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On Sunday, June 15, 2008 at 8:04 AM EST

CZW returned last night to the ECW Arena for "Summer School" for what was a rather interesting evening with two substitutions, someone getting to follow his dream, a shocking return, and a less than popular main event result

  • Drew Blood and Devin Moore defeated Drake Younger and Nick Gage in the opener. This, after a good, but too long "Hollywood style" Nicky Benz/Dylan Summers video". This brought out Nick Gage out for a promo which featured more and different uses of the word f#$k than I've heard in a long time. Blood and Moore then jumped him, with Younger Drake making the save to segue into the opening match. The finish saw a good old fashioned powder in the eyes with the "blinded" Gage nailing Younger with the chokebreaker, followed by the Notorious, Inc. pinfall of Gage.

  • Drew Gulak over "Little Mondo" (who was once a front row fan who dressed up like Nick Mondo, who then went to CZW's wrestling school, thus the nickname) after "Little Mondo" went for the Assault Driver, with Drew Gulak reversed into a Cash Flow. "Little Mondo" DID come out to a remix of Nick Mondo's Last Resort, and got a nice pop from the crowd for following his dream. One other small matter: Gulak and "Little Mondo" are real-life brothers.

  • Jon Dahmer defeated Sami Callahan after a capture headdrop sort of suplex.

  • 2 Girls 1 Cup (Beef Wellington/Greg Excellence) defeat The Best Around and 2.0, after Beef Wellington pins Bruce Maxwell after the E-Coli. TJ Cannon nailed a tremendous looking shooting star double stomp on Beef during the match.

  • Pinkie Sanchez defeats Chucky Taylor in a non-title match (substituting for Sabian, on tour for NWE in Italy). Pinkie goes over with the ass drop, only to find out post-match that its nontitle (it was never announced as a title match, but

  • Post-intermission, Nick Gage comes to the ring again. Most people assume we're getting an "impromptu" match with Drake Younger on something.

    Nope, instead, he's calling for someone from "ECW's past" who he "has respect for". OK.

    On comes the Midnight Express theme, and out comes Trent Acid. My jaw dropped about 10 feet.

    Gage defeated Acid clean with his chokebreaker. Trent was on last night and looked like the Trent Acid of old, not what Philadelphia fans have seen in recent months. Acid got a helluva pop from the crowd post-match and a shout-out from Zandig. The Pro Wrestling Unplugged-CZW promotional war looks to be over after this, folks. If he can somehow work both, good for that. But Acid coming back to CZW is a shocker.

  • Andy Sumner defeats WHACKS in a barbed wire tables match Sumner wins with a DVD through a table.

  • Ruckus defeated Spyral BKNY with a rolling cradle suplex....about the best I can say about the match.

  • Miracle Ultraviolence Connection defeats Ring Crew Express and Jimmy Olsen after Lee powerbombs Dunn. Post-match, lee's gonna powerbomb him through a table, but Kylie Pierce comes to ringside, followed by 2 Girls 1 Cup jumping Up In Smoke with a ladder and chairs.

  • The main event turns into a four-way with Insane Lane and DJ Hyde joining the scheduled Danny Havoc and Brain Damage

    Hyde and Brain Damage say they'll work together to go ater Havoc, but out comes Insane Lane comes out with a fork on a rope. The usual glass, autoglass and carnage commence. The finish sees DJ Hyde pins Lane to become Iron Man Champion for a third time (this Brain Damage loses the belt without having to put anyone over). The crowd was not happy with the result and it left a flat ending to what was an eventful and unpredictable night.

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