Full WWE Confidential Recap - 10/18/2003 (Kurt Angle, Trish Stratus, More)

Reported by David Sutton of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, October 19, 2003 at 2:03 PM EST

Full WWE Confidential Recap - 10/18/2003
Hosted by: "Mean" Gene Okerlund
Reported by: David Sutton of WrestleView.com

Segment 1 - On the road with Kurt Angle on the Passport to Pain tour

Kurt Angle takes the tour of several cities. The first stop is Turkuu, Finland. Kurt tours a castle and some other local monuments. The next stop is Cologne, Germany. Kurt visits the Cologne Dome and a local chocolate factory. Next the WWE moves onto Birmingham, England, and then follows up with Manchester, England. Kurt wishes his wife a happy birthday while on the road. The entire tour takes about 5 days. Kurt says he likes to travel around to different places and loves the fans around the world, but is dreading the day when his daughter asks him not to go.

Good Segment, but probably more appropriate for the Travel Channel. Lots of clips, but not a whole lot of meaningful commentary from Kurt. The shots at the end were black and white still photgraphs of Kurt looking introspective on the road, nice shots, maybe they could make a calendar. Kurt is still the man.

Segment 2 - Outside the Ropes with Jamie Noble

Question 1 - Most people who live in trailer parks don't have teeth, what is your excuse for having good teeth? Dumb question, I know what hygiene is.
Question 2 - Is living in a trailer park the equivalent of camping for the rest of your life? No, you can get great trailers now
Question 3 - Have you ever thought about getting a truck and towing your trailer from town to town? No, I like staying in hotel rooms
Question 4 - During your sleepover with Torrie (Wilson) was there any inadvertant touching between you and Billy (Gunn)? What kind of question is that, I don't suggest you ask no more type question of that nature.
Question 5 - How many times can you times can you wear a flannel shirt before you wash it? I'll wear it til something goes wrong, I wore one up to 5 months one time.
Question 6 - Fatih Hill, Shania Twain or The Dixie Chicks? The Dixie Chicks
Question 7 - What's your best redneck joke? I don't got too many jokes
Question 8 - Which term is more offensive to southerners: Hick, Redneck or In-bred? In-bred
Question 9 - What's the best part about being an inbred? Why you gonna go try and pull some stupid stuff with me.
Question 10 - How many cans of Milwaukee's Best could you drink for the cost of one bottle of Dom Perignon? 3 or 4 cases at least, easy.

Dumb questions, but Jamie Noble was pretty cool, thank goodness there is a segment on Trish next, that's all I have to say.

Segment 3 - Trish's new video

Trish talks about her family and goes home to her old neighborhood to visit. She hugs and talks to family and friends. Members of the family talk about how Trish was a performer even at an early age. Trish and family tralk about Trish always being the troublemaker. Her cousing George is the one that got her into wrestling, and was inspired by Wendy Richter. Trish talks about being a tomboy and into sports growing up. Trish was going to college and was discovered at a sports club as a receptionist and started modeling for Muscle Mag. Trish give props to Sable as being the best wrestler (woman) on the microphone at the time. She gets some air time exposure on a local TV show called Off the Record. Later she went backstage at a WWE show and met Mick Foley, who asked for her autograph. She then sent her press kit to J.R. (Jim Ross), and eventually signs with WWE.

Finally a good segment. A good compliation of the life and path of Trish Stratus. Sort of a condensed timeline. Well done and with good interviews from family and friends...doesn't hurt that Trish is brutallly hot either.

Segment 4 - Spanky introduces the flashback match of the night: Royal Rumble 1993, Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty

Goriila Monsoon and Bobby Heenan doing the commentating. A solid perfromance from both wrestlers. Lots of back and forth and reversals on both sides. Ref is knocked out and Sherry hit Marty with her shoe. Shawn hits the Sweet Chin Music and wins the match to retain his intercontinental championship. Jannetty jumps Shawn in the backstage area after the match.

That was a decent feud while it happened, though Jannetty's appeal was fleeting post-rockers. It was good when that feud ending and HBK was able to flourish on his own. And all I have to say is, did Sherry ever look good, dang.

Segment 5 - Passport to Pain with Eddie and Chavo Guerrero

The Guerreros start in Turkuu, Finland and lok around for something to steal. They also go looking for lowriders. They visit some outdoor markets and look for Tacos. Eddie and Chavo meet some of the local residents of Finland, mostly the Kids 16 and under.

This was a better segment on the road. Not so much of the scenery, but more about Chavo and Eddie interacting with their environment. The Guerrero's do a great job and are both loaded with charisma, I hope to see them both around for a good long time.

Segment 6 - Photoshoot with Randy Orton

Randy is surrounded by several highly attractive women for his photoshoot for RAW magazine. Randy talks about how the women were all attracted to him and he got all their numbers. He refers to himself as damn handsome, and thinks the pictures will be great.

Randy is another very charismatic performer and will have a great career in the WWE. And as for the women on the cover with him, "highly attractive" translates into "smoking hot"