Full WWE Velocity Results - 7/26/03 (Spanky & Funaki vs. Basham Brothers)

Reported by Keith Vinciguerra of WrestleView.com
Ľ On Sunday, July 27, 2003 at 11:32 AM EST

Vengeance is almost upon us, but first itís time for the best B show on the WWE schedule, Velocity!! Once again itís obvious which weekend show reigns supreme as we get three matches to go along with the PPV hype versus the one match Heat usually delivers. Apparently Sable is hosting the Saturday night lineup for TNN this week and sheís showing off her horrible acting skills in between shows.


Orlando Jordan vs. Nunzio
Orlando shows off his agility in the early going with a couple of leaps over Nunzio and a high dropkick. The rookie keeps the momentum going with a few armdrags, but gets dropped neck first over the ropes. Nunzio hits a springboard elbow from the ring apron and tries for a side Russian leg sweep, but Jordan counters into a roll up pin attempt. Nunzio kicks out and then drops Jordan with a mule kick. The FBI leader locks in a leg scissors choke hold but Jordan manages to get to his feet while keeping Nunzio on his shoulders and falls straight back. Orlando shows off his boxing skills with a few punches and then hits a flying burrito followed by a powerslam. He sets up Nunzio on the turnbuckles and gets nailed by a second rope dropkick for his troubles. As the wrestlers get to their feet, Orlando hits the Black Ice for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Orlando Jordan

Flashback to Smackdown
They show Eddie and Benoit on the mic promoting their U.S. Title finals match followed by Eddie vs. Rhyno.

Kanyon vs. Ryan Sakoda
Sakoda takes control with a few armdrags, a shoulderblock and a high cross body. Kanyon gets in a few kicks and hits a bulldog off the second rope. He then climbs to the second rope and suplexes Sakoda from the ring apron over the ropes. The rookie tries for a hip toss out of the corner, but Kanyon counters into a swinging neckbreaker. Sakoda takes over with a back suplex and climbs the ropes. He jumps right into Kanyonís arms and gets Flatlined. Match over.

Winner by pinfall: Kanyon

Flashback to Smackdown
We see the segment with Stephanie McMahon, John Cena and Sable. Cena came off looking like a face this week because he was praising Stephanie and acting all awkward around her. After the commercial break, they show the 6 man tag match main event from Smackdown.

Spanky and Funaki vs. Basham Brothers with Shaniqua
Danny works over Funakiís arm for awhile, but Smackdownís #1 announcer hits a leg scissors and a low dropkick. Spanky tags in executes a beautiful kicking backflip / heel kick combination on Doug. Shaniqua distracts him and the Basham Brothers go to town on him with a variety of double team maneuvers and power moves. They hit the Meat Curtain and Funaki has to run in to make the save. Spanky finally makes the hot tag after a chinbreaker and an insuguri. Funaki takes out both Bashams with dropkicks and a bulldog. Spanky flies in with a missile dropkick. Funaki catches him after one of the Bashams tries to suplex him, and then they hit a double dropkick to the gut. Spanky gets taken out by Shaniqua and the Brothers hit the Ball and Gag on Funaki for the win.

Winners by pinfall: Basham Brothers


Orlando Jordan vs. Nunzio
Solid opening match. Orlando seems to be improving every week. His finisher is pretty cool and it has that same Ďout of nowhereí possibility as the Stunner and the Rock Bottom, probably because itís a combination of the two. The fans gave Orlando a good reaction when he picked up the win. How long until he makes it to the A show?

U.S. Title finals
This is the only match I care about on the PPV card. I say it all the time, but it really canít be overstated how great of a heel Eddie Guerrero is. Heís taken cheating to a whole new level and his matches are more entertaining for it. He and his pal Benoit should put on the best match of the night by far at Vengeance.

Kanyon vs. Ryan Sakoda
Another win for Kanyon!! Week after week, we see Kanyon put on interesting matches with his innovative offense and counters, yet he never goes anywhere. The fans hate him and heís got decent mic skills. Give him a chance against some higher competition please.

Doug Basham and Damaja vs. Spanky and Funaki
Great tag team main event. The Basham Brothers have some great double team maneuvers that look really painful. Spanky and Funaki got in some high flying offense that contrasted well with the Bashamís brawling (same as last week against the FBI). I still donít understand what Linda Miles is supposed to be adding to the Basham team, but at least theyíre interesting to watch despite her presence.

Overall, Velocity was pretty good even considering that it was a pre-PPV show. We still got three matches, two of which were solid. I wonít be watching Vengeance because one great match and two potential decent matches just isnít enough to earn my thirty dollars. Hopefully things will pick up soon (on both shows) as we build towards Summer Slam.