Full WWE Bad Blood PPV (RAW Brand) Results - 6/15/03 - Houston, Texas

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, June 15, 2003 at 10:45 PM EST

- This match took place on WWE Sunday Night Heat prior to WWE Bad Blood on Pay Per View:

  • Ivory vs. Molly Holly

    Winner: Ivory

    - Ivory got the win with the X-Factor.

    Full WWE Bad Blood Results - 6/15/03
    Location: Houston, Texas
    Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

  • Dudley Boyz vs. Rodney Mack & Christopher Nowinski

    Winners: Rodney Mack & Christopher Nowinski

    - Match ended when Teddy Long distracted D-Von Dudley, allowing Rodney Mack to knock D-Von out of the ring. Bubba Ray hit the ring to attack Rodney Mack but when he did, he turned around and Nowinski hit him in the face with his mask guard.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Eric Bischoff

    Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

    - On a side note, Bischoff's first burp was real but the rest were all sound effects.

  • Test vs. Scott Steiner

    Winner: Scott Steiner

    - The match ended when Test threw down Stacy Keibler on the outside. Test rolled into the ring with a steel chair and tried to hit Scott Steiner with it but he hit the top rope instead, bouncing the chair back into his face. Steiner then hit his new front face plant finisher to get the win. Both Steiner and Keibler celebrated after the match while Test looked on in the ring.

    - Backstage, Eric Bischoff introduced the females that will take part in the Pie Eating contest to Steve Austin. Bischoff said he wanted to go first but Austin said he should go first. Austin agreed but said he gets to pick what flavor of pie Bischoff gets to eat.

  • Christian (c) vs. Booker T

    Winner by DQ: Booker T
    Winner & STILL Intercontinental Champion: Christian

    - Christian retained the WWE Intercontinental Championship after he knocked out Booker T in the ring, causing a DQ finish.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Eric Bischoff

    Winner: Eric Bischoff

    - Stone Cold Steve Austin changed the plans of the contest, saying he picked a more mature woman for it. Austin then introduced Mae Young for the pie Bischoff will eat. Bischoff got on the mic and refused. Austin then said he won the contest and asked Jerry Lawler to announce him as the winner of the Redneck Triathlon. Bischoff stopped Lawler before he could. Bischoff then kissed Mae Young and thought he was done. Austin reminded him it was a Pie Eating contest. Mae Young then kicked Bischoff in the groin, pulled down her pants and gave Bischoff a Bronco Buster in the corner.

    Bischoff then told Austin to go next. Austin then gave Mae Young the Stunner and said he forfeited the contest. It is now tied, 1 to 1.

  • Kane & Rob Van Dam (c's) vs. La Resistance

    Winners & NEW World Tag Team Champions: La Resistance

    - The match ended when Rob Van Dam did a leap frog over the top rope to the outside but only hit Kane instead of both members of La Resistance. La Resistance rolled Rob Van Dam back into the ring and hit a double spinebuster to get the win and become the NEW World Tag Team Champions.

  • Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho

    Winner: Goldberg

    - The match ended when Goldberg hit Jericho with a second spear followed by a jackhammer. Earlier in the match, Goldberg missed a spear on Jericho on the outside, hitting the guard railing and breaking it in the process. Jericho had worked on the shoulder throughout the match, even getting more chants then Goldberg.

    - Backstage, the third contest of the Redneck Triathlon was announced as a Singing contest.

  • Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels

    Winner: Ric Flair

    - The match ended when Shawn Michaels went to the top rope and connected with a big elbow drop. Michaels backed up in the corner and waited for Flair to get on his feet. HBK connected with the Sweet Chin Music but when he turned around, Randy Orton hit the ring and nailed Michaels with a steel chair, putting Flair on top of Michaels for the win. It should also be noted that previously in the match, Michaels set up Flair on a table and jumped off the top rope, smashing the table in the process.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Eric Bischoff

    Winner of Redneck Triathlon: Stone Cold Steve Austin

    - The contest first started with Bischoff singing to his own theme music. Austin agreed that he sucked and he sure knew Bischoff sucked so he changed the contest to a Pig Pen contest. Austin ran down to the ring, gave Bischoff the Stunner in the ring, dragged him up to the ramp and threw him into the Pig Pen. Stone Cold Steve Austin is the winner of the Redneck Triathlon.


  • Triple H (c) vs. Kevin Nash

    Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H

    Highlights of the Match:

    - Nash brought a steel chair into the ring and hit Triple H in the gut followed by a large shot to the back.

    - Nash gave Triple H a back body drop on the outside followed by throwing him into the steel steps.

    - Nash attempted to use the steel steps on Triple H, throwing them at Triple H but Triple H was able to get out of the way.

    - Triple H opened up a tool box on the outside, nailing Nash in the thigh with a hammer followed by a shot to the head.

    - Triple H tried to intimidate Mick Foley back in the ring but Foley knocked him down, warning him.

    - Triple H got a screw driver from the outside and began digging it into the forehead of Kevin Nash.

    - Triple H got a 2x4 with barbwire around it from the outside and nailed Kevin Nash in the gut with it. Nash eventually fought back and got the 2x4, nailing Triple H in the head with it.

    - Kevin Nash put the 2x4 with barbwire around it in the corner of the top turnbuckle. Nash put Triple H on his shoulder, ran to the corner and dropped Triple H face first onto the barbwire.

    - Kevin Nash went to grab Triple H from the outside but when he grabbed through the second rope, Triple H nailed a wood box over his head.

    - Triple H tried to use the sledgehammer on Nash but Foley took it away. Triple H knocked out Foley and tried to throw the steel steps on him but Nash gave Triple H a drop toe hold, allowing Triple H to land face first into the steel steps.

    - Triple H nailed both Kevin Nash and Mick Foley with a steel chair. Foley fought back, took out Mr. Socko and gave Triple H the Mandible Claw. Triple H the hit a low blow to break it up.

    - Nash picked up the steel steps and knocked out both Triple H and Mick Foley. Nash went for the cover but Foley was knocked out. Nash went to help up Foley but Triple H knocked into Nash, allowing Foley to bounce off the ring apron to the cell barricade.

    - Back in the ring, Kevin Nash picked up Triple H, nailed him face first off the 2x4 in the corner, kicked him in the gut and hit a Jacknife Powerbomb. Nash went for the cover, 1, 2...kick out by Triple H.

    - Triple H nailed Kevin Nash with a sledgehammer shot followed by a Pedigree. Foley made the cover 1...2...3.

    - After the match, Ric Flair and Randy Orton came down to the ring and celebrated with Triple H.