Full WWE Confidential Results - 09/27/03 (Plane Crash in 1975, Rock & More)

Reported by David Sutton of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, September 28, 2003 at 1:40 PM EST

Full WWE Confidential Results - 09/27/03
Hosted by: "Mean" Gene Okerlund
Reported by: David Sutton of WrestleView.com

Segment 1 - Plane Crash in North Carolina

This segment had interviews with Ric Flair, David Crockett and a wrestling fan about the October 4th, 1975 plane crash involoving Ric Flair, Johnny Valentine, Bob Brueggers, Tim Woods, David Crockett (Promoter) and the Pilot, Joseph Farkas. The interviewees recount the experience of the plane crash after the small plane stalled and crashed into the woods in North Carolina. Everybody came out injured but only Ric Flair was able to continue his career after healing from the injuries. No one died initially from the plane crash, but the pilot died the next year from complications from the injuries he sustained.

Segment 2 - The Rock on the set of "The Rundown"

This piece had interviews with the Rock and Sean William Scott talking about some of their experiences on the set of the movie and describing the basic plot of the movie and who their characters are. They talk about the chemistry on the set and the Rock talks about his ongoing role in the WWE.

Segment 3 - Backstage at a Fozzy video

Interviews with the Director, Chris Jericho, the Hurricane and Rich Ward, Fozzy's lead guitarist. Jericho talks about the fun he is having with Fozzy and the director and Rich talk about how creative Jericho is. The Hurricane talks about how Jericho is a really nice person backstage and the is something that not everyone always gets to see. The show a lot of the footage from the shhot back stage but very little in completed clips. (Guess you'll just have to catch the video on MTV)

Segment 4 - Kurt Angle at Kmart

This segment was about a shopping spree the some area residents won the allowed the 4 minutes in a new Kmart to grab all they could with the help of Kurt Angle. Kurt seemed fairly excited an eager to help out with these peoples game plan. The first shopper (a woman) grabbed lots of cosmetics while Kurt grabbed large amounts of tools. Shopper 2 (a man) grabbed lots of tools and small appliances. Shopper 3 grabbed all the clothes he could, but Kurt tired out at the beginning of the spree and the contestants girlfriend had to step in for Kurt to finish.

Segment 5 - Anatomy of the Shooting Star Press

In this interview, Billy Kidman discusses the feeling of doing the shooting star press. He originally thought of doing the move but didn't attempt it until he saw it performed by Jucien Thunder Liger. He says while it is dangerous and definately a career ending move, he likes to perform it for the fans, since they seem to like it when he does it.

Segment 6 - Test in India

(Something about the people from India shouting "we are Indian testicles" struck me as funny, anyhow) This piece showed Test visiting various places in Delhi. He went to the Delhi Times, watched a dancing monkey, rode an elephant, went to McDonalds and asked for cow burgers (cows being sacred in India and all), and finally visiting the Taj Mahal. Test said he enjoyed the experience and that the Taj Mahal was one of the coolest things he'd ever seen.

Next week, an all new confidential, with a piece on Lita and her return to the WWE.