Full WWE SmackDown Results - 9/4/03 ('Taker/Angle for WWE Title, more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Friday, September 5, 2003 at 12:32 AM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 9/4/03
Taped from: New Orleans, Louisiana
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com


  • For the WWE Tag Team Championship, the self proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin retained by defeating the APA when Charlie Haas hit Bradshaw with the title belt behind the referee's back. Shelton Benjamin got the pinfall with a hook of the tights.

  • In a rematch from last week, Chris Benoit defeated the A-Train when the attempted outside inteference of Rhyno backfired, resulting in Rhyno goring A-Train, allowing Benoit to pick up the pinfall victory.

  • For the WWE Championship, the match between Kurt Angle and The Undertaker ended in a no contest when Brock Lesnar came out and repeatedly struck both competitors with a steel chair.

  • For the WWE Crusierweight Championship, Rey Mysterio retained by defeating Tajiri with a clean West Coast Pop off the top rope.


    SmackDown opened with a timeline showing the Undertaker's victory in the triple threat match last week that propelled him in to the championship match with Kurt Angle tonight. Undertaker is heard saying that Kurt Angle is stepping in to "My Yard."

  • The World's Greatest Tag Team (c) vs. APA
    The 1st match is a continuation of the problems from Velocity between Haas and Benjamin and the APA for the WWE tag team straps. It starts right out of the blocks following the entrance of the champions by the APA using their typical beat down bar brawling tactics. Following a 2 count off a powerslam by Faarooq, Haas and Benjamin catch Simmons in their trademark double team of the shot off the ropes on to the small of the back, then a quick 2 count by Shelton following some more beat down on Ron Simmons. Haas comes in and works on the small of Faarooq's back for about 2 to 3 minutes, using a bear hug, and a spinebuster. Haas attempts a cross body off the top which is countered in to a powerslam by Simmons leading to a tag to Bradshaw. Bradshaw opens up on the tag team champions, hitting the last call on Shaniqua, I mean Benjamin, then hitting a tight powerbomb on Haas for a 2 count. Benjamin gets a tag following the powerbomb, also Faarooq in, and some double teaming ensues on Benjamin by the APA. Haas breaks that up with a thumb to the eye on Simmons, attempts a DDT and gets a spine buster for his trouble. 2 count on Haas, Benjamin saves the match for his team. 2 more near falls, and following a combination of a boot and a elbow by Bradshaw, the setup is perfect, and the clothesline from hell is nailed on Shelton Benjamin. Haas goes outside the ring, grabs the belt, and as Bradshaw goes to cover Benjamin, Haas clocks him in the back of the head with the belt. Benjamin covers Bradshaw with a hook of the tights for the three count, resulting in another steal for the world's greatest tag team.

    Winners & STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

    First vignette sees Eddie Guerrero cleaning his low rider, when a limousine pulls up, and out walks Vince, Sable, and the Big Show. Vince compliments Eddie on his ride, and then is confronted by Brock Lesnar. Brock questions Vince on not returning phone calls, and the showing up with his 'bosom beauty and overgrown kid.' Vince says he doesn't talk to people who disappoint him or tap out. He tells Brock to take a chill pill, and come to his office to talk. The camera pans back to Eddie who just shrugs and grins.


    Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon are seen in Vince's office talking when the show comes back on. Brock keeps asking why Vince never called, and Vince tells him he was extremely disappointed in him from his results at SummerSlam. Vince slaps Brock and tells him to 'be a monster.' Brock grabs McMahon's suit, and then slowly lets go, laughing evilly as we go back to the ring.

    Tazz says, "Master motivator, Mc. Mahon." Cole says, "We're in trouble." As the next segment begins.

