Full WWE Velocity Results - 9/13/03 (Tag Champs vs. Funaki and Dragon)

Reported by Keith Vinciguerra of WrestleView.com
» On Saturday, September 13, 2003 at 11:13 PM EST


Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs. Kanyon
Noble is in control for the first few minutes, using some quick grappling, a dropkick and a high cross body. Kanyon takes over by slamming Noble’s head into the mat and then uses some of his creative maneuvers like a Boston Crab while sitting on the ropes, superplex from the ring apron and a swinging suplex. He also shows off his Kanyon Bomb which is a spinebuster into a sit out power bomb. Jamie flips out of a back suplex and wins it with a rollup pin while holding the tights.

Winner by pinfall: Jamie Noble

Flashback to Smackdown
We get a brief recap of the John Cena / Eddie Guerrero feud followed by their parking lot brawl from Smackdown.

Bashem Brothers w/Shaniqua vs. Poker Face and Scott Vantastic
Doug and Danny abuse Vantastic for about five minutes with various power moves and double team maneuvers. Vantastic finally makes the hot tag and the announcers go wild as Poker Face, who looks about half the size of the other wrestlers, takes down both Bashems with punches and a dropkick. The ref leaves the ring for some reason and Shaniqua sneaks in and powerbombs Poker Face, helping her boys get the win.

Winners by pinfall: Bashem Brothers

Flashback to Smackdown
Brock faces off with Stephanie McMahon in the Smackdown main event ....

World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Ultimo Dragon and Funaki
Lots of quick grappling and countering in the early going as Haas and Dragon show off their wrestling skills. Funaki makes a brief appearance, taking out Shelton with a spinning leg scissors. W.G.T.T. beat down Dragon for awhile and we go to a commercial break right after Shelton and Dragon flatten each other with kicks to the head. Dragon is still getting walloped when the show resumes. Funaki finally gets the hot tag and cleans house. We get to see his reverse DDT counter and then a plancha to both W.G.T.T. members followed by an Asai Moonsault by Dragon. Haas catches Funaki in midair after a high cross body attempt and Shelton kicks him in the head. Match over.

Winners by pinfall: World’s Greatest Tag Team


Jamie Noble vs. Kanyon
Once again, Kanyon shows off some innovative and interesting offense yet he doesn’t get the win. I know I’ve said this a few times already, but why is he stuck on Velocity? He gets so much heat from the fans without even trying and he can wrestle. Give him a chance already!! The match itself was a good opener for the show besides the quick and cheap finish.

Cena vs. Eddie
This feud is certainly heating up. The parking lot brawl was brutal. Hopefully the big payoff will be a regular wrestling match because these two guys could put on an awesome show. It’s great to see Chavo back too. He should be a big player in the sadly underutilized cruiserweight division.

Bashems vs. Vantastic and Poker Face
Squash match, plain and simple. But what’s up with the jobber names and outfits? How do they expect to get any respect when the announcers can’t even call the match without laughing at them?

Brock vs. Stephanie
Brock is getting a little better on the mic. He’s sort of amusing as the crazy monster heel. But we certainly don’t need a McMahon family feud to build up the Iron Man Match. If any match needs extra help, it’s that Raw title match coming up and certainly not Brock vs. Angle.

W.G.T.T. vs. Ultimo Dragon and Funaki
Solid tag team main event. Lots of great wrestling and counters. I still love Funaki’s reverse DDT counter that he whips out every week. Josh Matthews made his funniest comment ever when he said that Funaki was cleaning house “shades of Poker Face from earlier in the show.”

Overall, a decent Velocity. The flashbacks were too long and we only got three matches, but the opening match and main event were solid. We’re still a long ways off from a Smackdown PPV so hopefully they’ll go back to the four match format next week.