Full WWE Confidential Results - 8/23/03 (The career of Ernie "Big Cat" Ladd)

Reported by Matthew Vega of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, August 24, 2003 at 11:25 AM EST

Full WWE Confidential Results - 8/23/03
Hosted By: Mean Gene Okerlund
Reported By: Matthew Vega of WrestleView.com

Mean Gene Okerlund welcomes us to Confidential. Today, we will be looking back at the career of Ernie "Big Cat" Ladd. Not because he died, or anything, it's just that we're running a little low on topics.

Career of Ernie "Big Cat" Ladd

Anyways... Originally hailing from Orange, Texas, Ernie Ladd first made a name for himself in Football. He received national attention by protesting for fair treatment of African American players at the Pro Bowl. He moved to San Diego, where he married. Some wrestling recruiters convinced him to try out for their organization. He quickly fell in love with wrestling.

One of the innovations Ernie brought to the WWF is how he demanded to be paid for the Main Event up front. Promoter refused? He left the arena, sometimes to nearly rioting fans. "Big Cat" also was one of the first major African-American stars, causing some controversy by threatening to "beat the black" out of the Junkyard Dog, in one memorable feud.

Some Commercial ensue.

Several wrestling personalities, including Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Bruce Prichard, Teddy Long, Jim Ross, Michael "PS" Hayes, and Rodney Mack all briefly comment. Brisco notes how inspirational he was to "Afro-Americans". Michael Hayes: "He was a fashionplate, well ahead of his time."

Ernie himself is then interviewed, and has a rather high opinion of himself, noting "I was an innovator", "I was a great mouthpiece", and "When I was on top of wrestling...." Mean Gene closes the segment by reciting Ernie's favorite quote: "His feet covers the ground he walks on."

Summerslam commercial featuring Metallica's St Anger, amongst others.

Outside the Ropes with Josh Matthews

Josh asks 10 questions to Big Show, who simply cannot make himself look cool, despite his new hip sunglasses.

1) what is the most frequent & annoying question you here?

Big Show: People ask me, "What do you do? Are you a football player?"

2) What fictional monster would you compare yourself to?

BS: I'm going to strangle you.

3) what are 3 advantages to being so big, and 3 disadvantages?

BS: People get out of my way, they don't mess with me, and I can always see at rock concerts.
BS: For disadvatages, I can't find clothes, I always hit my head on everything, and it'shard to get furniture.

4) What are you afraid of?
BS: Clowns, and those mini-people. (midgets)
(Some clown footage is shown)

5) Rank in order: The Big Mac, The Big Easy, The Big Show, and Biggie Smalls.
BS: Big show, mac, easy, smalls

6) Can you do an impression of anyone?
BS: I can do a Mike Tyson. (The Big Show affects a terrible Tyson voice)
BS: It's ludicrous! Don King, what are you doin'! Totally ludicrous!

7) Big & Nasty or Small & Fluffy?
BS: Big & Nasty

8) Meatloaf, the food, the singer, or the actor?
BS: All of the above. Hey, is that a clown over there?
(note: there was no clown)

9) One thing on your body that's out of proportion?
BS: I don't think anythings really out of... how about short patience for dumb questions!?
Josh: I think we're done here.


Mean Gene reappears to tell you that September's issue of Raw Magazine features wrestling's best teams, and whether you agree or not, the Dudleys are on the cover. A short montage appears showing the Dudleys performing the 3D on various opponents.

Bubba Dudley notes that the "3D is best tag move ever", and how it's cool that there are three bodies floating through the air before slamming down. There is some ECW footage of 1st 3D ever, done on Spike Dudley. Curiously, this footage is shown in very grainy B&W.

The topic moves to the Dudley's use of tables. D-Von says "The Table has a mind of it's own" with a straight face. Bubba proclaims: "How many people have we done a 3D to? Thousands! How many more in the future? Millions!" (this is mathematically impossible)


Charlie Haas says that his favorite match is Summerslam 91, Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect. Highlights of this all-time classic match are shown. Spoiler: Bret Hart wins.


Ernie "Big Cat" Ladd, part 2

We catch up to Ernie in Franklin, Louisiana. Today he's a highly active Republican who helped George Bush to the presidency. He donates his time to local ministries, and helps to reform prisoners. We see some footage of Ernie walking around in his small town. Someone he knows drives by and yells something about Jesus. Even though she yells in English, subtitles are displayed.

Ernie spends a lot of time at his small church. Later, he talks to the town's junior football team. "If there's quality in your head, than there's quality coming out of your head." The junior football team look confused, yet affable.

Commercials. If you buy Wrestlemania on PPV, you get Fleer Trading Cards. Collect them all.

A Summerslam Commercial/St Anger music video plays, which takes about 17 minutes, I estimate. A little St. Anger goes a long way.

We go to a recap of Slammin' Saturday Night on SpikeTV, hosted by Sable. Sable goes to the Spectrum Day Spa, where she's massaged, manicured, pedicured, and rubbed with hot stones. There's plenty of 'staring at the camera in a vaguely sexy way' footage.

Mean Gene wonders how you could possibly miss Summerslam in 3 days. He tries really hard to pretend to get excited about the amazing double main event. He then closes by noting:

Remember, if you see and hear it here, it's Confidential.