Full WWE Confidential Results - 10/11/03 (RAW production + John Cena)

Reported by David Sutton of WrestleView.com
» On Sunday, October 12, 2003 at 1:53 PM EST

Full WWE Confidential Results - 10/11/03
Hosted by: "Mean" Gene Okerlund
Reported by: David Sutton of WrestleView.com

Segment 1: Eric Bischoff gives tour of Raw

Eric shows the trucks that carry all the WWE equipment. He takes a tour inside the 12 million dollar production truck. The tech guys say that they have thousands of switches and such and around 50-60 sources of audio input. RAW uses 13 different cameras. The crew discusses the time and size of the RAW set. They also show the catering and pyrotechnics estimates for each show. Lots of food, lots of fire.

Good segment if you are a techie and like to know the production value of the show, otherwise it’s just 10 minutes of listening to Eric Bischoff.

Segment 2: Billy Kidman introduces Strike Force vs. Brain Busters classic match from Wrestlemania V

Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon doing the commentating. Some decent action, but they focus mainly on Martel walking out on Tito Santana after Santana accidentally hits him with a flying forearm. The Brain Busters win it by hitting Santana with a Brain Buster spike piledriver.

It’s nice to see Strike Force, I was always a fan of Tito Santana and liked the combo of him and Martel. Arn Anderson is always cool, but I definitely think Tully Blanchard was sort of the dead weight on that team. But a good tag match between two quality teams, No Rockers and Hart Foundation though.

Segment 3: John Cena tours New York hip hop radio stations

John Cena talks about his gimmick on the radio and does some rhyming for the radio crowd. Next, John goes to a latino station and they grill him a little about facing Eddie Guerrero. Next he visits Dr. Dre and Ed Lover and raps a bit for them. The next station puts John in a rap contest and gets judged by the station rap pro, Freddie Fox. Next, they show John at an autograph session.

A good segment if you like John Cena, I love his gimmick and I think he’s got great charisma. Segments like that just make me like him more and more, or you might think he’s just stupid, but I’m behind him, rap on , John

Segment 4: Interview with Rhyno

Rhyno disects the mechanics of the Gore. He says the first person ever to be hit with the Gore was Rob Van Dam back in the ECW. His most memorable gore was against Spike Dudley through a table shortly after his debut in the WWE.

It’s always fun to hear a superstar talk about doing their finishing move. Fairly cool, and Rhyno was looking all respectable in the interview, so that was sort of cool too. Always kind of cool to see how the superstars clean up.

Segment 5: Stacy Kiebler on the set of YJ Stinger photoshoot for Cosmopolitan magazine

Stacy talks about YJ Stinger being a new bar mixer. Stacy thinks the shoot went well and had a good time and thinks Stinger will be a big seller on the bar scene.

Stacy…always hot, can’t really say it’s a bad thing when they do a segment on a Diva. As for YJ Stingers success, hey, good niche I say, Red Bull has worked well in the nightclub market, why not YJ Stinger, I’ll try one with some Vodka in it, what the heck.

Segment 6: Outside the Ropes with Rob Van Dam

RVD with The Coach and asks him various questions

#1: Name as many words that rhyme with “Dude: in 10 seconds - Rob gets 7
#2: Do you think Eddie Guerrero says “Essai” more than you say “Dude” - Rob says No
#3: How high do you get when you do the (Five Star) Frog Splash - Just as high as anyone else can get, and they a little bit higher
#4: Is there anything you can’t do that your action figure can do - No response
#5: Why do you always point at yourself when you say your name, Are you afraid you might forget who you are - Because the audience is getting what they paid to see…Rob…Van…Dam.
#6: Where you ever concerned that people might confuse RVD with some thing you might get from a “working girl” - I’ve never really had that fear
#7: What is the best and worst thing about living in California - Best: the west coast mentality, worst: the travel
#8: Have you ever thought about spray painting the words “don’t try this at home” on your ring attire - Can I do that?
#9: What was your favorite cartoon as a kid - Underdog

I like RVD, but man who comes up with these questions…ah well

A decent Confidential, not a lot of substance but some nice interviews and such with some of the more interesting superstars.