Full WWE Velocity Results - 8/23/03 (Bradshaw vs. Shelton Benjamin, more)

Reported by Keith Vinciguerra of WrestleView.com
» On Saturday, August 23, 2003 at 11:10 PM EST

Summer Slam is only one day away, but first it’s time for Velocity. What does the WWE marketing machine have in store for us tonight? I’m thinking 25-30 minutes of flashbacks and promos with three matches maximum. Hey, maybe Rey Mysterio, John Cena and the tag team champs will be on the B show tonight since they don’t have matches for the PPV. It seems unfair that Raw gets four matches while Smackdown only gets three (if the card is indeed finalized) and one of them involves A-Train.


Shannon Moore vs. Billy Kidman
The match starts out fast as Kidman takes control with some quick counters and a monkey flip. He charges at Shannon and gets hiptossed all the way to the floor. The original MF’er brings Kidman back into the ring and gets a two count after a bodyslam. Mr. Torrie Wilson hits a dropkick out of nowhere and both men are down. Kidman nails a flying elbow followed by a back body drop and a death valley driver into a neckbreaker. Shannon comes back with a springboard high cross body and hits a blockbuster (Halo?) for a two count. BK Bomb by Kidman and he goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Shannon catches him on the turnbuckles with some punches. As both men are standing on the ropes, Kidman hits a sunset flip powerbomb for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Billy Kidman

Flashback to Smackdown
They show Michael Cole interviewing Zach Gowen’s mother followed by Zach vs. Brock Lesnar.

Sean O’Haire vs. Funaki
O’Haire shows his power early as he throws Funaki around the ring and drops him with a clothesline. He goes to work on Funaki’s arm with a spinning armbar and a hammer lock. O’Haire picks Funaki off the mat up onto his shoulder and executes a shoulder breaker. Funaki finally fights back with a few low dropkicks and counters a Widowmaker attempt into a reverse DDT. He tries for a tornado DDT, but O’Haire lands on his feet, hoists Funaki up onto his shoulders and nails the Widowmaker for the easy victory.

Winner by pinfall: Sean O’Haire

Bradshaw is still trying to convince his buddy Ron that Shaniqua is really Shelton Benjamin. The World’s Greatest Tag Team shows up and Shelton is bent out of shape at the picture collage that Bradshaw has created. He says that Bradshaw will know he’s been in the ring with a man after their match later tonight.

FBI vs. Eric Young and Bobby Rude
The rookies get in a few punches and a dropkick. The FBI mauls them mercilessly for five minutes. The Bull kicks Rude in the face and then Palumbo kicks him in the back of the head. Match over.

Winners by pinfall: FBI

Flashback to Smackdown
We see Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle’s verbal confrontation followed by Angle vs. Big Show.

Bradshaw vs. Shelton Benjamin
Bradshaw starts off angry with some punches and a shoulder block followed by a hiptoss. Shelton takes over with a swinging neckbreaker. Bradshaw catches Shelton in midair and hits the Last Call and a big shoulder tackle. Outside the ring, Charlie Haas distracts Bradshaw so Shelton can hit a super kick from behind. Back in the ring, Bradshaw tries a quick rollup pin but only gets a two count. Shelton nails a bridge suplex and locks in a sharpshooter for a minute. Wild slug to the back and a DDT from Bradshaw leaves both wrestlers on the mat. Bradshaw goes wild with clotheslines and a back suplex, but gets tripped by Haas when going for the Last Call again. Shelton dropkicks Farooq on the outside as Haas sneaks in and clotheslines Bradshaw. Shelton misses a charge in the corner and gets walloped by the Clothesline from Hell for the loss.

Winner by pinfall: Bradshaw


Shannon Moore vs. Billy Kidman
Solid opening match, if a bit short. We saw lots of creative counters, exciting high flying moves and a cool finish by Kidman. I also like how they built a little story for the match out of the Smackdown footage of Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio. The sad thing is that this five minute opening match for Velocity was more interesting than almost half the matches on the Summer Slam card (Taker vs. Ass Train, Bischoff vs. Shane, Fake French Guys vs. Dudleys).

Zach gets destroyed
This was an ugly “match”. I’m not a big fan of sacrificing small guys to make big guys look extra mean. Zach’s mom seemed genuinely concerned, probably because her son looked like he was bleeding to death. So they’re saying Zach’s leg is broken in two places? Does that mean he is going to go away for six months after he just signed his contract?

Sean O’Haire vs. Funaki
Pretty much a squash here, but not all bad. I love Funaki’s reverse DDT counter and it looked great tonight. The finish looked impressive as well. Both of these guys are capable of putting on solid matches if given a chance against competition their own size but for some reason we never see it.

FBI vs. Sting Jr. and Rude
Ouch, that was brutal. A straight squash for sure. The FBI is fairly interesting and their power offense is impressive. Now can we please see them face a real team on Smackdown already?

Shelton vs. Bradsh!t
I’m shocked. That was a great match. I can’t even give all the credit to Shelton because Bradshaw showed a ton of offense including back suplexes, fall away slams and roll up pins. The finish involved all four guys but it wasn’t messy at all, and that clothesline by Bradshaw looked brutal.

Overall, Velocity was pretty good for a pre-PPV show. We got four matches instead of the usual three, although two were squashes. The flashbacks were fairly interesting and not too long and the backstage segment with the APA and World’s Greatest Tag Team was humorous. Tune in next week for the post-PPV Velocity recap. I promise I won’t bore you with my Summer Slam opinions because I know you’ll get enough of those during the week.