Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 5/21/03 (Raven returns, attacks Jeff Jarrett)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 2:20 PM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 5/21/03
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Results courtesy of: NWATNA.com

Raven did a promo from the top of a truck, talking about how he was denied his rightful place as NWA World Heavyweight Champion. He accused Jeff Jarrett of milking his injury by staying at home. Jarrett appeared behind Raven and pounded him on top of the truck. We could hear Jarrett say that he knew Raven was going to be looking for him, so he was paying him a "visit" first.

Four Way elimination match to determine the number one contender to the X-Division Title
Paul London d. Kid Romeo, Jason Cross and CM Punk

Everyone shook hands before the match except Romeo. Cross eliminated Punk at 4:56 with a crossover neckbreaker (spinning somersault neckbreaker where Cross jumps at Punk from off the middle rope). Romeo eliminated Cross at 8:05 when he hit a low blow on Cross as he went for a top rope rana, then delivered the "Kiss Goodnight". London eliminated Romeo with the London Calling.

Goldylocks interviewed Sonny Siaki, who said he was in charge of SEX tonight. No one seemed to be paying attention to him. Siaki was looking for someone to go find Raven, but David Young said he was concerned with his tag match tonight. Siaki then decided he would go get Raven himself.

They went to Raven, who was in his dressing room with Alexis Laree and Julio Dinero. Raven chastised the two of them for betraying him last week. Raven threatened to pour bleach down Alexis' mouth to "clean her soul", but stopped short of doing it. He warned them not to betray him again.

Handicap Match
Amazing Red, Slash & Justin Credible d. Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper

Red, Slash & Credible worked well together early in the bout, then Daniels & Skipper managed to isolate Slash for a time. Red came in towards the end, and hit a springboard into a faceplant on Skipper, while Credible & Slash held Daniels so that Red could get the pin.

Raven ran into the ring and DDT'd Red. Raven took the mic and demanded that Jarrett come out. Raven said there would be more "collateral damage" until Jarrett faced him.

"Hard 10" match
Mike Sanders d. Brian Lee

They hit each other with weapons around the ringside area, gaining points. Lee was leading 8-5 when he went for a table. Sanders moved out of the way of a splash, and Lee went through the table, giving Sanders the win at 10-8.

Sonny Siaki confronted Raven in the back. Siaki wanted to know if Raven's allegiance was with SEX or Extreme Revolution. Siaki told Raven he expected him to call things his way tonight, as Raven is the referee for Siaki's "Clockwork Orange House Of Fun" match with the Sandman. Raven agreed.

Goldylocks interviewed Ron Killings about having to team with Don Harris. Killings talked about Konnan not being at TNA tonight, and remarked on the Harris Brothers being part of "the brotherhood". The Harris Brothers showed up and attacked Killings. They left him laying, then New Jack & Shark Boy showed up and attacked Killings, dragging him to the ring for their match.

"Asylum Alliance" Tournament
Ron Killings & Don Harris d. New Jack & Shark Boy

Killings fought the match alone, while Jack and Shark worked together. Two minutes in, the Harris Brothers ran in, tossed Shark Boy from the ring, and H-Bombed New Jack. Killings battled both Harrises, knocking them out of the ring. Shark Boy tried to give Killings a flying bodypress, but Killings caught it and powerslammed Shark Boy for the win.

Sandman was confronting Raven backstage. Sandman said he saw what Siaki and Raven agreed to. Raven claimed he was setting Siaki up, and that he was really with Extreme Revolution. Sandman gave Raven a beer to seal the deal, then caned Raven before leaving.

Goldylocks interviewed Kid Kash and Trinity, who were being forced to team tonight in the Asylum Alliance match tonight. Kash complained, saying he was going to be facing a three on one situation, then dragged off Trinity before she could say anything.

Erik Watts walked over to Goldylocks, again talking about "the Eric" coming in. He also said that Goldylocks left her shoes at his house last night.

