Full WWE SmackDown Results - 9/11/03 - Birmingham, Alabama

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Friday, September 12, 2003 at 2:36 AM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results 9/11/03
From: Birmingham, Alabama
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: Mike Siciliano of Wrestleview.com


  • Tajiri and Nunzio defeat Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman
  • The matchup between Shaniqua and Dawn Marie went to a no contest
  • Chris Benoit defeated Rhyno
  • Eddie Guerrero pinned John Cena
  • The APA defeat Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore
  • Stephanie McMahon vs. Brock Lesnar went to a no contest


    Smackdown opens with a poignant tribute to the heroes and victims of September 11th.

    A promo begins the action of Brian Hebner in the back setting up vehicles for the Latino Heat parking lot brawl between John Cena and the US Champion, Eddie Guerrero. Multiple cars are seen pulling into a small area backstage.

    Rey Mysterio comes out for a tag team contest, and highlights are shown of the cruiserweight title match between Mysterio and Tajiri last week, with focus on the heel turn made by Tajiri. The remaining competitors come out for this tag match, and it is mentioned that both opponents, Nunzio and Tajiri, have been recently defeated by Mysterio in cruiserweight title matchups.

    Mysterio is attacked from behind to start the matchup by Nunzio, with some more back and forth action as the match gets underway. Mysterio hits a headscissors on Nunzio, tags in Kidman, and an extremely unique double team move is executed on Nunzio. Kidman giant swings Nunzio around, and Mysterio drop kicks him in the head. A 2 count on Nunzio following that move. The tide soon shifts, and a double team move is performed on Kidman by Nunzio and Tajiri, leading up into a straight kick to the face by Tajiri for a 2 count on Kidman. Tajiri continues the beat down on Kidman, snap suplex, multiple kicks, a slam, and two near falls on Kidman before Tajiri tags out to Nunzio. Nunzio keeps up the assault on Kidman, with a very painful knee drop to Kidman's face. Nunzio took off his knee pad, and hit the bone of his knee right on Kidman's temple. Nunzio brings Kidman up to his feet, some attempted back and forth action ensues, with a standing drop kick by Kidman to hopefully get a tag to Mysterio, but Tajiri stops it by clocking Mysterio while stepping over Kidman. Kidman back suplexes Tajiri, but Mysterio is still not on the apron recovering from the shot moments ago by the Japanese buzzsaw. Tajiri begins to use his educated feet, and sets up Kidman on the top turnbuckle. He tries for a tornado DDT, but Kidman counters it into a tight powerbomb. Kidman finally gets the tag to Mysterio, who hits a senton splash on Tajiri, follows up with a cross body off the middle of the ropes for a 2 count. Tajiri tries to powerslam Mysterio, but Rey counters it in to an armdrag. Mysterio and Kidman begin doubleteaming both opponents, Tajiri misses the handspring elbow on Rey, Rey hits a modified 619 to Tajiri's back. Kidman throws Nunzio out of the ring, and does a hilo over the top on to Nunzio on the outside. Rey tries for a full 619, misses, takes a straight kick to the face by Tajiri, and is pinned for the 3 count by the buzzsaw.

    Vince and Sable are shown backstage with the Big Show talking about what type of flowers to send Zach Gowen. Vince decides it should be pansies. Stephanie comes in, and rips in to her father about the beatdown on Zach last week, claiming "Brock should be in jail," and "Everything he does is down right criminal." Vince claims Brock did that on his own, and that he had nothing to do with it. Steph denies that claim, Brock walks in behind Stephanie, and tells the GM that he wants to fight. He asks Steph to repeat what she said, and Stephanie claims that she told Vince about the guy who tapped out to Kurt Angle at Summerslam. Brock gets angry, says he needs a warmup match to the ironman confrontation next week with Angle. He tells Stephanie he wants the Undertaker, Kurt Angle, and Zach Gowen, all in the same match. Stephanie says none of them are there this week because of what you did. Brock still says he wants to fight someone in the room. All the people, he claims, he fought, except for Stephanie, pointing at her. Vince and Show think that this matchup could be 'big ratings', and 'money'. Vince gives Stephanie a way out of the matchup by quitting her job as GM. Stephanie walks out, looking dejected.


    WWE Rewind - Highlights of last week's Bourbon Street Bikini Contest, and the eventual beatdown by Shaniqua on all of the divas involved in the contest.

    Backstage, Torrie and Nidia are talking about what happened last week, and showing definite concern for Dawn Marie's impending match with Shaniqua. Torrie seems a little reluctant, though, due to past history with Dawn. Nidia tells Dawn this match she has may be suicide, Dawn says it very well may be, but somebody has to stand up to Shaniqua.....

