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On Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 4:39 PM EST

Chris Yandek of sent this in:

Former Governor of Minnesota and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura tells Chris Yandek of that the current U.S. Government System is like Adolph Hitler's Germany. When asked his thoughts on the two party system and if there ever would be a dominant third party in this country Ventura said of the current policies of today, "I find it very disturbing when my country is following the philosophy of Nazis.”

Ventura added that he's keeping the door open on a 2012 Presidential run, "I just always leave the opening there because I am not a soothsayer. I cannot predict the future. Therefore I really don’t know what my mindset will be or what the situation will be four years from now, but I’ve learned in my 57 years on the planet that you never shut the door to anything."

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