Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 6/8/03 (Battle of the Lance's)

Reported by Dave Missert of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, June 8, 2003 at 9:43 PM EST

WWE Sunday Night Heat
June 8, 2003
Commentators: Jonathan Coachman and Al Snow
Reported by: Dave Missert of wrestleview.com

Hey everyone after a long, long weekend, I’m here to put the cap on another week of WWE TV with the best show in the lineup, Sunday Night Heat. Let’s do it to it.

Before I start, has anyone noticed that the opening graphics for Heat are pretty lame? That’s what my thought is.


Val Venis vs. Rosey
Val cuts a promo about starting his own porn company and how he needed hot chicks to try out. And here comes Rosey. Rosey starts the match with a body slam and a leg drop, followed by a two count. Rosey hits his head on the turnbuckle, and Val counters with some kicks and punches. Val attempts a Russian Legsweep, but is blocked by Rosey. Val goes for a slam, but Rosey falls on him for a two count. Big splash by Rosey, he tries again, but is met with a boot to the face. Val hits a dropkick and a body slam, as well as a couple of elbow drops. Val climbs to the top rope and hits the Moneyshot for the victory.

Winner by Moneyshot: Val Venis


Chris Nowinski is shown approaching Teddy Long and Rodney Mack, saying that he helped them last week because he too is a minority. He now wants to Back the Mack. Baleedat.

Maven vs. Mike Knox
Collar and elbow to open and the rookie shoves Maven into the corner. Collar and elbow again, and now Maven shoves Knox. Deep arm drag by maven as he locks in the dreaded arm bar. More arm bars by the Tough Enough alum, but Knox breaks the hold, and punches Maven in the back. Dropkick by Maven and more arm bars, followed by a two count. Snake eyes by Knox and a neckbreaker as the rookie goes for the cover. Knox to the middle rope and misses the flying elbow drop. Maven unleashes a flurry of moves, including a flying burrito and a dropkick. Maven hits a missile dropkick resulting in a three count.

Winner by pinfall: Maven

Classy Freddie Blassie Tribute video

This was a great tribute to a great man. He’ll be missed

Highlights from Raw

Highlights of the Rock showing up to be on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel are shown.

Lance Storm vs. Lance Cade
Tie up to open the match, followed with some basic mat moves. The two Lance’s try to exchange arm drags, but they block each other. Lance Storm goes to work on the legs of the newcomer, but Cade hits an Insiguri (can someone please tell me how to spell that). Back drop by Cade, followed by a big clothesline and a two count. Bulldog by Cade for another two count, as Coach and Al compare him to Barry Windham. Storm locks in the modified Boston Crab, but Cade breaks the hold and rolls up Storm in a small package for a two count. Lance Storm locks on his Sharpshooter as Cade taps out.

Winner: Lance Storm

Highlights from Raw

Highlights of the Jericho/Christian vs. Goldust/Booker T match are shown. Goldberg had a run in after the match and as he went to spear Jericho, he missed and speared the ref.

Chris Nowinski & Rodney Mack (w/ Teddy Long) vs. Spike Dudley & Tommy Dreamer
The match opens in the aisle, as Mack and Nowinski attack the good guys on their way to the ring. Battering Ram by Tommy Dreamer to open. Tommy with a Dragon Screw Whip to Nowinski as he tags into his partner Spike. Chris Harvard and Mack double team Spike for a while and Mack hits an Ultimate Warrior splash for a two count. Spike gets tossed to the floor and gets attacked by Nowinski. Spike with a rollup and a two count. The bad guys are abusing Spike as Tommy Dreamer keeps trying to interfere but gets stopped by ref. Chris Harvard misses a flying elbow as Spike makes the hot tag to Tommy Dreamer, who hits a spine buster and a DDT for a near fall. Tag to Spike who climbs to the top and jumps onto Chris Harvard’s chest. Spike tries to punch Teddy Long, who was standing on the apron as Nowinski hits Spike with his facemask. Bubba Ray and D’Von come to the rescue as the bell rings. The Dudley’s get the tables, and set up Mack for a 3D, but Nowinski makes the save as the show ends.

Winner: No Contest


Val Venis vs. Rosey
Keith made a great point the other day, and that is that the Val Venis character really doesn’t work with Val having short hair. He does have a point. This match was just awful. Rosey is so boring in the ring, and he’s so slow that even Val can’t carry him to a good match. I must say that it’s good to see Val wrestling full time again, and the moneyshot is probably my favorite name for any move in wrestling. At least Val is interesting.

Chris Nowinski is going to be such a great cocky heel down the road. He’ll never be a main eventer, but he’s going to be good for the mid-card. Teddy Long spoke in some foreign tongues that I have no idea what the hell he is talking about.

Maven vs. Mike Knox
This match was boring. Maven took a step backwards in my book as he mainly locked in some arm bars, hit a couple kicks and ended the match. This took too long, as the local dude didn’t get much offense in, outside of a neck breaker.

Classy Freddy Blassie Tribute Video
I don’t understand why some people were upset with this video. I thought it was very classily done, excuse the pun. I guess some people were offended that the video included pictures of Shane, Stephanie and Vince. Don’t let it bother you and enjoy the great quality of this tribute. The song was great too. Rest in peace Freddy.

Highlights from Raw
Great interaction between Christian and the Rock, as well as Booker T. It’s always good to see the Rock on TV. He’s interesting, funny, and the fans love him. The Rock is great as a good guy or a bad guy, I wish he was full time again. The Rockarooni was great too. I was really hoping that Jericho and Christian would wrestle Booker T and the Rock instead of Booker T and Goldust. When the Rock went into the crowd those people were attacking him!

Lance Storm vs. Lance Cade
Another new wrestler! This guy even gets his own entrance music! He looks pretty generic, but he trained at HBK’s school, so maybe he’ll be as cool as Spanky. Let’s see. Well the rookie wasn’t too bad. It’s always good to see new wrestlers. Now if we could only see less OLD wrestlers (you know who you are).

Highlights from Raw
I love the drama of this highlight. The camera footage was all cloudy and the music was all serious. Boy, I sure hope that that referee wasn’t hurt.

Are you kidding me? Test and Steiner are having a match to see who gets to have Stacy as a manager? Other than looking great, what does she bring to these guys? She never interferes, so who cares who “wins” her? And why can’t she manage both of them? Dumb.

Chris Nowinski & Rodney Mack (w/ Teddy Long) vs. Spike Dudley & Tommy Dreamer
Lots of action in this match. Not enough Tommy Dreamer though, as Spike got beat on for most of the match. Not sure what feud the Dudley’s and Rodney Mack are working towards, but it could be interesting. We shall see.

Overall tonight, Heat was below average, which is average for Heat. At least we got to see the introduction of new wrestlers, which is always cool. That’s all for this week boys and girls, we’ll see you next week for another edition of Sunday Night Heat.