    John Cena comes out in a throwback Indiana jersey. (McGinnis?) He shows footage of the beatdown from last week on the US Champion Eddie Guerrero, claiming he punk'd Eddie out in front of his family. He said he was as crazy as Madonna kissing Britney, and that Eddie should be mowin' his lawn, and waxin' his car..which brings Latino Heat to the ring in his hunter green low rider. Eddie comes in, spears Cena, and then beats on Cena in and out of the ring. Cena is able during the beat down to grab the US title and use it to clock Eddie in the back of the head. Cena then leaves by driving Eddie's low rider out of the ringside

    COMMERCIAL, with a trailer for Rock's new movie, The Rundown.

    SmackDown comes back with a shot during the break of Cena leaving the arena entirely in Eddie's low rider. Eddie is in Stephanie McMahon's office absolutely furious about what transpired, and demands a match with Cena immediately. Steph says Cena is gone, but he can have him any way he likes next week. Eddie demands a 'LATINO STREETFIGHT' match, and storms out of the office.

    Chris Benoit vs. A-Train
    Chris Benoit comes out, and highlights are shown of Benoit's tainted victory last week over A-Train, following by the beat down by Rhyno's gore in the back through the door. Benoit is favoring his lower back slightly as A-Train comes out for the rematch from last week. A-Train begins with the beatdown in the corner on Benoit, and it is obvious that he is going to work on Benoit's lower back area. It is noted early in the match that the same referee is out as was the case last week, Mike Sparks. Train continues his assault on Benoit's lower back with bear hugs, and repeated whips in to the turnbuckle. Benoit is
    seen bleeding from the mouth slightly. Benoit breaks out of the bearhug, and hits his triple german suplex. He calls for the top rope headbutt, tries it, and misses. Benoit is then hit by A-Train's trainwreck, but A-Train gets a 2 count only because Benoit is underneath the ropes. Train goes nuts and screams at referee Mike Sparks. Train manages to turn around before Benoit catches him, hits Benoit with a couple of boots, goes for another slam, but Benoit tries to counter in to the crossface. A-Train picks up Benoit, and in so doing, Benoit accidentally hits the referee with his foot. Rhyno comes in to gore Benoit, but Benoit sidesteps and A-Train takes the full effect of Rhyno's gore. Benoit picks up the scraps for the 3 count.

    Winner: Chris Benoit

    A taped promo is shown of Undertaker, putting over Kurt Angle as one of the best wrestlers he has ever faced, and putting over the WWE title even higher than that. He claims that Angle will break his ankle first before he taps out. He claims Angle will tap out to his submission arsenal, or Angle will get choked out. The segment ends by Taker saying he is looking for a fight.


    PROMOS - Cruiserweight title match upcoming, Mysterio vs. Tajiri

    Nidia and Torrie are shown in the back, wearing bikinis. Nidia tries to act sexy, and herks and jerks like mad. Torrie tries to teach her to be more slow and seductive. Nidia tries to follow suit, but fails horribly. Torrie asks Nidia to put some lotion on her back as we head back to ringside, both ladies are laughing uncontrollably as some possible 'phallic' ideas pass through both their heads.

    The tale of the tape is shown for the WWE Championship match. 11-0 at WrestleMania vs. the 4-time WWE Champion.

    A taped promo is shown as Kurt Angle continues to state how honored he is to be in the ring with the Undertaker. He claims he will beat him, and that Kurt Angle will make the Undertaker tap out. The segment ends by Angle saying, "Taker's looking for a fight, well, he's got one."


    Stephanie approaches her office, and is blocked from entering by Vince McMahon and the Big Show. Vince claims that he is doing some business in there, and that she can have her office back in a few minutes. He then corrects himself, as he shoos Steph away, that "Brock Lesnar" is getting some business done in there.

    COMMERCIAL - WWE Rewind - last week, Lesnar getting caught in the Last Ride, leading to the title match between Angle and Taker tonight.

