Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 8/20/03 (NEW X Division Champion and more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, August 21, 2003 at 3:10 AM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 8/20/03
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- The show began with a video hyping AJ Styles and his NWA World Heavyweight Title reign and Erik Watts' desire to end it. A list of the members who will be apart of the Gauntlet Match later tonight is shown. The winner of the Guantlet gets an NWA World Title shot next week.

- Shane Douglas and Raven were then show brawling in the ring while CM Punk and Julio Dinero were fighting in the crowd with Sinn and Slash. Raven gave Dougls the Evenflow DDT, got on the mic and began talking about the mystery man who had been attacking him over the past few weeks. Then, the lights went out and flashbulbs showed the mystery man in the ring with Raven. When the lights came back on, Raven was hung over the top rope by a noose. The Gathering hit the ring to clear it of Douglas, Mitchell and the rest of the New Church.

- Backstage, Scott Hudson interviewed Jerry Lynn backstage concerning his situation with Don Callis. Lynn said he loses money every time Callis takes him off of a show. Callis then came on, pointing out how Lynn attacked Elix Skipper last week with a scale and attacked a TNA official. Callis said Lynn was being fined $5,000. Lynn was taken away by red shirt security.

- Michael Shane defeated Chris Sabin & Frankie Kazarian in a first ever Ultimate X Match to become the NEW X Division Champion. The rules of this match is that there is poles on all four corners of the TNA ring and 4 cables connected to each pole to form a giant X above the ring. The X Divison Championship will be hanging in the middle of that X. No ladders are allowed in the match to the competitors must climb the cables to get belt hanging above the ring. The match started with all men brawling on the outside of the ring. One spot saw Frankie Kazarian put Chris Sabin on his shoulders and Shane attempted a huricanranna off the cable, knocking all three men down. The belt actually feel from the middle two times which came off a little embarassing on Pay Per View. The match ended with Kazarian and Sabin going up the cables. Kazarian knocked off Sabin. Kazarian began reaching for the belt but Shane jumped farther and grabbed the belt, falling to the ring in the process. Michael Shane is your new X Division Champion.

- Scott Hudson was outside of the arena when a hearse with a coffin inside pulled up with Sonny Siaki and Trinity. Siaki said tonight would be the "burial" of D'Lo Brown's career.

- Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger w/ Glen Gilberti defeated America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) in a Double Bullrope Non-Title Match. The match ended when Harris gave Diamond a spear off the apron to the floor. AMW set up Swinger for the Death Senteance, but Gilberti pushed Harris off the top rope. Swinger then knocked out Storm with one of the NWA Tag Team Title belts that Gilberti had put into the ring earlier. Swinger got the pin on Storm for the win. After the match, Swinger, Diamond and Gilberti all beat up on Harris and Storm until security hit the ring.

- Backstage, Scott Hudson was with Julio Dinero, CM Punk and Alexis Laree. Dinero said that Raven was injured tonight and challenged the New Church to a Tag Team Match right away. Shane Douglas and the New Church came into the room and a big brawl broke out with security trying to pull them all apart.

- Sonny Siaki and Trinity came to the ring with the coffin. Siaki read a passage for D'Lo Brown's career. Trinity placed flowers on the casket. Then, Brown popped out of the coffin and beat down Siaki and Trinity. Brown slammed Trinity into the casket and then tossed Siaki on top. Brown then put both Siaki and Trinity inside the coffin and stood on top to celebrate with the fans.

- Backstage, Scott Hudson was with Christopher Daniels and Legend. Legend said he was sorry for having to beat up local legends Jeff Jarrett and Erik Watts tonight. Daniels said the fans rejected him and now they will pay.

- The New Church (Slash & Sinn) w/ Jim Mitchell defeated Julio Dinero & CM Punk w/ Alexis Laree. The match ended when Shane Douglas ran in and hit Dinero with a steel chair, allowing Slash to get the pin for the win. After the match, Douglas gave Alexis Laree a belly to belly suplex and cut off some of her hair.

- A sit-down interview that Mike Teny conducted with Erik Watts was shown. Watts said he was made the director of authority because they wanted someone young who wouldn't play favorites. Watts said that he represents the NWA half of the company while Don Callis represents the TNA half. Watts mentioned during his time with WWE, saying Jeff Jarrett didn't help him. Watt said when he first came to TNA, he went about doing things with Jeff Jarrett the wrong way. Watts said he owed it to Jeff tonight. Watts also called Callis a fruitcake and mentioned he was most likely with Russo and Styles.

- A video was shown of AJ Styles and Vince Russo on vacation. Styles bragged about his wins and said he would face and defeat whoever wins the Gauntlet tonight on next week's show.

- Jeff Jarrett & Erik Watts defeated Christopher Daniels & Legend. All four members of the match began brawling on the floor before it started, eventually going into the crowd. The match ended when Jarrett went for the Stroke on Daniels but Legend ran in and gave Jarrett a big superkick. Watts and Daniels then started battling on the outside. Back in the ring, Jarrett rolled up Legend holding the tights for the win. After the match, Daniels and Legend attacked Jarrett and Watts. Two fans from the crowd dressed as Freddy Kruger and Jason ran into the ring. The person dressed as Jason gave Jeff Jarrett the Styles Clash. Jason unmaked himself as AJ Styles and Freddy unmasked himself as Vince Russo. Russo got on the mic and said Jarrett would never get a title shot since he wouldn't make it to the Gauntlet tonight. Russo, Styles, Legend and Daniels tossed Jarrett into the hearse used by Sonny Siaki earlier and Russo/Styles drove away with Jarrett inside.

- A promo aired with bagpipe music saying quote, "He's coming..."

- A promo aired with Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes talked about having to finish business with Glen Gilberti next week. Rhodes said the match will be a Bullrope Match.

- Raven won the Lucky 13 Gauntlet Match to become the #1 contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Those involved in the match included Kid Kash, Ron Killings, Christopher Daniels, BG James, Sonny Siaki, D'Lo Brown, Mad Mikey, Abyss, The Sandman, Legend, Konnan, Shane Douglas and Raven.

It eventually came down to just Raven and Shane Douglas, with the rules being a regular match and no longer gauntlet. The match ended when Douglas signaled he was going for the belly to belly suplex when Raven gave him a big headbutt and hit the Evenflow DDT for the win to become the #1 contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Raven will face AJ Styles next week with the title on the line.


  • AJ Styles (c) vs. Raven - NWA World Heavyweight Title.
  • Dusty Rhodes vs. Glen Gilberti - Bullrope Match.
  • D'Lo Brown vs. Sonny Siaki.
  • Plus, Michael Shane will defend his newly won X Division Title.