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On Wednesday, October 29, 2008 at 5:10 PM EST

World Wrestling Entertainment has won their trademark infringement lawsuit against AWA Superstars promoter Dale Gagner for usage of the American Wrestling Association logo, trademark and for Gagner trading his company off as something of a continuation of the Verne Gagne wrestling company that WWE now owns the assets for.

After many weeks where WWE requested for a summary judgment in the case based on Gagner's failure to follow instructions from the court to hold up his end of the discovery period of the case, Judge Ann D. Montgomery sided with WWE and effectively ended the lawsuit.

Judge Montgomery decided that WWE had proven that the trademarks to the AWA were owned by their company and that Gagner had done nothing to even argue his case for alleged ownership, adding that he "introduced no evidence to create a genuine issue of fact" and that there would be a likelihood of confusion over the letters. The ruling has prevented Gagner from ever using, exploiting or trading on the AWA name, trademarks, logo or any other derivatives.