CZW 9/13 ECW Arena results: A night of the grotesque, the controversial...

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On Sunday, September 14, 2003 at 9:29 AM EST

CZW September 13th ECW Arena results

With moments that were grotesque...moments that were controversial...a moment that brought a surprising return...and more than a few moments of excellent wrestling along the way, CZW returned to the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA last night in front of a crowd of 550-600 with an Iron Man Tournament that made up the bulk of last night "CZW Redesigned".

But even with a night of excellent wrestling featuring All Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Champion Kendo Ka Shin, Jimmy Rave, Tony Mamaluke, and the returning Chris Hero, the two most remembered moments would likely be the moment of controversy late in the show, and the moment that bordered on the grotesque in the angle conculding the show involving Messiah and Hi-Five and Zandig.

The evening with a non-kayfabed tribute from the entire locker room to the victims of 9/11 with an American flag and a moment of silence.

Dark matches

  • Cory Kastle defeated Krystian Wolfe, Sabian and Joker in a Four-Way Dance. The latter wrestlers had wrestled for CZW before at a spot show in Vineland, NJ.

  • Greg Matthews and The Rockin' Rebel defeated John Dahmer and DJ (student from the CZW school), who turned on Jon Dahmer post-match.

    CZW "Redefined" show

    Iron Man Tournament matches/First round

  • Nick Gage pinned Sonjay Dutt in about 7 minutes after a Gage chokebreaker. Dutt had just come off the top with a second Stardust Press, Gage got his knees up and followed up with the chokebreaker.

  • Johnny Kashmere defeated Adam Flash with a rear choke sleeper in 7 minutes. Kashmere hit a sick looking spear through the ropes, sending Flash off the ring apron into the guard rail.

  • Jimmy Rave defeated Nick Berk via arm bar submission in 7 minutes. Berk hit two belly-to-back suplexes to set up but Rave reversed a third. Berk tried to get out of several armbar attempts before failing and getting caught.

  • All Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight champion Kendo Ka Shin defeated CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Ruckus in about 5 minutes. The Arena crowd gave Ka Shin a deserving bigtime reaction. In a tremendous lopking sequence, Ka Shin took Ruckus into a Tarantula variation, then right into a rollup for the the pin, a sequence which looked far better than I can describe.

  • In the surprise return of the night, replacing Danny Maff, who was announced as still suffering the show effects of a concussion....Zandig introduced Chris Hero to take on Nate Hatred. Hero got a big pop from a good section of the crowd. Hero went over, scoring the pin after Nick Gage (former H*8 Club partner) interfered.

  • Trent Acid defeated Tony Mamaluke in 14 minutes. The match began with good chain reversals and nearfalls that made for a great beginning. Mamaluke hit a dive off the corner ringpost onto Trent Acid up the aisle. He later hit a top-rope superplex, floating into a submission, incredible to watch. Dewey Donovan took out Mamaluke's legs out from him, allowing Acid to hit a superplex for the pin.

    Non-tournament match

  • In a match to give the first round winners some time to recover, Ian Knoxx defeated Chris Cash and Niles Young in a Three-Way at 8 minutes. The crowd, unfortunately didn't give this match as much attention as it deserved.

    Iron Man Tournament matches/Semi-finals

  • Nick Gage defeated Greg Matthews in 7 minutes. They announced Johnny Kashmere had been injured (reported by 1wrestling's Mike Johnson as a head injuiry resulting in a big knot behind his ear) and was unable to work the match. Rockin' Rebel demanded Matthews be allowed to replace Kashmere. Gage piledrove Matthews through a table, then scored the pin to advance to the final.

  • Jimmy Rave forced Kendo Ka Shin (who still had the CZW Junior Heavyweight championship belt) to tap out in 5 minutes. The finish was set up by Rave working on Ka Shin's arm throughout the match. Pre-show, Rave was as tickled as a kid getting to work with someone who was obviously a hero to him. It's a nice thing to see a wrestler able to admit that..

  • Trent Acid defeated Chris Hero in 11 minutes with a Yakuza Kick in an excellent back and forth match. Crowd cheered for Hero post-match and chanted "Please come back".

    Non-tournament match

  • Derek Frazier pinned Deranged in 8:55 after Azrael (ROH's Angeldust) went to hit Frazier with a Steel Chair, but clobbered Deranged instead. The crowd didn't get the angle as not all attending are ROH fans.

    Iron Man Tournament matches/Finals

    Now for the controversy...

    As the match was ready to start...and Trent Acid's music played...suddenly everything stopped. Announcer Robby Mireno made an excuse to the crowd, the ring was swept (it didn't need sweeping), and another intermission took place. Without being too descriptive, let's just say that a certain wrestler was threatening to "lose his smile" backstage, which was the cause of the delay. Part of the problem was that many people in the crowd figured this fact out, a fact which wasn't helped by a member of the State Athletic Commission verbally confirming their suspicions.

    Finally...things started again. In the tournament final, Trent Acid defeated Nick Gage and Jimmy Rave in a Three–Way 20 minute Iron Man (most falls) match to become the new CZW Iron Man champion.

  • Nick Gage pinned Trent Acid with a chokebreaker 3 minutes. (Gage 1 pinfall, Acid and Rave 0 pinfalls)
  • Jimmy Rave pinned Trent Acid in 7:02. (Gage 1 pinfall, Rave 1 pinfall, Acid 0)
  • At 19 minutes, Acid hit a Yakuza kick on both Gage and Rave, pinning Rave with 20 second remaining, then Gage with 8 seconds remaining.

    Rave locked Acid in a Crippler Crossface, with the crowd chanted for Acid to tap, the bell ran for the time limit won the match 2 pinfalls to the 1 pinfall each for Rave and Gage.

    Then the fun started.

    A sizable section of the crowd were furious, beginning when Acid got the two quick pinfalls. After the bell rang, they began angrily booing and audibly chanted "Do the job" and "Triple H" (implying that he wouldn't do jobs) at Acid.

    HI-V came in the ring to celebrate as they have all the promotion's championships in the stable except for the CZW Junior Heavyweight championship.

    Now...for the grotesque.

    CZW champion The Messiah was scheduled to face John Zandig in an "Unsanctioned Match" for the main event. Instead, what followed was a bizarre and grotesque spectacle.

    Zandig's music "Youth Gone Wild" played, but he never came out. Suddenly, the crowd heard a loud commotion backstage, which was heel stable Hi-Five attacking Zandig and beating him with light tubes and sending him what I believe was a framed piece of glass (in a way to get around the Pennsylvania State Commission rules).

    As the crowd started to get restless, they finally brawled out to the ring. One CZW security worker was beaten bloody, and forced to put a ladder up. CZW's photographer and jack-of all-trades Mark "Whacks" Pantalone, was also beaten up and threatened "to do it".

    "It" was a suspension. Zandig was pierced with hooks through his back, and hung with both feet off the ground from a chain hanging down from the Arena ceiling (hokked into the device by the hooks in his back), and was beaten some more by Hi-Five.

    Messiah did a promo claiming that Hi-Five was taking over the company. This got heel heat, but the most obvious reaction was a crowd stunned by the spectacle.

    Messiah screamed at the crowd to leave the building, with security assisting (obviously so Zandig could be lowered without throwing kayfabe out the window) and the evening came to an end.

    CZW returns to the ECW Arena on October 11 with IWA's Jimmy Jacobs and Alex Shelley debuting.