Full WWE Confidential Results – 5/17/03 (Blassie, Miss Elizabeth, & More)

Reported by Matt Riggs of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, May 19, 2003 at 4:13 AM EST

Full WWE Confidential Results – 5/17/03
Hosted By: Mean Gene Okerlund
Reported By: Matt Riggs of WrestleView.com

Mean Gene welcomes everyone to the show, he says tonight’s show will be a Who’s Who of the WWE. Tonight we will look at Booker T’s life, Classy Freddie Blassie’s life, Jesse Ventura will talk about various things, From The Vault will feature Hulk Hogan versus Andre The Giant from WrestleMania III, and an update on Miss Elizabeth’s death.
First a look at Smackdown’s recent tour from Scotland, Ireland, and England.


The footage that was shown on Smackdown from the tour is shown along with some more comments. Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore went golfing and had fun playing around in the golf cart. Torrie Wilson enjoyed the opportunity to travel there. Fit Finlay and John Cena are shown having a drink from England. Matt Hardy said that the UK fans are extremely hardcore and vocal. Benoit says it’s amazing how loud they are. Various clips from the tour are shown. Benoit says he has had a great time.

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Gene talks about Booker T, which leads to the segment, “Before They Were Superstars.”


A lot of this footage was shown in the WrestleMania XIX video hyping the Booker/Triple H match, about Booker’s upbringing. Booker is from Houston, Texas; he shows us the very house that he grew up in. He says he had a good childhood growing up until his mother passed away, which was when it became very hard for him. He mentions his brother and sisters. He talks about how close he was growing up to his big brother, Stevie Ray. Stevie Ray talks about how Booker would always want to come and play with him and his friends which were much bigger than Booker instead of kids his own age. Stevie mentions one time specifically that he wouldn’t let Booker go with him, and Booker ran out on the streets and started crying. When Stevie came back about twenty minutes later, Booker was still there on the street crying. Booker talks about getting “locked up” for robbing a Wendy’s. He says he realized that it was wrong. Stevie said while he was in there, Booker didn’t want any of his family to see him locked up, so none of them ever visited him while he was there because he didn’t want them to. Stevie said that he talked to him a lot on the phone though. Stevie said the one thing that Booker always wanted to talk about was professional wrestling. Booker said if it wasn’t for professional wrestling, he doesn’t know what he would have done. Stevie said that he was proudest of Booker after their first match when the little place they were in all erupted and applauded loudly for Booker. Various clips of Booker’s career are shown.

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Okerlund talks about a new feature on Confidential will feature one superstar talking about things they enjoy doing other than wrestling; the first will be The Hurricane.


Jesse Ventura is asked various questions:

Q: What did you learn from your days as a Navy Seal?
A: Learned that all pain you suffer will go away.

Q: What are his thoughts on Vince McMahon wrestling at WrestleMania XIX?
A: He feels bad that it isn’t with him. He says that he could take Vince right now and that he has been training for months. He says Vince is an announcer and that he isn’t a wrestler and never was, and to get McMahon in the ring is the one match that he would come out of retirement for.

Q: What changes would he make if he became President?
A: First, he wouldn’t want that job, but changes would be make the States have more power individually.

Q: What is his greatest contribution to the sport of wrestling?
A: That he was the first wrestler to bring in outside representation (he was represented by an agent), and thinks that it is a good thing, because talent doesn’t have to worry about it personally.

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Mean Gene talks about “Classy” Freddie Blassie returning to RAW this past Monday and he says that his new book is a must read.


He was born February 8, 1918. Blassie grew up in St. Louis. For his first match he got paid one dollar and he was seventeen years old. His mother told him he was foolish and to get a real job. Blassie loved to fight. He was one of the most hated men in the history of wrestling. He has been cut and stabbed twenty-one different times. The first time was when he was taunting a bunch of fans in Rome, GA. An old man stabbed him with his pocketknife in Blassie’s ankle. Blassie walked backstage with the knife still in his ankle. The police fined the guy one hundred and twenty bucks and the guy said that if he knew that was all it cost, he would have stabbed him again. In Boston, two teenagers, yelled, “Hey Blassie,” when he looked up they threw a hardboiled egg at him, which caused him to lose sight out of his right eye. He enjoyed bringing the worst out of the people, and some wrestlers were afraid to ride with him because of how hated he was with the fans. Clips and footage of Blassie in Hollywood are shown. Clips of him with a very young Regis Philbin and Muhammad Ali are shown. He tells a story about how Burt Reynolds said to him, “Illustrious one, where have you been?” he then kissed Blassie’s fist. Blassie said he hasn’t washed that hand since? Footage of him on the Dick Van Dyke Show airs. He doesn’t consider himself a legend or anything, and just wishes that he didn’t have to get old, so that he could relive those days again.

