Full WWE SmackDown Results - 07/24/03 (Six-man tag team main event)

Reported by Robert Miller of WrestleView.com
» On Friday, July 25, 2003 at 1:42 PM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 07/24/03
Taped From: Selland Arena in Fresno, CA
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

Last week’s Lesnar/Angle saga and main event are recapped.

SD Intro

Stephanie McMahon starts the show off tonight informing the crowd that her father is “where he needs to be, at my mothers side.” With Vince gone, she is “taking back” SD. Steph then announces a six man tag team main event for tonight with Big Show and the World’s Greatest Tag Team taking on Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and Zach Gowen. John Cena comes out and does on of his best “raps” EVER. Steph asks Cena if he is serious about “smacking her ass” and he responds with “hell yeah,” so she dares him to, which he does. It was really to funny to see the interaction between those two in this promo. Sable then appeared via Titantron and challenged Steph to come to the back if she didnt want to wait for Vengeance. Steph obliges the request.

– Commercial –

Backstage during the break, Steph was on the war path looking for Sable when she confuses Torrie for Sable (how in the hell do you confuse the PHAT Torrie for the over the hill white Whitney Houston?).

(A side note, with all the debate about Velocity or Heat being the lead in to Vengeance, Tazz and Cole announced that SD would be taking over Heat Sunday night prior to Vengeance. Theres your answer [not the most logical answer, but remember it’s the WWE]).

Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs. Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore

Okay Matt Hardy has decided to earn his own way up the “roster” with his performances the last two weeks. There must have been a switch thrown with that guy because he is just out performing just about everyone on the SD roster. Shannon Moore isnt a slacker either with some of the offense shown in this match. Kidman and Mysterio seem to have the tag team thing down with their most recent matches heading into their title match at Vengeance. Kidman picked up the victory after hitting the Shooting Star Press on Moore.

Winner(s): Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman

Steph found Sable just as she was leaving the building. They “tangle” and as Sable is attempting to get into the limo, Steph rips her top off. The “puppies” (in normal person would call those thing flotation devices) were censored via a black bar. Sable has locked the car doors, thus Steph finds a pipe in her attempt to continue with brawl. When Vince comes into the picture. He says that she (Steph) needs to watch out or she will end up in the same condition her mother is. Steph is furious with Sable and Vince.

– Commercial –

Tower of Power: Noble losing Nidia and the match last week on SD.

Billy Gunn vs. Jamie Noble (w/o Nidia)

Noble explains that Nidia is under the weather, and not to think of any other reasons she would not be at ringside. During the match, a guy in attendance really used his brain power when it came to signage for a television event, he had a “I came to see Vince!” sign (the McMahons do not need to think that their flooding of WWE programming is a good thing). Anyway this was a quick match with Torrie being chased by Noble back into the ring right into Billy Gunn for the 1, 2, 3. After the bell Torrie Wilson had a proposal for Noble, if he could beat Gunn at Vengeance, then next week on SD, she would sleep with him (Noble).

Winner: Billy Gunn

A video package highlighting the SD’s Unleashed in the East tour is shown.

– Commercial –

Moments ago, Torrie making her own Indecent Proposal.

The APA are in the back when A Train comes in and is invited to participate in the Bar Room Brawl at Vengeance. After some banter we find out that Jonah, Matt, Doink the Clown, Brother Love, the Easter Bunny, the Conquistadors, O Haire, Rhyno, and the Basham Brothers are all in the Brawl. Steve Lombardi asks Bradshaw wasnt invited, both member of the APA bust on the Brawler’s chops for a bit and then say that if he (Lombardi) can prove he is worthy enough then he can participate.

A Cena promo is run, hyping his match with the Dead Man at Vengeance.

– Commercial –

Subway: Latino Heat advancing to Vengeance and the finals of the US Title Tourney last week.

Eddie Guerrero comes out in a 64 Impala. He states that he and Benoit have been through hell and back in their travels throughout the world and that he (Eddie) believes Benoit to be his “bestfriend”. Benoit comes out and after a little bit of banter Eddie informs Benoit and everyone that he actually hates Benoit for all the praise and respect he gets. Eddie is tired of being second best to the former leader of The Radicals (now there was a “stable”, well minus Saturn). Benoit then challenges Eddie to a match tonight, but he declines. Eddie is able to get a sneak attack in on Benoit, but is on the receiving end of a beating until Eddie sprays “spray wax” in Benoit’s face. Rhyno comes down to make the save and challenge Eddie to a match.

– Commercial –

Rhyno vs. Eddie Guerrero

When we come back from commercial the action has already started. Great technical, wrestling oriented match between these two. At one point Rhyno gets Eddie in the Crossface, but Eddie does not submit. The end came when Rhyno was preparing to Gore Eddie, but Eddie pulled the ref in front of him and was able to get behind Rhyno and “low blow” him thus resulting in a pinfall victory.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

– Commercial –

WrestleMania Moment: Bob Ucher interviewing Andre the Giant in 1988.

APA vs. FBI (w/ Nunzio)

A clip is shown of the APA inviting (in Kuwait) Saddam to the Bar Room Brawl. The FBI was already in the ring and went for the early attack, but Bradshaw planted a clothesline from hell on Palumbo for the victory within 30 seconds of the bell. After the match, Sean O Haire, the Basham Brothers, Lombardi (with a chair) and A Train came down and attacked the APA.

Winner(s): APA

– Commercial –

Vince enters Zach’s locker room and runs him down a bit and then Zach responds, but when Vince goes to continue his verbal assault Angle and Lesnar appear in the room. Vince wishes them luck in the match, because “they are going to need it”, and then leaves.

A video package presenting the line up for Sunday’s Vengeance is presented.

– Commercial –

Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle & Zach Gowen vs. Big Show, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

Really mat oriented, technical match for the first half. The change came when Gowen was on the ground outside and Vince came down with a chair and blasted Gowen’s “good leg” while standing on his ankle. Angle and Lesnar come to his aide and request medics to ringside, Gowen is taken to the back and we go to commercial. Once back Angle and Show are in the ring and it becomes a spot fest for both teams. Show picks up the victory when Benjamin has sent Lesnar to the outside (after he has attempted to F5 Haas, but inadvertently hits Angle in the head with Haas as Angle has Show in an ankle lock) and Angle is on the receiving end of a chokeslam from the big man. After the match, Lesnar gets back in the ring and hits Show with a chair. Lesnar then goes over to pick up the chair, but Angle holds onto it and they try to “finish” one another but neither hits their finisher and Big Show is able to simultaneously chokeslam both Lesnar and Angle.

Winner(s): Big Show, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

– End of broadcast –