Full WWE Confidential Results - 8/30/03 - (Road Diary w/ Bubba Ray Dudley)

Reported by Matthew Vega of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, August 31, 2003 at 11:53 AM EST

Full WWE Confidential Results 8/30/03
Host: Mean Gene Okerlund
Reported By: Matthew Vega of WrestleView.com

Mean Gene opens by hyping Survivor Series tomorrow, featuring the brand new Elimination Chamber? Oh, it's a rerun.

Profile on Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner has been called many things: Genetic freak, Big Poppa Pump, the Big Bad Booty Daddy - Mean Gene "I can relate to that one". When this show was originally aired, he was going to be an immediate contenter for the Raw or Smackdown World title. Yes, that worked out nicely. Steiner says that since HHH and Lesnar are both power-based champions, he would have no problem defeating either one of them. But what about Test, Steiner, can you handle the awesomeness that is Test?


What is Kurt Angle's favorite WWE Anthology (c) music track? His own, because it's really American and stuff.

The Kurt Angle Classic

Kurt Angle lends his name to an amateur wrestling competition in New Orleans. He meets some of the world's best amateurs, and talks about how great they would be in the WWE. Kurt talks about when he first entered pro wrestling, all the amateurs accused him of selling out. He then annihilates kayfabe by explaining how wrestling is all entertainment, and that Pro Wrestling is harder because you have to be a showman as well as an athlete. Kurt brags "Not too many in the WWE can run with me. Chris Benoit, Eddy, Brock.." are the only ones who can keep up with him.


The Confidential Road Diary with Bubba Ray

We follow Bubba Ray around for 4 days of touring. He and Spike drive 200 miles in 2hrs 45min. He explains how difficult it is to be on the road 275 days a year. Drive, eat, sleep, train, wrestle - that's all the wrestlers have time to do. But it's his dream to be a wrestler, so he's satisfied anyways.

Some antics on the road: While he's driving to an event, Bubba sees some waving fans in the car next to him. While going 50 MPH, Bubba endangers all by reaching out and Hi-Five-ing the fans while swerving down the expressway. Tommy Dreamer is the master of the Rest Stop Crane Game, and wins a variety of stuffed animals.


Survivor Series Most Memorable Moments

Mean Gene reviews some Survivor highlights, including the debuts of the Undertaker, Rock, and Kurt Angle. Also shown are the Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels screwjob, Stone Cold getting hit by a car, and Stone Cold dropping a car off of a crane.


The Confidential Road Diary with Bubba Ray Part 2

More of the same with Bubba. He pisses off the entire Construction industry by noting "Every time I drive past the road workers, I'm glad I'm not one of them."


WWE Anthology (c) Cuts

Eric Bischoff's "I'm Back" is played. Bischoff gets very nervous before showtime, and the music helps him get into character.

The Elimination Chamber

Quick vignette of the chamber being built. Some steel, 2 miles of chain, 10 tons, etc. Eric Bischoff takes credit for inventing it. Mean Gene guarantees that there are going to be plenty of exciting suprises at the Survivor Series.


Next week on Confidential: Superstar Billy Graham is profiled.