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Chuck Palumbo requests this week’s “From the Vault.” Most have probably seen this match; it is the legendary encounter from WrestleMania III from 1987. Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura are the announcers and Bobby Heenan is Andre’s manager. Hogan wins after body slamming Andre and hitting the legdrop.

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Gene says that last week they received an overwhelming response to last week’s segments looking at the life of the lovely Miss Elizabeth, and her untimely death, and tonight they are going to revisit her final days and years.


Michael Cole narrates a video that looks at Elizabeth’s final years. He starts out be re-stating that on May 1, 2003, the wrestling world was stunned with the untimely death of the first lady of wrestling, Elizabeth Hulette, Miss Elizabeth. He said immediately rumors started bounding about the circumstances surrounding her death. Clippings from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution are shown. Said that Cobb County Spokesperson said they don’t know if it’s a Suicide, a Natural Death, or a Homicide. Re-iterated that an autopsy won’t be available for weeks. He says that while Elizabeth was an outgoing happy lady, her personal life was filled with turmoil. Hulk Hogan says he is not quite sure what made her happy. He said that a lot of people think that because of her success she was happy, but he isn’t quite sure that is correct. Hogan is not sure if she ever found it, (happiness), because she was always the passenger, never the driver, as far as her career went. Cole said that her on-air character was often under distress, and ironically that was how she was in her personal life as well. He said her on-air relationship with Randy Savage was a mirror image of their real life one. Footage of Savage bossing Elizabeth around is shown. Vince says that she was smothered to a certain extent in her marriage to Savage, both on air and in real life because he was so over protective or her. Hogan says that she regularly felt over protected. Cole asks whether Savage and Elizabeth’s marriage was over love or obsession? He says whatever it was, it wasn’t working, and she filed for divorce in 1992. She left the WWE after that. Hogan said she stayed in regular contact with his wife, and was soul searching in his opinion, trying to find happiness. Cole says she stayed out of wrestling for four years. In 1996, Hulk Hogan helped bring her in to WCW. Vince says that when Liz left the WWE, life probably changed a lot for her. He says that it was very caring here, like a big family backstage, but when she went to WCW, it probably was a lot different for her. He didn’t know a lot about her personal matters in between, but thought she was treated as a commodity instead of how she was treated in the WWE, he said that wasn’t horrible just different for her most likely, and unfortunately life didn’t turn out to well for her. Cole said that eventually she became acquainted with Lex Luger in WCW, and they became more than an on-air relationship. He said the details behind their relationship were sketchy, but it is known that two weeks ago, police responded to a domestic disturbance incident at Luger’s home. According to police reports, as they arrived, Elizabeth’s right eye was beginning to swell, a bruise was forming above the left eye, and she had a contusion on her lower lip. She denied Luger had anything to do with it, but then conceded that Luger had hit her, but requested that no charges be brought against Luger. Police went ahead and arrested Luger with Battery.

Then on May 1st at 5:30 AM a 911 call was made from Luger’s house. The call is heard. The operator continues to tell Luger to try and help her breathe. Luger keeps saying he is scared to death, and can’t tell if chest is moving. He keeps urging her to send someone that knows what they are doing. After paramedics arrived, Elizabeth was taken to Kennestone Hospital in GA and was pronounced dead soon after arriving. USA Today said that the death apparently happened from a drug overdose. Luger was immediately brought in for questioning, and was released. Hours later, while police were searching over Luger’s home, they came upon more than 1000 illegal pills. Luger was charged with 14 different drug possession charges, 13 different felonies. Footage of Luger with Liz in WCW is shown to sad music. Vince says it is really unfortunate to have two individuals who have had such successful careers as Lex Luger and Miss Elizabeth end up this tragic situation, it is really unfortunate he re-iterates. Vince says he wants to say about how disappointed he is with how someone could let themselves down as much as Luger and Liz did let each other and themselves down. He said the irony of Miss Elizabeth’s innocence and the way in which she died, has a message there somewhere. He said he didn’t know if it was, falling from grace, not having a purpose in life beyond our business, but it was something that performers in this business have to learn to deal with so that they don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Gene says that this past Thursday May 15th, they spoke with the Atlanta Medical Examiner and learned that Miss Elizabeth’s initial autopsy didn’t reveal a specific cause of death. The next phase is under way, tissue samples have been sent to the Georgia Crime Lab but results won’t be available until 30-60 days. Gene then says they have tried unsuccessfully to reach Lex Luger for comments. He then signs off the show.