    Shaniqua, according to Tazz, a 'bad apple', comes out. Dawn Marie soon follows, tries to get the upper hand on the amazon, but is flattened by a tremendous clothesline. Shaniqua throws Dawn outside the ring, and then on to the barricade. The Basham's manager then takes Dawn in to the steel steps, and then shoves a lifeless Dawn Marie back in to the ring. Shaniqua then goes for a steel chair, and begins to re-enter the ring, the referee trying to stop her from using the weapon on Dawn, who is motionless on the mat. Torrie and Nidia come out to try and save Dawn Marie. Nidia gets taken out by the amazon, but Torrie manages to stop her with a nasty chair shot to the back. All 3 divas run out of the ring as Shaniqua gets up, angry, throwing the chair at the divas, (and just barely missing them at the end of the ramp.)

    Benoit vs. Rhyno is promo'ed for next match.


    Stephanie is alone, extremely pensive. Sable walks in, and trash talks Stephanie about her 'tough decision'. Sable implies that if Stephanie decides to quit, her father would make the right decision as to who would be the next SmackDown General Manager.

    A promo is shown of the IronMan Match next week for the WWE Championship.

    Chris Benoit and Rhyno come out for the next match, with a recap by the commentators of their feud back from Vengenance. Extreme intensity is shown from the outset of this match. Some back and forth action begins the contest, with Benoit trying quickly for the crossface, but Rhyno makes the ropes. Benoit continues the assault, with a snap suplex, some chops in the corner, a clothesline, but Rhyno stops Benoit in his tracks with a thumb to the eye. Rhyno throws Benoit out of the ring, Benoit hits the ropes with his neck on the way down.

    A Train runs out to the ringside area, grabs Benoit, and throws him to the post, spine first. He throws the Wolverine back in, and Rhyno covers for a two count. Rhyno begins to argue with referee Mike Chioda when the show abruptly goes to....


    Smackdown comes back on the air with Benoit on the top turnbuckle, and Rhyno setting him up for a superplex. Rhyno hits the superplex, and covers Benoit for a two count. The beatdown continues by the man-beast with a choke hold, and then putting Benoit in the tree of woe, Rhyno hits Benoit with a shoulder tackle to the lower stomach area, near the groin. (OUCH!) Rhyno covers for a 2 count. Rhyno puts Benoit in the sharpshooter. Benoit bridges out and makes the ropes. Rhyno continues the assault, taunts Benoit by playing to the crowd, goes for a clothesline, but Benoit counters into a german suplex and a sharpshooter is applied by the Rabid Wolverine. Rhyno reaches the ropes. Benoit continues beating on Rhyno, but Rhyno counters the assault with an elbow to the face. Cole mentions Benoit is bleeding from the mouth. Rhyno tries another elbow, but is hit with a german suplex. Benoit gives the signal and tries for the top rope head butt. Rhyno gets up before Benoit is able to execute the headbutt, and sets up Benoit for a 2nd superplex. Benoit counters this one into a sunset flip leading into a powerbomb for a 2 count. Benoit goes for a running clothesline but Rhyno counters it in to an Arn Anderson like spine on the pine. Rhyno then walks to the corner and sets up for the gore. Benoit side steps the gore, sinks the crossface in, and Rhyno taps out.

    Backstage, at the newly reopened office of the APA, with a bunch of Smackdown superstars drinking and playing poker. Matt Hardy begins chastising Bradshaw of his treatment of Bruce, the butler, but Shannon Moore gets chastised by Matt when he brings Version One the wrong type of orange juice. Hardy thinks the APA should be in AA, Bradshaw thinks Moore should get out of Hardy's backside. Hardy gets more upset, and challenges the APA to a match. Bradshaw says let's do it, after the brawl, closes the office, and the superstars head for the site of the next match, the latino heat parking lot brawl. Before the APA walk away, they both raise a toast to the uniformed services individuals that were involved in all the events that occurred on September 11th.

    John Cena is in the parking lot, asking Brian Hebner, 'Anything goes?', repeatedly. He proceeds to psycb himself up, calling out the US champion. The brawl is next.


    WWE Cool Color of the Night - Recap of John Cena's beatdown of Eddie Guerrero two weeks ago in El Paso, Texas.

