Full WWE Velocity Results - 8/2/03 (Matt Hardy vs. Spanky, Ultimo Dragon)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, August 4, 2003 at 2:59 PM EST


Reported by: Keith Vinciguerra of WrestleView.com

Spanky vs. Matt Hardy w/Shannon Moore
Matt takes down Spanky with an armdrag and poses for the crowd. Spanky takes him down with a front face headlock and the two grapple for a moment as a “Spanky” chant breaks out. Matt picks him up and places him on the second rope, but Spanky nails him with a missile dropkick. He hits a backflip kick but Matt catches him coming off the ropes with a Side Effect. Version 1.0 continues to work over Spanky with a choke in the ropes and hits the Reality Check after some interference by Shannon Moore. Hardy hoists Spanky onto his shoulder (holding onto his head) and executes an airplane spinning neckbreaker. Spanky finally fights back with a dropkick, clothesline and a running boot to the head. HBK’s best student hits his climb up insuguri and then scales the turnbuckles where Matt catches him. Hardy tries a Twist of Fate off the top rope, but Spanky throws him off and then misses a moonsault off the top rope. Matt nails the Twist of Fate for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Matt Hardy

Funaki is interviewing the Bashem Brothers when the APA comes in and challenges them to a match. The APA repeatedly mistake Shaniqua for a man and Farooq asks to get spanked.

Flashback to Smackdown
They recap the Billy Gun vs. Jamie Noble match and the “sleep over” segments from Thursday.

Nunzio vs. Ultimo Dragon
Nunzio stomps Ultimo as he climbs into the ring, but the Dragon gets to his feet and drops Nunzio with a quick leg sweep. Nunzio hits a leg sweep of his own and slaps his opponent in the head a few times. Ultimo executes a spinning head scissors from the mat followed by some kicks. The action goes to the outside and both wrestlers get slammed head first into the ring apron. After a commercial break, we see Ultimo flying off the top rope right into a clothesline by Nunzio. The FBI leader goes to work on the Dragon’s arm for awhile. Ultimo hits a second rope high cross body after an Italian whip but runs into a sidewalk slam. Nunzio sets him up on the top rope, but Ultimo flips over the top and powerbombs him. Dragon hits a flipping neckbreaker for the win. It looks like Sliced Bread #2 except he doesn’t climb up the ropes to flip over.

Winner by pinfall: Ultimo Dragon

Flashback to Smackdown
We see Angle and Brock in the ring talking about a rematch followed by Vince McMahon stirring up trouble and the main event from Thursday.

Bashem Brothers and Shawn O’Haire vs. APA and Funaki
Bradshaw works over Danny Bashem in the early going with some brawling moves. Funaki tags in, hits a sliding dropkick to the head and high fives Bradshaw. Funaki takes down Doug Bashem with a leg sweep and tags in Farooq. He gets distracted by Shaniqua and O’Haire beats him down. All three heels beat on Farooq for a few minutes until he hits a brutal sidewalk slam on one of the Bashems. He makes the hot tag to Funaki who takes down O’Haire with an Insuguri. O’Haire catches Funaki coming off the ropes and tries to hit his finisher but Smackdown’s #1 announcer counters beautifully into a reverse DDT. Pandemonium ensues as everyone gets involved. Bradshaw hits the Clothesline from Hell on a Bashem but gets superkicked by O’Haire. Funaki hits a bulldog on O’Haire but Shaniqua interferes, giving O’Haire the chance to hit an Outsider’s Edge for the win.

Winners by pinfall: Bashem Brothers and Shawn O’Haire


Spanky vs. Matt Hardy
Wow, awesome opening match. This should have been the main event. Matt Hardy continues to impress every week with his fantastic singles abilities. Remember back when the Hardy’s split up? Everyone thought Matt was going to be the Marty Janetty of that team, me included. But Version 1.0 has proven us all wrong. Spanky was solid in this match as well, but he’s been on somewhat of a losing streak on Velocity lately. We haven’t seen his cool finisher in weeks.

Jamie Noble’s sleepover
The premise behind the match was dumb (as if Torrie would make that kind of offer to begin with) but Jamie was really funny in the hotel room. This whole angle would be almost tolerable if it ended with all four of them together in the bed, but I hear rumors of a “whose baby is it” storyline. Did it work for WCW with Stacey Kiebler? No, nobody gave a flying crap about it. I just hope that the rumors on this one are wrong.

Nunzio vs. Ultimo Dragon
Another great match!! Ultimo Dragon finally had some time to show off his offense that Vince McMahon hates so much. Both guys got in a lot of moves and there were some cool counters too. The cruiserweight division in the WWE has a ton of great competitors. Too bad we rarely get to see them in a meaningful match.

Angle and Lesnar
Well, someone has to turn heel before SummerSlam. Vince is trying to convince us all that Angle is the evil one here, but next week’s Brock vs. Vince match with Angle as the ref looks like the perfect swerve setup. Brock and Vince teaming up against Angle seems like the obvious result (why else would Vince offer to fight Brock?), but maybe the WWE will surprise us for once.

6 man tag match
Decent main event. I am not a fan of APA matches, although I think they are humorous in backstage segments. The Bashem Brothers didn’t get much of a chance to show their tag team skills. Funaki looked the most impressive as he took down all three opponents who were much bigger than him. I know Miz will be mad that I didn’t show some love for his girl Linda Miles. He keeps bragging about how he replaced his 'A-Train deRailed Me' wallpaper on his PC with a brand new Shaniqua wallpaper.

Overall, Velocity was solid this week. We only got three matches but the first two were fantastic. The main event wasn’t great but it was fairly entertaining. The flashbacks were too long but there was a lot to go over (Vengeance) and get ready for (SummerSlam). With the second biggest PPV of the year only three weeks away this trend will probably continue, but I won’t complain as long as the matches we do get on the B show are good.