Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 7/6/03 (The Dudley Boyz and more)

Reported by Dave Missert of WrestleView.com
On Monday, July 7, 2003 at 6:56 PM EST

Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 7/6/03
Commentated by: Al Snow and The Coach
Reported by: Dave Missert of WrestleView.com

Hey guys, Happy Independence Day, I hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend. I know I did, as I’ve been drunk since Wednesday. Now it’s back to the real world and your recap of Sunday Night Heat, everyone’s favorite WWE broadcast.


Earlier Today

Steven Richards and Victoria are talking backstage in the locker room. Steven is talking about how this is the third week of Stevie Night Heat. The intern informs Stevie that he isn’t wrestling tonight and Stevie is not happy. Goldust comes in and tells Stevie to stop whining. Stevie accuses Goldy of stealing his match. Goldust acts all jittery and leaves.

Cue the opening credits and the pyro and we’re ready to roll.

Goldust vs. Mike Phoenix
Before the match begins, Stevie comes down to the announce table to complain about not being in the match tonight. Goldy looks confused. Reverse atomic drop by Goldy, followed by the lay down slap in the face. Bulldog by Goldust. The rookie with a rake to the eyes of Goldust, who counters with a powerslam and the three count. Steven Richards races to the ring and attacks Goldy from behind with a Stevie-kick. He then sets Goldy up for the Shattered Dreams and hits him square in the sack.

Winner by pinfall: Goldust

Garrison Cade vs. Mike Donne
Tie up to start, followed by an arm drag by Donne. Donne hits a second arm drag and acts all sorts of cocky about it. More arm drags are exchanged by the two combatants, and Cade hits a dropkick that sends Donne to the outside. Action resumes in the ring as Cade applies the dreaded armbar, followed by a two count. Cade applies another armbar, but Donne breaks the hold and hits a flying burrito. Donne goes on the offensive with some basic moves. Cade fights back until Donne hits a shoulder block for a two count. Donne goes up top and misses the flying elbow. Cade hits a couple of jabs, followed by a haymaker and a reverse bulldog for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Garrison Cade

Highlights from Raw
The Steiner/Stacey vs. Test/Jericho match is shown

Val Venis vs. Mike Bell
Hello ladies. Val tells us how the Big Valbowski is a lot like golf, using several thinly veiled sexual references. Tie up to start as Val goes on the offensive with a headlock and some punches. Elbow drop and rolling running knees to the midsection by Val. Val hits a couple of chops and whips Bell into the corner. Reversal by Bell, who hits a suplex and some punches. Val hits some more chops and a big clothesline, followed by a shoulder block. Val hits a Rock bottom type maneuver, climbs to the top and hits Mike Bell with a Moneyshot.

Winner by Moneyshot: Val Venis

Highlights from Raw
Triple H beat RVD after some interference. Eric Bischoff got chokeslammed by Kane.

Rodney Mack & Rosie (w/ Teddy Long & Chris Nowinski) vs. The Dudley Boyz
Teddy Long is going to holler at us players. He is sending a message to whitey that Rosie is going to earn his opportunity to earn his “Playa Card” and he will back the Mack. He also uses the phrase “off the hizzle for shizzle, baleedat.”

The match opens already in progress with Rodney Mack and D’Von going at it. D’Von appears to be in total control, until Rodney hits a monster clotheline and tags in Rosie. D’Von tags in Bubba Ray (who I’ve met) and goes at Rosie. The two exchange moves where they bump into each other and neither one moves, until they both hit cross bodies and fall down. Bubba does his Dusty Rhodes impression, but is stopped by Rosie before Bubba can hit the Bionic Elbow. Bubba hits a high cross body for a two count, then tags in D’Von, as they double team Rosie for a bit. Nowinski trips D’Von as Rosie hits a Corkscrew Legdrop and tags in Rodney, who immediately takes control and comes up with a two count. Mack applies a chinlock for a while, but D’Von breaks the hold and hits Rosie on the outside. He then walks into a Spinebuster from Mack, who abruptly tags in Rosie. Rosie goes for a drop off the top, but lands on D’Von’s knees. D’Von makes the hot tag to Bubba Ray who begins the beating on Mack and Rosie. Bubba applies some kind of submission maneuver on Mack, but it is broken by Rosie. After some confusion, D’Von hits the Whassup on Mack as Bubba calls for the table. Rosie catches them both by surprise and drops them both. Nowinski grabs D’Von from the apron, and holds him. D’Von rolls out of the way of a Rosie punch, as Rosie also misses hitting Nowinski. However, Rosie walks right into a 3-D for the three count.

Winner by pinfall: The Dudley Boyz


Earlier Today

It was confirmed that Goldust does in fact rule.

Goldust vs. Mike Phoenix
This was a quick squash match, and we didn’t even see most of it because they kept cutting back to the announce table to see Stevie and the announcers. It appears that they may give some of the guys on the Heat roster some story lines, which is very exciting, as Steven nails Goldy with the Shattered Dreams. I’m sure Goldy will get his revenge next Sunday.

Garrison Cade vs. Mike Donne
YAWWWWWWWN. This match was very boring and had absolutely no heat. Garrison Cade is one guy that is totally in need of a gimmick or something to make him somewhat compelling.

Highlights from Raw
This match involving Steiner, Stacy, Test and Jericho totally sucked. I wish they would’ve shown the Jericho Hi-Lite Reel instead of this, because that confirmed that Jericho is the King of Bling Bling.

Val Venis vs. Mike Bell
Now Val Venis rules! I never get sick of those funny promos he cuts at the beginning of his matches. Never take your eyes, off your balls! Priceless! This match was a basic squash, with the rookie getting limited offense in, and Val hitting most of his signature spots.

Highlights from Raw
This match was stupid, but the bump that Bischoff took from the chokeslam by Kane was very, very impressive. I love how when the WWE shows highlights, they use funny lighting and slow motion stuff to make it look interesting. It wasn’t, don’t be fooled. Why is it that when they show Kane now, they use a funhouse mirror effect to make him look scary, when in reality he looks like an evil dentist?

Rodney Mack & Rosie (w/ Teddy Long & Chris Nowinski) vs. The Dudley Boys.
Teddy Long is so funny! If Rodney Mack weren’t so boring, I would totally back the Mack, just because of Teddy Long. And what is this? The Dudley’s are on Heat?!?! There was a lot going on in this match, and it was actually pretty interesting. No tables though, but we did get to see the 3-D, which is always exciting.

Heat was pretty good tonight. I had no real complaints, except for the Cade-Donne match. I really don’t think Cade is ready to carry a match on his own yet, and he does not deserve his own music. That’s all for tonight, as I have to catch up on my weekend shows before Raw starts. See you all next week.