  • Kurt Angle (c) vs. The Undertaker
    The WWE title match is next. During introductions, it is mentioned that Taker somehow dislocated his wrist last week, as tape is seen on Taker's left arm by his hand, as well as his elbow. The match starts out slow, with both competitors feeling each other out for some time. Basic counter wrestling for both men for the first 2 to 3 minutes of the match. Taker manages to counter Angle's ground assault in to a short arm scissors, which is quickly countered back in to a pin for a 2 count twice by both competitors. Angle goes for a top wrist lock, which Taker powers out of, and hits Old School on the champion. Taker goes for another move, but Angle recovers in to the repeating German suplexes. Notes are made here that Taker is still suffering from rib problems. Taker counters the suplexes, Angle goes for it again, and gets absolutely col-cocked by a Taker right soupbone to the face. Undertaker then begins his assault on Angle on the ring apron with elbows and the leg drop on the throat. Angle is seen holding his shoulder. Angle is thrown, spine first in to the steel ring post on the outside as Michael Cole screams 'The challenger is in control.'


    Taker is seen elbowing Angle in the corner, and continuing the beat down on the WWE champion. Angle tries for a sleeper, but it is countered in to a back suplex. Taker goes for the dragon sleeper, but that is countered into a fireman's carry, and a belly to belly by Angle. Angle and Taker rise to their feet, and Taker is able to get Angle with 2 corner charges and a snake eyes. He then goes for a leg drop in the center of the ring, but Angle catches the leg, and counters in to his first ankle lock on the Undertaker. Taker rolls out of the ankle lock, but Angle quickly hits the Olympic Slam for a 2 count.

    The straps come down, as Angle again goes for the Olympic Slam, but is countered in to a chokeslam, which Angle kicks out of at 2. The crowd really is in to the match now, as not the case in the beginning. Taker calls for the last ride, but, as attempting it, Angle slides down and counters in to the Ankle lock, (2nd time). Countered again by the Undertaker in to an armbar submission, which is quickly re countered in to a 2 count schoolboy the WWE champion, and then back in to the Ankle lock for the third time. Taker then is able to counter the ankle lock in to a triangle choke, (the move he used to beat the Big Show repeatedly). Taker nearly chokes out the champion, but at the last possible moment, Angle puts his foot on the bottom rope, forcing the break. Taker gets to his feet, favoring his ankle, tries again for a boot to the face, and it is countered in to the fourth ankle lock by Angle, this one as Taker was entwined in the ropes, so it was broken before the 5 count. As Taker was coming back in to the ring, he hits Angle with a hot shot on the ropes. Angle's face, near his eye, is lacerated. Taker drops an elbow on that cut for a 2 count. Taker with 3 soup bone punches to Angle, then a boot to the face. Taker calls for the chokeslam, and has it countered in to the fifth ankle lock of the match. Taker rolls out of the Ankle lock and hits a chokeslam. He calls for the last ride. As Taker had him up, Brock Lesnar comes out and decimates both individuals with a steel chair, to Angle's back and neck, to Taker's head, back, and ankle. The crowd is screaming "You tapped out" to Brock as the show
    goes to commercial.

    Winner: No Contest


    During the break, Undertaker and Angle are in the back, Taker collapses from his match, and Angle's eye is being checked out by the medical staff. Members of the New Orleans Saints are shown in the crowd.

  • Torrie Wilson vs. Sable vs. Dawn Marie vs. Nidia
    Highlights of the Bourbon Street Bikini Challenge is next, with the returning Dawn Marie, Sable, Torrie, and Nidia. This segment was taped eariler. Tazz was the host wearing a silly New Orleans madi gras mask. Sable wore a black number with a white boa, Dawn Marie was in purple, (Tazz said to Dawn Marie that she was wearing 'humongous beads'), Nidia wore a tie-dye number, and Torrie was in a snow white bikini with tons of beads, and small shorts that she had Nidia pull down for her. After the audience voiced their opinions, Torrie was declared the winner, and celebrated until Shaniqua came down, and absolutely destroyed anything that moved, press slamming Nidia over the top rope.

    The APA are seen in the back, lamenting about their defeat. I noticed their shirts, they had something over the logo that I couldn't make out. Bradshaw told Simmons he had a surprise for him, and showed him the new office. A small man in a butler's outfit came out, and offered the APA a beer and cigars. Bradshaw said he won him in a poker game, and that his name was BRUCE. Bradshaw declared the APA was back in business, and Simmons just said, "I'll be damned!"