    John Cena is out at the parking lot brawl site, rapping as to how he's gonna beat down Latino Heat. Guerrero comes out in a low rider truck, gold, and the fight is on. The two competitors are thrown in to so many cars they look like pinballs going off the flippers. A belt shot by Eddie on Cena as the match ensues. Cena tries to get a lawn mower to run over Eddie, but Eddie blocks the attempt, and the beatings continue. Spade shovel shots are missed by both comeptitors, Cena twice, and Eddie once. Eddie manages to get Cena's stomach with a car door. He then wraps Cena's neck with a seatbelt, and hits him in the stomach with right hands while choking him out with the seatbelt. Cena gets his head bounced off a trunk, but manages in the meantime to throw the champion into the trunk of a car. Eddie pops out, popping Cena in the face with the trunk lid. Cena recovers, shatters a windshield with Eddie's body, gets a 2 count. Cena hits Eddie with a car door, another 2 count. Cena sets up Eddie with his head right in the path of a car door, tries to kick the door shut, but Eddie quickly ducks out of the way. Cena is thrown head first into a car window. That window shatters. Eddie has it reversed on him, and he goes through a car window, shattering that one as well. Another 2 count by Cena. Cena tries to get a car to start and drive away, Eddie pounds his head in to the steering wheel, and then uses the cigarette lighter on Cena's chest. Cena is trying to run away, Eddie's got a 2nd wind, jumps a car, almost literally, gets some windshield wiper fluid into Cena's eyes, runs at him, but the US champion gets backdropped on to a car hood. Cena has some cuts on his face. HE sets up Latino Heat for the FU, but it is countered into a hip toss on to a car hood. Someone comes up from behind and hits Cena with what I think was a hubcap, it turns out to be Chavo Guerrero. Eddie runs up to the top of a white jeep, and frog splashes Cena for the three count. CHavo gathers up Uncle Eddie, screaming, "The Guerreros have the US title," and drives away in the low rider. Cena is a bloody mess.


    The APA come out, not dressed in their wrestling gear, for the next tag team bout. Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore come out as well. Moore gets in the ring with Ron Simmons, Simmons says "I'm not doing this," begins to turn around and away from Moore, gets hit in the back, turns and proceeds to beat down Moore with multiple shots to the back and a powerslam. Simmons gets a 2 count, and Version One is tagged in. Hardy trash talks with Faarooq, gets a slam for his trouble, and the tag is made to the big angry Texan. Bradshaw comes in, and beats on Hardy with a suplex, shoulderblock, clubbing blows to the back, chops, and a couple of near falls as well. Hardy stops the onslaught with a thumb to the eye, and runs away, tagging in Moore. Moore tries a shoulder block, not budging Bradshaw whatsoever. Moore tries it again, and gets hit with the Last Call. Hardy tries to save Moore, but gets booted in the face by Bradshaw. 2 count on Moore by Bradshaw, following a nice elbow drop. Hardy saves the pinfall, and gets thrown over the top rope for his trouble. Neckbreaker by Bradshaw on Moore. Moore gets Hardy back in, and the duo execute a nice doubleteam move on Bradshaw, a clothesline in to a sunsetflip, but the Texan kicks out at two. Version One and Shannon Moore try a 2nd doubleteam move, but it is countered in to the clothesline from Hell, and the eventual three count by Bradshaw on the little Mattitude follower, Shannon Moore.

    Bruce the butler comes out after the match with a silver tray filled with beer. Bradshaw and Faarooq have some beer celebrating their victory with the fans.

    A promo is again shown for the ironman match next week with Angle against Lesnar for the title. A recap is shown of the timeline leading up to this match.

    Michael Cole and Tazz promo the main event, asking, "Will Stephanie face the animal, or quit?" as Smackdown goes to commercial.


    Another promo for next week's show, Shaniqua demands a match vs. Torrie & Nidia and gets it. Another promo is then shown for Angle vs. Lesnar.

    Vince McMahon comes out, and introduces Brock Lesnar. He then tells Stephanie that it's decision time, either quit, or face the animal. Stephanie comes out in wrestling gear. Vince gets in Stephanie's face, claiming that she's defying him, like she's done her entire life. Steph slaps Vince in the face, and then Brock grabs the general manager. Steph low blows Lesnar, Vince gets back in Stephanie's face, and Steph low blows the boss. Brock then grabs Steph outside the ring, and is screaming at her, "You didn't do that, did you!" Brock throws Stephanie in to the barricade, and then tells her he is gonna bash her head in with the steel steps. Brock proceeds to throw the steps at Stephanie, but the steel post blocks it, literally. Stephanie runs out of the arena with Lesnar quickly after her. McMahon is still in the ring recovering from the low blow. Lesnar quickly returns, with Stephanie on his shoulders, screaming. Brock sets up Stephanie for an F5 on the steel post. Kurt Angle runs out to save the SmackDown General Manager. Angle takes out Brock, then knocks Vince cold. Lesnar takes over on Angle, and sets Angle up for the F5, but Angle counters it and whips Lesnar in to the steel post. Lesnar gets cut open. Lesnar and McMahon run for the back as Angle takes the steel steps and throws them at Brock and Vince as Smackdown goes off the air. As the show fades, Angle is heard yelling, "I want you Lesnar, right now!."


