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On Thursday, July 24, 2008 at 6:27 PM EST

Jim Ross has posted a new blog over on his website ( where he talks about Jonathan Coachman's status with WWE and how earlier reports have confirmed he is heading to ESPN.

Here is what Ross had to say: "It was great seeing Jonathan Coachman for a few minutes Sunday afternoon at the Nassau Coliseum and getting to meet his new, baby daughter who is beautiful for the record. Coach is leaving the WWE and will begin a new career with ESPN and will be moving to the Bristol area in the near future. I am not sure but I think I first met Coach in Kansas City where he was working with Len Dawson, the former K.C. Chiefs Hall of Fame quarterback, doing local sports on TV. It seems as if Coach may have visited the day we produced Smackdown show #1 which I broadcast with The King. Michael Cole took over then the next week on episode #2. I wish Coach nothing but the best and he is genuinely and deservedly excited about his new gig. Our infamous "Country Whipping Match" that took place in Chicago on Monday night Raw was a unique experience for both of us and I am sure provided some insiders with a chuckle or two. I do think it got a decent TV ratings from what I recall, and quite frankly ladies and gentlemen, isn’t that what makes the world go ’round?"

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