Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 7/13/03 (Triple H vs. Maven + more)

Reported by Dave Missert of WrestleView.com
On Monday, July 14, 2003 at 5:48 PM EST

Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 7/13/03
Hosted by: Jonathan Coachman & Al Snow
Reported by: Dave Missert of WrestleView.com

Happy Monday everyone. I was out of town for a wake on Sunday, so didn’t have a chance to catch Heat live last night, so here I am on Monday evening, bringing you what you want, a recap of the best show on WWE TV, Sunday Night Heat.

The show opens with a limo pulling up and Triple H getting out, as he is apparently making a rare appearance on Sunday Night Heat.


Scott Steiner (w/ Stacy Keibler) vs. Ruffy Silverstein
Shoulder block by Steiner to start the match. Steiner goes for a military press, but Raffy rakes Steiner’s eyes. He goes for a high cross body but Steiner catches him and nails him with a powerslam. Steiner follows with some chops in the corner and some punches and knees. Silverstein goes into the corner, and in an attempt to leapfrog Steiner, appears to lose his balance and falls out of the ring. Steiner drops an elbow and does a few pushups. Big belly-to-belly suplex by Steiner followed by Steiner’s new finisher for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Scott Steiner

Highlights from Raw
Booker T won the IC title

La Resistance vs. Bobby Rude and Tyson Dux
Stevie Night Heat is now co-hosting with Al and Coach! La Resistance cuts a promo explaining that the people in Montreal are French-Canadian, which means they are not really French, and they are more like Americans. It seems that Stevie Richards is acting as the GM of Stevie Night Heat. The Frenchmen open by double-teaming the rookies, until the score is even as La Resistance #1 leaves the ring. They beat on the indy guy that has Textbook on his trunks for a while and tag back and forth with each other. Double hip toss by La Resistance for a two count. Hot tag to one of the rookies and he goes to town on La Resistance for about 30 seconds, until La Resistance hits the Double Spinebuster for the win.

Winner by pinfall: La Resistance

Following the match Stevie Richards runs into the ring to congratulate La Resistance on their victory, and then he runs backstage.

Terri is interviewing Maven about his match with Triple H. Maven tells us that he is nervous, but not scared.

Raw Highlights
Kane chokeslammed Austin last week.

Triple H confronts Maven in the locker room and compliments him about how he thinks he is good kind of. He then gives him some advice, and tells him to savor the moment about getting to face the champ, and that there ain’t no shame, getting beat by the game.

Triple H vs. Maven
Wow, it looks like they are going to give this match some time, which is pretty cool. Oh I forgot, it takes 10 minutes for Hunter to walk down to the ring. Tie up to start and Hunter looks at Maven in a cocky manner. Hunter starts off with a wristlock, and a shoulder toss. He then slaps Maven in the face, kind of like how your grandmother slaps you in the face. Maven hits The Game with a hip toss and a couple of dropkicks, throwing Hunter out of the ring onto the floor. Hunter distracts the ref and Maven, and takes advantage with a kick to the midsection and tosses the Tough Enough champ to the floor. Hunter picks up Maven and goes to hit his face into the steps, but the former schoolteacher blocks this, and drives Triple H’s face into the steel steps. And now it’s time for a commercial.

And we’re’ back with Maven hitting a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Maven whips Hunter into the ropes, but Hunter reverses it and nails a spinebuster (shades of Arn Anderson). Triple H begins to maul Maven in the corner and then the two exchange punches. I think I just noticed that Paul Nemer actually got up and left during this match! Oh wait, there he is. Big suplex by Hunter for a two count. Maven hits a big flying burrito, which he follows up with a few punches and a nice back body drop, and a spinning heel kick for a two count. The action goes to the outside as Hunter tried a belt shot, which Maven blocked. Maven then hit the champ with the belt, which the ref didn’t see, knocking Hunter out. However, since it was Triple H, he is impervious to the pain of a belt shot and kicks out. Maven then locks on the sleeper hold. Hunter gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. Maven climbs to the top rope, but Hunter shoves the ref into the ropes, knocking Maven off of the turnbuckle. Maven hits a flying bulldog for a two count. Maven goes up top again, hits a cross body, which Hunter reverses for a two count. Hunter goes for the pedigree, but Maven breaks the hold. The Tough Enough alum whips HHH into the ropes, drops his head, gets hit with a pedigree, and game over.

Winner by pinfall: Triple H


Scott Steiner (w/ Stacy Keibler) vs. Ruffy Silverstein
Before this match even begins, I’m sure this is going to be a disgusting squash. My how far has Scott Steiner fallen? He went from main eventing back to back PPVs to opening Heat. Well that match really did suck. Steiner is so boring, and he just keeps getting more boring every time I see him. The only thing the crowd really cared about was Stacy (which I must say is fine with me, if I have to sit through a Steiner match to see Stacy, I guess I’ll live). I have nothing more to say about that.

Highlights from Raw
I was waiting this whole match for Christian to rule, and for some reason, he just didn’t rule like he usually does.

La Resistance vs. Bobby Rude & Tyson Dux
The best part about this match is that Steven Richards is acting like the GM of Stevie Night Heat. It’s actually a very funny bit. Stevie tells us that he gave Goldust the night off with pay tonight. Stevie is funny.

Raw Highlights
Kane chokeslammed Austin last week. Why is it that whenever they show Kane they make the camera all weird and funhouse like?

Triple H spews some verbal diarrhea at Maven. I hope that Hunter at least makes Maven look decent tonight, and gives him a rub of some sort. Keith would like for Triple H to rub him.

Triple H vs. Maven
Well I must say that Hunter did actually make Maven look pretty good. I have to watch a few more shows and eat my dinner before Raw tonight, so I’m going to spare you a long-winded review, but will close by saying that Heat tonight was not good. There were two jobber matches, and one decent main event. By saying decent I mean that Hunter gave Maven something of a rub tonight. I wonder what that will mean for Maven down the road. Probably nothing.

Until next week gang…