    First, a personal note. PHONE COMPANIES SUCK. See the forums for what I mean.

    Now, down to business.

    The show this week was very entertaining. The cruiserweight tag match was very tight, very enjoyable to watch. Tajiri as a heel I cannot get used to yet, and certainly not tagging with Nunzio. However, the match was well executed, and very entertaining. When is Kidman gonna turn on Mysterio? Isn't he the most logical next contender for the cruiserweight title?

    Linda Miles (Shaniqua) is impressive. She has really learned her craft in OVW, and, with the proper schooling, could be as dominant in the women's field on Smackdown as Chyna was back in the day. It is a pity that the brand does not possess a women's title, as I would find it most interesting to see who would be able to stop this amazon. Perhaps a trip to Raw is in the works for the TE3 graduate in the near future.

    I love Benoit. I don't know why, but his matches are always entertaining to me. Rhyno vs. Benoit is an excellent feud, but it needs to be spiced up. How can you spice up this feud? GIVE BENOIT GOLD. With Eddie and Chavo apparently back together, Eddie will either pursue tag team gold again, or go for the world title. Give Benoit the US Strap, and have the wolverine and the manbeat kick the living hell out of each other in steel cages all over the country. I would pay to see that.

    Oh, one thing, Vince. A TRAIN DOES NOT EQUAL RATINGS. Get 'em out!

    Eddie vs. Cena is pure money. That brawl was IMPRESSIVE. Absolutely impressive showing by both men. I love Cena's intensity, and his brash atttiude, and his wrestling continues to improve. Eddie is a master. Eddie should be in a feud with Angle in this non-pay per view month for the brand, as I think it would be killer, and possibly even allow for some more viewership for Latino Heat to be fighting for, or defending WWE gold. But, in the meantime, Cena vs. Eddie in matches like this, give 'em up. I'm here.

    Did anyone hear Chavo screamin' at the end of the match how 'the Guerreros have the US title?' Looks indeed like sooner rather than later, Los Guerreros will go their separate ways. Cause I certainly cannot picture Uncle Eddie taking that statement without resistance.

    The APA is again, still extremely entertaining in their backstage vignettes. It provides some nice comedy to the 'drab' scenes of Vinnie Mac boasting about how much power he has. For all you nay-sayers that think APA is done, it could be worse, it could be more Vince. Bradshaw and Faarooq continue to impress me, and I want to see their feud with the World's Greatest tag team continue? (Where were Haas and Benjamin tonight, anyway?)

    Vince, Vince, Vince. Stop abusing your daughter. You vs. Stephanie is OLD. I like Bischoff vs. Austin on the other side, it's new, and they just play the game of one-upsmanship. You trying to get Stephanie out is just OLD. It's stale. It's boring. IT'S NOT FUN ANYMORE. Did I say it enough times?? Is it getting through your egotistical skull, you rich freak? Either fire her ass, or leave her be. Stop forcing her to get absolutely destroyed by animals that either deserve not to get the push by hanging with you, or animals that should be facing champions. Lesnar vs. Angle next week should be amazing, I am looking forward to reporting on it, but I am SICK, sick, SICK AND TIRED OF BROCK LESNAR BEATING ON EVERYBODY LIKE HE OWNS THE PLACE. He is trying to be Smackdown's version of Kane, and it doesn't work. It just doesn't.

    Some rhetorical thoughts to end this week...

    Big Show in a suit? EWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

    Don't you think it may be time to allow some 'reworking' of the rosters?? Some of the talent have run into dead ends in their respective slots, and I believe a change of venue may be the best thing to reboost their WWE status. Who am I thinking? Undertaker to Raw to try and stop Kane. Hurricane to Smackdown to challenge Mysterio for the title. RVD to Smackdown for the US title. Shaniqua to Raw for the Women's strap. ANY TAG TEAM available to Smackdown to challenge, and hopefully remove the straps from Haas and Benjamin, Steiner to Smackdown to feud with Lesnar once Lesnar is finally eliminated from the world title picture.....just some ideas.

    When is Scotty Too Hotty coming back?? When is Rikishi coming back?? SOME NEW BLOOD IS NEEDED!

    Why does UPN have to cut probably one of their most profitable shows to feature a new series that, in my opinion, has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever??

    Answers?? Who knows?? Debate me in the forums.. or Email me at SMACKDOWN@WRESTLEVIEW.COM, and let's talk business. Till next time, like I said before, PHONE COMPANIES SUCK.