Tracy & David Young, w/ Desire, d. Kid Kash & Trinity
Young and Kash worked the first four minutes, then the ladies tagged in. Young went at it with Trinity, but Kash yanked her hair as she was getting on offense, and tagged himself in. Kash went to work on Tracy, but the "masked luchador" appeared on a video screen, promising to reveal him/herself next week. This distracted Kash, and Tracy blasted Kash with a chair. Young hit Kash with a spinebuster and got the pin.

Goldylocks interviewed D'Lo Brown & AJ Styles. Brown took a shot at his "former employer" for never putting a live mic in his hand. Brown, instead of talking about the tag match, pointed out that he and Styles, two top contenders for Jeff Jarrett's World Title, has been put into a tag team. Brown implied that Jarrett was scared of them.

Raven was standing in the ring, demanding that Jeff Jarrett come out and face him. Raven said the "carnage will continue" until Jarrett faces him, so Raven DDT'd ring announcer Jeremy Borash. Mortimer Plumtree was sent out to take his place.

"Asylum Alliance" Tournament
America's Most Wanted d. D'Lo Brown & AJ Styles

These were the two teams selected by the NWA to face off for a spot in the tournament, and were not broken up by the lottery. America's Most Wanted showed no signs of dissent, and were working well with their double team moves on Styles, until Brown got the hot tag. Many near falls towards the end. Styles hit the Styles Clash on Harris, and members of SEX ran out, hoping to cause a double DQ and get both teams eliminated. However, the referee allowed all the interference, while Brown hit a frog splash on Harris. Chris Daniels and Elix Skipper grabbed Brown in a double team Hot Shot, right in front of the referee, and Harris cradled Brown for the pin. SEX was upset that AMW advanced into the tournament.

They aired an interview with Glen Gilberti. He said that the name "NWA" should be removed from the program, and praised Sports Entertainment as the future. He said that Raven often speaks without thinking, but that he was a good performer. Gilberti said Vince Russo is not the person to lead SEX, because he is a 43 year old family man. Gilberti also said he has more star power than Jeff Jarrett.

"Raven's Clockwork Orange House Of Fun" match
The Sandman vs. Sonny Siaki - No Contest

Weapons were hung around the ring on chains, and Raven was the referee for the match. Raven just sat in the corner, as Sandman did his usual entrance. Siaki attacked Sandman on the floor to start the match, while Raven just sat in the corner and watched. Usual back and forth weapons shots, with Siaki getting busted open. Siaki began to concentrate his attack on Sandman's testicles. Sandman came back, hanging Siaki in the tree of woe, and placing a chair over his face. Sandman then dropkicked a trashcan into the chair, into Siaki's face. Sandman went for a kendo stick, but Siaki got it and blasted him repeatedly in the head. Siaki covered Sandman for the pin, but Raven just stared at him. Siaki yelled at Raven, and Sandman cradled Siaki from behind. However, Raven didn't count his pin either. Siaki gave Sandman a drop toe hold into a chair, but Sandman threw a trash can at Siaki. Sandman bridged a length of chain link fence across four chairs. Siaki was placed on the fencing, which collapsed under his weight. Sandman went for a senton off the top, but Siaki moved. Siaki blasted Sandman with a chair, then went for a chain, but Sandman clocked him with a trash can. Sandman grabbed the cane, and hit a cane-assisted Russian legsweep on Siaki. Raven went to count the pin, but stopped at two. Raven then DDT'd Sandman and Siaki and walked away. The bell rang as members of Extreme Revolution and SEX ran out and started brawling. Raven walked out of the building, calling for Jeff Jarrett. Amazing Red, in his streetclothes came out of nowhere and rana'd Raven to the ground. Red beat Raven back into the building and to the ring. Alexis Laree and Julio Dinero ran in to interfere, but Red gave Julio a sunsetflip styles powerbomb and rana's Alexis into Julio's groin. Red then went back to Raven, and battled him on the floor. Red put Raven on a table, and went for a top rope swanton, hitting Raven, but not breaking the table. Red went back to the top, hit a second swanton, and put Raven through the table to end the show.