Full WWE SmackDown Results - 08/07/03 (Brock Lesnar turns heel and more)

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» On Friday, August 8, 2003 at 3:31 PM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 08/07/03
Taped From: Skyreach Place in Kelowna, BC, Canada
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

[As some may have noticed WrestleView is now taking applications for a SmackDown recapper. Yes its true this is my last recap for WrestleView and I would like to take the time to personally thank Paul Nemer for giving me my first shot with online wrestling “writing.” I had not done any work prior to Mr. Nemer giving me the opportunity to recap Sunday Night Heat last year. While recapping SNH, Mr. Nemer asked me to cover Raw one night and while the show itself was probably the most disgusting two hours of television in history, I was honored to be “called upon” to recap such a “big show.” After a little break from wrestling as a whole, Mr. Nemer gave me the biggest opportunity yet, and that was to recap WWE’s best show SD. I think I have done an acceptable job in my recapping, with only some of my opinions sneaking in.

But like I said before this is my last recap for WrestleView. I wish the person to come after me the best of luck. And know one thing for sure, you are now working for the best pro wrestling website on the net today. Again, thank you Mr. Nemer for giving me this opportunity at the very beginning and I wish you, Mr. Martin, and all the others WV the best of luck in the future.]

Last week’s Angle and Lesnar saga is recapped.

SD Intro.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit

[I didnt see their Vengeance match so I cant say if this was similar.] But this was a very ground oriented match until the conclusion. Benoit has Latino Heat on the match and goes up to the top for a headbutt, but Rhyno comes down to the ring and sends Benoit to the mat. Latino Heat attempts a frogsplash on Benoit, but misses and Tajiri gets in the ring hitting a jumping spinkick on Latino Heat. By this time Sgt. Slaughter is at ringside and demands that the referee throughout the decision in this match and make it a tag match between the four since they all love interfering in one another’s matches.

Winner: No Contest

– Commercial –

Chris Benoit & Tajiri vs. Eddie Guerrero & Rhyno

We are back from commercial with Rhyno and Benoit beating the tar out of one another. Benoit is in the ring most of this match only followed up with Tajiri in momentarily, long enough though to get Rhyno in a Tarantula and give Benoit enough time to get Latino Heat to tap via the Crippler Crossface.

Winner(s): Chris Benoit & Tajiri

Backstage, Josh Mathews interviewed Kurt Angle. Angle said, tonight he and Lesnar will talks things out face to face.

– Commercial –

SummerSlam Elimination Chamber Promo is run.

SWAT WWE Moment of the Night: Hardy attacking Gowen last week on SD.

Nunzio (w/ Palumbo & Stamboli) vs. Zach Gowen

Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy come down to ringside to do commentary for this match. The ref sends Palumbo and Stamboli to the back as they accompany Nunzio to the ring. This was a rather quick match with Gowen basically doing the same match he has before on SD. Moore and Hardy are on the apron and Nunzio is able to land a super kick from the second rope and the pin. After the match, Hardy gets in the ring and hits the Twist of Fate on Gowen.

Winner: Nunzio

– Commercial –

Backstage, the Undertaker walks in on Vince and Sable “cooing” over one another and after some banter between Vince and the Deadman (at one point he [Undertaker] calls Sable and “Oral Hoochie”]. Vince explains that if he (Undertaker) doesnt watch what he says or does he might end up on the shelf like Steph. Funaki then ran up and told Vince that Brock Lesnar has been attacked.. Vince goes to the scene but nobody there knows what happened to Brock and Angle simply walks away from Vince pointing at him.

Undertaker vs. John Cena

Cena comes out and cuts a promo where he informs the Dead Man that he will be “on the wrong end of a Kobe Bryant violation” tonight (Cena was wearing a Bryant jersey). Okay Cena is getting thrown around the ring like a rag doll for the first part of this match. The Undertaker hits a superplex off the top rope and he is down outside, while Cena is on his back in the ring and we go to commercial. Once back from the break Cena has started his “ground and pound” offensive arsenal. Undertaker goes for the Last Ride, but Cena gets out of it, but knocks the ref out and is on the receiving end of a chokeslam. Undertaker while covering Cena, no ref so no decision, A Train comes out and plants the boot to the Dead Man and as the ref comes to, Cena gives the Undertaker the FU for the pinfall.

Winner: John Cena

– Commercial –

Brock Lesnar’s “Here Comes the Pain” DVD is in stores on Tuesday.

Metallica’s “St Anger” is the theme song of SS this year.

Moments ago, Cena hitting the FU on the Undertaker.

Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia) vs. Doug Basham (w/ Danny Basham & Shaniqua)

As Noble is entering the ring, last week’s romantic rendevous with Torrie is recapped. Doug is on the offensive throughout this match with several near falls in his favor. Noble pulls out the victory from no where, and of course there wasnt a replay. Afterwards, the Bashams pound the hell out of Noble until Billy Gunn makes the save.

Winner: Jamie Noble

Backstage, Josh Mathews informs Kurt Angle that Brock Lesnar may have suffered a concussion and wonders if Angle was the cause of it. Angle denies the allegation and walks away.

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Bradshaw’s “Have More Money Now” is available where books are sold.

Rey Mysterio vs. Charlie Haas (w/ Shelton Benjamin)

Haas was the dominant wrestler in this match, I mean Rey Rey was his personal rag doll for most of it. Rey Rey connected with a 619, but Haas avoided the WCP and got Rey Rey in the Haas of Pain and he (Rey Rey) submitted.

Winner: Charlie Haas

– Commercial –

WM Recall: Andre the Giant body-slamming Big John Studd in 1985 and proceeding to then throw $$$ to the crowd.

Earlier tonight, recap of the attack on Brock Lesnar.

Backstage, Lesnar is on his way to the ring.

Angle is then shown leaving Vince’s office.

– Commercial –

Lugz Boot of the Week: BS and Angle on the receiving end of F5s from last week.

Brock Lesnar vs. Vince McMahon (Steel Cage Match)

Kurt Angle as the special guest referee is introduced first. [As the camera was panning to Angle’s entrance a WrestleView sign was visible, always good to plug the best sit on the web. Thanks to the person taking it with them to the show.] Okay Vince and Brock are simply locking up on multiple occasions to start this off. As Lesnar gets Vince up for an F5, he faints and Vince is trying to convince Angle to simply count to three and be done with the match. But he isnt having any of it and after Vince pushes him, Angle gets Vince in the ankle lock and Lesnar gets done playing dead and attacks Angle with everything he has got. Angle is thrown like a pinball around and almost through the cage. Angle is split open and then Lesnar nails him with the title belt. Lesnar caps all this off with an F5. Vince and Lesnar then stand over Angle with arms raised and embrace one another as the show ends.

Angle is shown getting to the ropes and Lesnar and Vince are at the entrance way as the show fades to black.

Winner: No Contest

– End of Show –