    COMMERCIAL - WWE BOOT of the week - Mysterio dropping the dime on Nunzio last week to retain the title.

    PROMOS - Parking lot brawl next week, Eddie Guerrero vs. John Cena.

  • Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Tajiri
    TThe WWE cruiserweight championship was on the line, between Rey Mysterio and Tajiri. Tajiri became number one contender from his victory on Velocity over Kidman. I tried to go move by move for this match, but it was too fast. The usual high paced, quick matches with the usual spots on both competitor's parts. Rey Rey went for a tarantula on Tajiri, but could not execute it perfectly. Tajiri got in a couple of kicks that sounded like NFL kickers practicing for opening weekend. Rey Rey hit a plancha over the top rope on Tajiri, who was on the outside, and Rey honestly had to be 8 feet in the air, from what I saw. Rey hit the 619, Tajiri missed the handspring elbow with a nice jumping leg lariat counter by the champion. Rey got the victory with a clean West coast pop off the top turnbuckle. Following the match, Tajiri went to shake Rey's hand, but instead spit the mist at him, and kicked him in the back of the head.

    Winner & STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio


    A promo behind the scenes of Rock's movie, The Rundown is shown.

    Vince comes out with the Big Show, and announces a WWE title match for 2 weeks from now, because of his disappointment in the ending of the title match tonight. He put Kurt Angle up to defend the WWE title in a 60 minute iron man match against the number one contender, Brock Lesnar. The man with the most falls wins, Vince said. He then calls out Lesnar, but Lesnar does not respond. Instead he is in a skybox, saying thank you to Vince for reminding him to be a monster. Vince asks about the business being conducted in the general manager's office earlier, and Brock explains that he had to take care of busienss with a man that if he didn't show up this week, he would've been fired. He then shows Zach Gowen tied up in a wheelchair. The next 5 minutes are seen with Brock ranting like a lunatic on how he is a monster, and asking Zach repeatedly how his leg feels. He faints throwing Zach down the stairs that he takes him to, (about 20 or so), and continues the beat down. Zach continually fights throughout this whole thing, but cannot lay a damaging figure on Lesnar. Lesnar, after an agonizing amount of verbal and physical punishment, and Vince beginning to say, "No Brock, don't.", pushes Gowen down the stairs. SmackDown goes off the air with Gowen laying at the bottom of the stairs, motionless, with a wheelchair almost on top of him.


    Normally, I would take a considerable amount of time to voice my opinions, but because of a situation at home that forced me to do this report at my job, I will be quick with this piece. First off, can we stop beating on Zach Gowen? It's not funny anymore, its just disgusting. I deal with a handicapped child day in day out, and I find what Vince is doing revolting and offensive. 2nd. Can A-Train get any more flabbier? My wife thinks that I have a closer to in shape phyisque than the A-Train, and I haven't lifted a weight in five years. 3rd. From a local broadcast perspective, we were subjected to a million Stacker Two commercials. I believe we may be forced in to a contest as to who hates Triple H more, our webmaster, or my wife. 4th. Vince has to take a hiatus from television appearances. It's not fun anymore with him on, there is no direction with this show, it's just a mish mash of whatever Vince's sick demented pleasures are. The wrestling this week was enjoyable. The feud with Cena & Eddie I think will be a classic. Rey Rey is one of my favorite athletes to watch, and I was thrilled to see an exciting title match between Big Evil and the champion. However, Brock needs to step back, Vince needs to go away, Albert Train needs to get to the gym, and Zach needs to be left alone. Either have him wrestle, or get him out. Don't have him be Brock Lesnar's whippin' boy. It's not worth it.

    This is my first time reporting SmackDown for WrestleView.com. I want to thank Paul Nemer for the chance to be on this staff. If you want to rap with me, don't hesistate to drop me a line at smackdown@wrestleview.com. I'd be really interested to hear how you thought this opening number turned out.