WWE SmackDown Results - 05/15/03 (Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper on PPV)

Reported by Dale Mills of WrestleView.com
» On Friday, May 16, 2003 at 9:59 AM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 05/15/03
Taped From: 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

SD Intro.

Vince starts off the show running his mouth about Hogan and Mr. America. He goes onto trash Stephanie for her actions last week. And eventually issues an open contract/challenge to anyone in the back that is willing to reveal to the world at Judgment Day that Mr. America truly is Hogan. The FBI are the first to answer this challenge. Nunzio presents Vince with a video package of some of the FBI’s best work. Vince lets Nunzio and the others know that he will take this under advisement.

Chuck Palumbo (w/ The Bull) vs. Rikishi
Really quite painful to watch. Rikishi goes for the stinkface, but the Bull is on the apron and is brought into the ring giving Palumbo enough time to land a superkick to Rikishi’s head. Palumbo and the Bull continue that beat down until Lesnar enters the arena and cleans house.

Winner: Chuck Palumbo

– Commercial –

Moments, ago Lesnar coming to the aide of Rikishi. Steph congratulates Lesnar backstage on how he handled the FBI, she explains to him that he needs to have that same desire if he is to survive the stretcher match on Sunday.

They air Video clips of Mr. America visiting a children's hospital.

Torrie Wilson is at the front of the stage teasing the crowd about what it is that she will be wearing on Sunday. She reveals a nice 2 piece bikini, but then explains that she will be revealing a lot more come Sunday.

Backstage Steph is in her office and notices 2 dozen roses, one is from Mr. America and the other is from Hogan. Vince is not having any of this and wants Steph to apologize for her actions last week. Steph does not and leaves the arena, Vince responds by throwing both vases against an opposite wall.

– Commercial –

Burn of the Night: Rey Rey’s unfortunate post match circumstance from Backlash.

Rey Mysterio is shown arriving at the arena earlier today.

Tajiri vs. Matt Hardy (w/ Shannon Moore and Crash)
Im not joking when I say 80% of this match is Hardy or the little MFers. Tajiri just prior to the conclusion gets a nice barrage of kicks in and lands the tarantula, but Hardy picks up the victory after landing the Twist of Fate. Hardy then accepts Vince’s offer to “take care of business” at Judgment Day. Tajiri exacts some semblance of revenge by cross body blocking Hardy and Moore on the outside.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Eddie Guerrero is backstage and talking with a picture of Kurt Angle. Eddie decides a Sombrero and a mustache would look nice on the picture. Eddie also mentions the injury suffered by Chavo and that it will keep him out of their Judgment Day match.

– Commercial –

Rhyno’s victory over Cena last week is recapped.

Steph runs into Mr. America on her way out of the arena, she thanks him for the flowers and kisses him on the cheek.

John Cena makes his way to the ring and cuts another great promo talking about how he can get the job done against Mr. America on Sunday and runs his mouth a little about Benoit.

Chris Benoit vs. John Cena
Both men are on the offensive throughout the first part of this match, neither really gets a streak going of offensive moves (besides the 10+ chops leveled on Cena). As Nunzio and the Bull come down to ringside we go to commercial. Benoit reverses an attempt at an FU, into a Crossface, but the Bull comes in and theres the DQ. Nunzio and the Bull along with Cena starting attacking Benoit, but Rhyno and Spanky come down for the save.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Another Kurt Angle promo is run.

– Commercial –

A recap of SD’s tour of England is run.

Piper & Mistress O'Haire come down to the ring for another installment of Piper’s Pit. Piper calls out Mr. America, they run their mouths at one another. Someone in the audience has really gotten on O’Haire and Piper’s last nerve, he is waving Mr. America’s flag. O’Haire goes outside to take care of the kid and Piper attacks Mr. America to distract him. Total melee in the ring, the kid jumps the rail and is gored/speared by O’Haire and then Piper unloads punch after punch on him. Piper then attempts to drag the kid toward the center of the ring, but his leg comes off. Piper is in shock.

– Commercial –

Mr. America helping the kid to the back (Tenacious Z is the “kid”).

Eddie Guerrero vs. Shelton Benjamin
After the intros, we are shown Vince confronting the Odd Couple in the back about what just happened and the ramifications that could come of it. He says that he has to decide in the next few minutes just what their careers are worth.

Back and forth action, rather offensively minded match. The “high spot” of the match was Eddie doing his rolling suplexes (now if we could get Eddie and Benoit to do their suplexes in the same match, some chiropractor would be very happy). Charlie Haas comes down to ringside with a ladder, distracting Eddie long enough to be on the receiving end of a Benjamin kick to the head.

After the bell, Team Angle goes for an attack with the ladder, but Eddie counters and Team Angle is left in the ring.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Vince comes back with a decision. He has no problem with O’Haire and his showing of remorse for what just happened in the ring. But Piper on the other hand, he was amazed with how he had no remorse and seemed to enjoy it. That made his decision that much easier. Piper will be his (Vince’s) man at Judgment Day to reveal to the world the Hogan is Mr. America (NOOO, Hogan v. Piper and Nash v. HHH, I am so glad Im not having to pay for that or even watch it).

– Commercial –

Then the audience at home is treated to last Saturday’s Confidential piece on the passing of Miss Elizabeth. (I will not go into this segment because it has been reviewed prior, and I think it was very tasteless.)

Backstage, Rey Rey is prepping for his interview.

Cole and Tazz present the Tale of the Tape as it pertains to the upcoming Bikini Contest. Sable then makers her way to the “stage” and shows off her goods for those in attendance.

The Judgment Day card is then presented by both Cole and Tazz (and via satellite) the King and JR. (No mention of Chavo’s injury; I for one wish Chavo a speedy recovery.)

Rey Mysterio is backstage and Cole/Tazz are conducting the interview. Rey Rey informs everyone that he will be back in a couple of weeks, and his main goal at that time will be to capture the Cruiserweight Title. Big Slow comes in and attacks Rey Rey, they are on their way to the ring.

– Commercial –

Big Slow is throwing Rey Rey all around the ring. Rey Rey gets a couple of moves in but this is an absolute ass whooping (reminds me of the Four Horsemen v. Brian Pillman prior to War Games on WCW Saturday night). Lesnar comes down to the ring for the save and lands an adjusted F5 on the Big Slow (I say adjusted because the way he was thrown was more in line of protection than liter recipients of the move). Big Slow is let fuming in the ring.

End of the program.