Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Hart XWF Rumors + Mark Jindrak not joining Evolution?

Reported by Paul Nemer of
On Saturday, July 19, 2003 at 3:11 PM EST

-As previously reported on WrestleView, Mark Jindrak's debut as an Evolution member was delayed because of his lack of crowd reaction at house shows as well as having ring rust. It now looks as if Jindrak will not join the Evolution stable at all. He is currently teaming with Garrison Cade at Raw brand house shows and he debuted on Raw as a face.

There is still plans to have another wrestler join Evolution and the most likely person to do so is Kevin Nash. Jindrak's biography still isn't up on, however, the site does mention him as an official Raw superstar.

-There are rumors going around that Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart have been trying to target investors to start up their own new wrestling company, XWF. Apparently, the top person that they are looking to for funding is Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cubin (The energetic guy who is on the sidelines of every game wearing 80's clothing).

An idea thought of by Hart is to have XWF hire many Spanish wrestlers to wrestle in a lucha style with shows being held in the Southwest United States.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter