Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 6/29/03 (Big Tag Team Main Event)

Reported by Dave Missert of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, June 29, 2003 at 10:56 PM EST

Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 6/29/03
Commentated by: The Coach and Al Snow
Reported by: Dave Missert of wrestleview.com

Hot on the heels of a great house show, it’s Miz, back at you for a review of the best show in the WWE, Sunday Night Heat.


Rosey vs. Garrrison Cade

Collar and elbow tie-up to start and the two exchange punches. Big clothesline by Rosey, and as he goes to pick up Cade, he gets kicked in the head. Cade goes for a hip toss, but it is blocked. Rosey hits a swinging sidewalk slam and then kicks the rookie in the midsection. Rosey locks on an abdominal stretch, but Cade breaks out with a hip toss. Fall-away dropkick by the rookie, followed by a flying knee for the pinfall victory.

Winner by pinfall: Garrison Cade

Rico’s Runway

Rico has a new segment on Heat where he talks about fashions. He is going to show two outfits tonight, and his model is…..some fat woman. Rico is horrified and banishes the woman off camera. His real model is going to be Miss Jackie. Jackie models a sequined dress.

Val Venis vs. Roman Vachko

Val grabs the mike and says “Hello Ladies.” He talks about how Val Venis is going to starring in a movie this summer called Testosterone Three, the Rise of the Big Valbowski. Some basic mat moves to open, as the rookie and Val exchange armbars. Val backs Roman into the corner and kicks him in the chest, tosses him into the ropes a couple of times and hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Val goes up and hits the Moneyshot for the three count.

Winner by Moneyshot: Val Venis

Raw Highlights

The tribute video to Mick Foley that they showed on Raw is shown, as is the in-ring tribute, and the backstage altercation with Evolution.

Rico’s Runway

The next ensemble that Miss Jackie is modeling is very nice. I’m a big fan of the peek-a-boo top. Then Rico and Jackie dance and the fat women shows up wearing a sombrero.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Rico (w/Miss Jackie)

Tie up to open and Rico starts groping Tommy. Dreamer whips him into the ropes, and Rico hops into Tommy’s arms and kisses Tommy’s cheek. Dreamer doesn’t care for this and hits Rico with an armdrag. DDT by Dreamer as he goes for the pin, but Jackie puts Rico’s feet on the ropes (she did this tonight at the house show as well. Tommy chases Jackie around the ring, she slaps him, he grabs her, which is the opening Rico needs to hit a spinning heel kick and win the match.

Winner by pinfall: Rico


Terri is in the men’s locker room, waiting for Steven Richards. She finds Victoria and she tells Terri that Stevie has a huge surprise for everyone. He is in the stall and reveals that he has new tights that say “Stevie Night Heat.”

Raw Highlights

The de-masking of Kane is shown.

Goldust and Trish vs. Steven Richards and Victoria

The women start out in this one with some basic Fit Finlay moves. Victoria hits Trish with some big chops, but Trish reverses it and chops on Victoria’s chest. Trish hits a flying head scissors, followed by a victory roll. Goldust with the tag in, as he hits a butt butt on Victoria, and an inverted atomic drop on Goldust. Trish superkicks Stevie and Goldust kisses Victoria like he did last week. Trish tags in and goes to work on Victoria. Stevie interferes from the outside, allowing Victoria to hit Trish with a swinging sidewalk slam, and regain the upper hand. Tag in to Stevie Richards as he goes to work on Trish. Schoolboy roll-up by Trish, but Stevie is back on top until Goldust interferes. Trish and Victoria go back at it as Trish hits a neckbreaker and both women tag out to the men. The women are back in as Trish sets up Victoria for the Golden Globes. I don’t know if that would hurt. Stevie and Goldust go at it on the outside, but Steven is the legal man and he sneaks up on Trish and pins her for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Steven Richards and Victoria


Rosey vs. Garrison Cade

I wonder what they are going to do with Rosey now that he is on his own without Jamal. Tonight at the house show he was paired with Rodney Mack, so maybe he’ll join that little group with Teddy Long. Garrison Cade is pretty boring looking, but has some definite skills in the ring. Nothing of much note to talk about in this match.

Rico’s Runway

Well I don’t know what to say about this, aside from that Jackie maybe my new favorite diva. She’s absolutely beautiful. I could say several other things about her, but I don’t want to offend anyone. Apparently now Rico is going to take his gay gimmick to a whole new level, as he is now hosting a fashion segment. There will be another one of these later on in the show I guess.

Val Venis vs. Roman Vachko

Pretty short match right here, as Val got all of the offense in and the rookie got to do nothing. Val is great, and I love the porn gimmick, but it doesn’t work as well with the short hair.

Raw Highlights

That was great how they gave Foley the old Hardcore title belt. I love seeing old Foley highlights, because it makes me wonder how the hell that man is still alive. He really put his body out there for a real long time.

Rico’s Runway


Rico (w/ Miss Jackie) vs. Tommy Dreamer

I saw a lot of this act tonight at the house show, as it was basically a similar match, save for the finish. I really like Jackie’s look.


Stevie has new tights! They say Stevie Night Heat. They are still pink though.

Raw Highlights

Kane took his mask off to reveal that he is an evil dentist, and one ugly dude.

Goldust and Trish vs. Steven Richards and Victoria

There was a lot going on in this match, and it was very hard to review. This wasn’t a bad match for a Heat main event, as there were some pretty decent names in there.

All in all, Heat wasn’t that bad tonight. I’ve done a lot of reviewing of wrestling tonight, so I’m going to cap it off by saying goodnight and I’ll see you all next week.