Full WWE Velocity Results - 6/29/03 (Benoit and Rhyno tag team match)

Reported by Keith Vinciguerra of WrestleView.com
Ľ On Sunday, June 29, 2003 at 2:17 PM EST

Itís me, itís me, itís KVG. Iím all set up with cable and internet so Iíll take over my duties as Velocity recapper once again. Thanks Miz for actually doing the Velocity recap last week (unlike the last time you said youíd do it). As payment, I brought you back some official Kevin Nash leather pants from the Big Sexy convention.


Billy Gunn w/Torrie Wilson vs. Kanyon
Billy slaps on a headlock for a few minutes to start the match. He speeds things up with a couple of armdrags and a hip toss, and then tries for his finisher too early as Kanyon ducks out of the way. Kanyon finally gets in some offense with a few punches followed by a side Russian leg sweep rollover into a face buster. He then hits a second rope bulldog for a two count. He does the Ďjump off the top rope standing straight up so my chin lands on my opponentís footí move. Mr. Ass hits a Diamond Cutter, two clotheslines, and a high dropkick. Kanyon reverses a hip toss attempt into a swinging neckbreaker, but then gets kicked in the stomach and Famousered. Match over.

Winner by pinfall: Billy Gunn

Flashback to Smackdown
We see the storyline featuring Zach Gowen, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Sable.

Spanky vs. John Xavier
The two wrestlers exchange some quick grappling moves and counters in the early going. Spanky takes control with a high dropkick and an armbar. He tries for an armdrag but Xavier hits a move that looked like a suplex except that Spanky landed on his face instead of his back. The rookie continues the assault with a flying punch to the head and then mauls Spanky in the corner. Spanky regains the momentum with a flying burrito and a really high spinning heel kick followed by a flying plancha to the outside. Back in the ring, he tries to hop over Xavier after an Irish whip, but the newcomer catches him in midair and delivers a devastating powerslam. Xavier hits a nasty looking crossface neckbreaker and goes for a 450 Splash, but lands on Spankyís knees. Spanky hits Sliced Bread #2 for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Spanky

A-Train vs. Kevin Knight
Albert throws some chairs into the ring before the match and then totally destroys the rookie. Knight got in two punches. A-Train won with the jumping backbreaker.

Winner by pinfall: A-Train

Flashback to Smackdown
They show the six man tag main event from Thursday followed by Vince making the match of Stephanie and Zach vs. Big Show.

Chris Benoit and Rhyno vs. The Basham Brothers with Shaniqua
Rhyno and Benoit go to work on Doug Basham to start off the match. Danny Basham gets tagged in and punches Benoit a few times before getting dropped with some woo chops. In comes Rhyno and he continues to pound on Danny with some knees and a shoulder charge. Danny finally gets things going for his team with a clothesline and then the brothers take turns beating on Rhyno. Doug applies a knee to the back submission for a few minutes and then Danny uses a bear hug. Rhyno finally makes the hot tag and Benoit cleans house with clotheslines, a release German suplex, and a snap suplex of one brother onto the other. The Rabid Wolverine hits the flying headbutt, Rhyno hits the gore, and then Benoit wins it with the Crossface.

Winners by submission: Chris Benoit and Rhyno


Billy Gunn w/Torrie Wilson vs. Kanyon
Solid opening match. Itís nice to see that Billy has fully recovered from his nasty shoulder injury. But what is he doing with that stupid old music? And Torrie Wilson as his valet? And that lame ass finisher? I hate the Famouser. From now on I will refer to it as the Lame-Ass-ser. Kanyon gets kicked in the stomach one time and then has to stand there for five seconds while Billy bounces off the ropes to hit his finisher. It looks more contrived than Bookerís scissor kick. Anyway, I really like Kanyon and all his creative moves and counters. Too bad he never gets a chance to show his full arsenal.

Vince, Stephanie, Zach, Sable
Can we see Zach wrestle already? Heís receiving one of the biggest pushes to start a career in the WWE that I have ever seen. I have to say that his acting is really solid, probably because heís talking about his real life and obstacles heís overcome. Itís funny how Stephanie made a point to walk around to the front of Vince so she wouldnít have to see her dadís bare ass.

Spanky vs. John Xavier
WOW!! That was an amazing match. Xavier has some tremendous skills. The backwards suplex and crossface neckbreaker looked extremely painful and the height on that 450 Splash was breathtaking. I canít think of any other cruiserweight in the WWE that has that combination of power moves and high flying ability. Spanky was great as usual, but this match belonged to Xavier.

Ass-Train vs. Kevin Knight
Iím not saying anything about this match other than it sucked. Boring squashes donít deserve to be written about and A-Train is right back where he was six months ago, wasting our time on Velocity.

6 Man Tag Match
How long are Angle and Brock going to stay friends? Big Show and Hogan in the ring against each other may be the worst combination I have ever seen. Itís pretty ridiculous that the World Champ and Angle had to get double chokeslammed by Show just so Hogan could look good taking him on by himself.

Benoit and Rhyno vs. Doug Basham and Damaja
Decent main event for the B show. The match was fairly slow in the middle with a lot of submission holds, but the finish was hot. I wonít ever complain about seeing Benoit on Velocity, thatís for sure. The Basham Brothers didnít show much offense besides heel brawling. I remember Doug having a great match on Velocity awhile back. Itís great to see Linda Milesí Tough Enough training really paying off (that was blatant sarcasm in case you couldnít tell). Three female Tough Enough winners, all valets. Why bother with the competition at all?

Overall, Velocity was solid this week. The Ass Train match was awful but mercifully short. I missed Smackdown so I didnít mind the flashbacks, although they were a bit long. The first match and last match were pretty solid and the Spanky vs. Xavier match was fantastic. Hopefully weíll see more of Xavier in the future.