wants to see from the vault. Rhyno selects what he says his the greatest match of all time, from SummerSlam 1992, when Bret Hart defended the Intercontinental Championship against Davey Boy Smith.


Vince McMahon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan provide the commentary. This is a good match that took place at SummerSlam 1992. Bulldog wounds up winning the match and title in front of his home country.

-Commercial Break - (Up Next is a look at Elizabeth's last few years and Luger's 911 call).

Mean Gene says that earlier we took a look at the life of Miss Elizabeth, and asks what is there about her personal life that could have led to such a tragic ending, and he says so many questions, so few answers.


Michael Cole narrates a video that looks at Elizabeth's final years. He starts out be re-stating that on May 1, 2003, the wrestling world was stunned with the untimely death of the first lady of wrestling, Elizabeth Hulette, Miss Elizabeth. He said immediately rumors started bounding about the circumstances surrounding her death. Clippings from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution are shown. Said that Cobb County Spokesperson said they don't know if it's a Suicide, a Natural Death, or a Homicide. Re-iterated that an autopsy won't be available for weeks. He says that while Elizabeth was an outgoing happy lady, her personal life was filled with turmoil. Hulk Hogan says he is not quite sure what made her happy. He said that a lot of people think that because of her success she was happy, but he isn't quite sure that is correct. Hogan is not sure if she ever found it, (happiness), because she was always the passenger, never the driver, as far as her career went. Cole said that her on-air character was often under distress, and ironically that was how she was in her personal life as well. He said her on-air relationship with Randy Savage was a mirror image of their real life one. Footage of Savage bossing Elizabeth around is shown. Vince says that she was smothered to a certain extent in her marriage to Savage, both on air and in real life because he was so over protective or her. Hogan says that she regularly felt over protected. Cole asks whether Savage and Elizabeth's marriage was over love or obsession? He says whatever it was, it wasn't working, and she filed for divorce in 1992. She left the WWE after that. Hogan said she stayed in regular contact with his wife, and was soul searching in his opinion, trying to find happiness. Cole says she stayed out of wrestling for four years. In 1996, Hulk Hogan helped bring her in to WCW. Vince says that when Liz left the WWE, life probably changed a lot for her. He says that it was very caring here, like a big family backstage, but when she went to WCW, it probably was a lot different for her. He didn't know a lot about her personal matters in between, but thought she was treated as a commodity instead of how she was treated in the WWE, he said that wasn't horrible just different for her most likely, and unfortunately life didn't turn out to well for her. Cole said that eventually she became acquainted with Lex Luger in WCW, and they became more than an on-air relationship. He said the details behind their relationship were sketchy, but it is known that two weeks ago, police responded to a domestic disturbance incident at Luger's home. According to police reports, as they arrived, Elizabeth's right eye was beginning to swell, a bruise was forming above the left eye, and she had a contusion on her lower lip. She denied Luger had anything to do with it, but then conceded that Luger had hit her, but requested that no charges be brought against Luger. Police went ahead and arrested Luger with Battery.

Then on May 1st at 5:30 AM a 911 call was made from Luger's house. The call is heard. The operator continues to tell Luger to try and help her breathe. Luger keeps saying he is scared to death, and can't tell if chest is moving. He keeps urging her to send someone that knows what they are doing. After paramedics arrived, Elizabeth was taken to Kennestone Hospital in GA and was pronounced dead soon after arriving. USA Today said that the death apparently happened from a drug overdose. Luger was immediately brought in for questioning, and was released. Hours later, while police were searching over Luger's home, they came upon more than 1000 illegal pills. Luger was charged with 14 different drug possession charges, 13 different felonies. Footage of Luger with Liz in WCW is shown to sad music. Vince says it is really unfortunate to have two individuals who have had such successful careers as Lex Luger and Miss Elizabeth end up this tragic situation, it is really unfortunate he re-iterates. Vince says he wants to say about how disappointed he is with how someone could let themselves down as much as Luger and Liz did let each other and themselves down. He said the irony of Miss Elizabeth's innocence and the way in which she died, has a message there somewhere. He said he didn't know if it was, falling from grace, not having a purpose in life beyond our business, but it was something that performers in this business have to learn to deal with so that they don't repeat the same mistakes.

Gene then says that this story continues to develop as The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported on Thursday May 8th, that Luger told authorities that Elizabeth consumed two glasses of vodka before taking pain medication for back pain, and while sitting on the couch eating food, she began to choke. Luger attempted to remove the food but was unable to do so. By the time paramedics arrived it was too late to save her. Gene says a very tragic ending to a truly wonderful lady. He sends his condolences to the Hulette Family and signs off.

The Dedication screen from Raw about Hulette reappears as the show closes.