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Smart Mark Video's "What's Up?" for November 4, 2008


Chikara DVD October 19, 2008 "Global Gauntlet - Night 2" - Philadelphia, PA
1. STIGMA & Colin Delaney vs. The Sea Donsters
2. Icarus vs. Lince dorado
3. Order Of The Neo-Solar Temple vs. Incoherence
4. Vin Gerard vs. Jimmy Olsen
5. Osirian Portal vs. Super Smash Bros.
6. & on 7 Global Gauntlet Match: Team Chikara: Gran Akuma, The Colony, Eddie Kingston, Mike Quackenbush & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Team Big Japan: Jaki Numazawa, Atsushi Ohashi, Katsumasa Inoue, Shinya Ishikawa, Ryuji Ito, Yuji Okabayashi & Daisuke Sekimoto
7. Podcast Interviews 9/18 & 10/7/08
8. Podcast Episodes #122 & #123
Price $20.00

Chikara DVD October 18, 2008 "Global Gauntlet - Night 1" - Easton, PA
1. Big in Easton, Big In japan
2. Osirian Portal vs. Atsushi & Shinya Ishikawa
3. Yuji Okabayashi vs. Ultimo Breakfast
4. Jaki Numazawa vs. UltraMantis Black
5. Katsumasa Inoue vs. Hallowicked
6. Crossbones, Ryan & Madison Eagles vs. Jesse McKay & The Colony
7. Brodie Lee & Daisuke Sekimoto
8. Ryuji Ito vs. Mike Quackenbush
9. Vin Gerard & Colin Delaney vs. Jimmy Olsen & Lince Dorado
10. Podcast Exclusive Interview - 9/11/08
11. Podcast Episode #121
Price $20.00

IWS DVD September 27, 2008 "Un F'n Sanctioned 2008" - Montreal, Canada
1. "Superstar" Shayne Hawke vs. Exess
2. 2.0 vs. Maritimes Express
3. Twiggy vs. Franky The Mobster
4. Joey Mercury vs. "Mr.Wrestling" Kevin Steen
5. TLC Match: Up In Smoke vs. The Untouchables vs. Super Smash Brothers
6. Joey Ryan vs. "Paranoid" Jake Matthews
7. Fans Bring The Weapons: Beef Wellington, Sexxxy Eddy & The Hardcore Ninja vs. PCP Crazy F'n Manny, The Green Phantom & Viking
Price $20.00

HWA DVD August 30, 2008 "Road To Destiny" - Cincinnati, OH
1. Murder City Inc. vs. Tim Lutz & Hobo Joe
2. The Madness vs. Vincent Nothing
3. JT Stahr vs. Gregory Iron
4. The Hybrids vs. Zero Gravity
5. The GP Code vs. Jon Moxely & Dick Rick
6. Dave Crist vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Aaron Williams vs. Dustin Rayz vs. The Solution
Price $15.00

HWA DVD July 11, 2008 "Unbreakable!" - Cincinatti, OH
1. The Madness vs. Joe Hobo
2. Gregory Iron vs. JT Stahr
3. Dustin Rayz vs. Sami Callihan
4. Aaron Williams vs. Johnny Gargano
5. The GP Code vs. The Hybrids vs. Naptown Dragons
6. Jake Christ vs. Jon Moxely
Price $15.00

AIW DVD September 21, 2008 "Die Another Day" - Cleveland, OH
1. Switchblade Saints (Sami Callihan & Matt Riot) vs. Homeless Handicap Connection vs. Da Latin Crime Syndicate
2. Team Sexy vs. Benny Boone
3. The Thrillbilly vs. Thomas Von Erich
4. Matthew Justice vs. Marion Fontaine vs. Jimmy DeMarco vs. Facade
5. Absolute Tag Team Championship - The Young Studs vs. Alpha Beta Duke
6. Intense Division Championship - Shiima Xion vs. Johnny Gargano
7. Combat Zone Wrestling Heavyweight Championship - Vincent Nothing vs. Drake Younger
8. Tyler Black vs. Mike Tolar
9. Absolute Championship Match - Sterling James Keenan vs. The Duke
Price $15.00

AIW DVD February 24, 2008 "Gauntlet For The Gold 3" - Brookpark, OH
1. BONUS MATCH: Luis Diamante vs. K-Fed
2. Dios Salvador vs. SJK - Winner Is #30 In The Gauntlet
3. Chris Cronus vs. Mike Tolar
4. The Young Studs vs. The Homeless Handicap Connection
5. Nick Belushi vs. Matt Riot
6. Team Sexy VS. Hailey Hatred
7. Tracy Smothers Interview
8. Johnny Gargano vs. Josh Prohibition
9. Matthew Justice vs. "MDogg20" Matt Cross
10. "The Passion" John Thorne vs. Mad Man Pondo
11. Tyrone Evans/Jones farewell to AIW
12. 30 Person Gauntlet For The Gold For The Vacant Absolute Championship
Price $15.00

AIW DVD October 28, 2007 "Hell On Earth 3" - Cleveland, OH
1. Rebis VS. K-Fed
2. Chris Cronus VS. Equinox
3. Matthew Justice VS. Hallowicked
4. INTENSE TITLE: Tyler Black VS. Shane Hollister
5. Josh Prohibition VS. Sensei Mike Krease
6. AIW TAG TITLES: Alpha Beta Duke VS. The Colony VS. The Young Studs
7. "The Panther" Tyrone Evans VS. Jigsaw
8. 2/3 Falls: Dios Salvador VS. Sterling James Keenan
9. FANS BRING THE WEAPONS: The Necro Butcher VS. "The Psycho Shooter" Drake Younger VS. "The Passion" John Thorne
Price $15.00

AIW DVD September 30, 2007 "Tomorrow Never Dies" - Cleveland, OH
1. BONUS MATCH: Rebis VS. Eric Ryan VS. K-Fed
2. Shane Hollister VS. TJ Dynamite VS. Omega Aaron Draven VS. Jesse Burke
3. Tammy "Sunny" Sytch Segment
4. AIW TAG TITLES: Alpha Beta Duke (Belushi/Oprah) VS. Revelation 13
5. Starless VS. Claudio Castagnoli
6. The Switchblade Saints (Matt Riot & "The New Horror" Sami Callihan) VS. The Cut Throat Crew
7. The Thrillbilly VS. Chris Cronus
8. Strong Style Match: "The Panther" Tyrone Evans VS. Eddie Kingston
9. Dios Salvador VS. Sterling James Keenan
10. INTENSE TITLE: Tyler Black VS. Chris Hero
11. ABSOLUTE TITLE: Steve Corino VS. The Duke
Price $15.00


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11/8 & 11/9 WXW/Chikara Oberhausen, Germany "2008 Tag World Grand Prix"
11/8 CZW - Philadelphia, PA "Night of Infamy: GREED"
11/15 Chikara - Framingham, MA "Cibernetico Begins"
11/15 Heavy On Wrestling - Superior, WI "Have A Funkin' Nice Day"
11/16 Chikara - Wallingford, CT "I, McMahon"
11/29 IWA East Coast - Charleston, WV "2008 Zero G & Masters of Pain"
12/5 IWA Mid-South - Joliet, IL "2008 Strong Style Tournament"
12/6 IWA Mid-South - Joliet, IL "2008 Candido Cup"
12/12 CZW - Philadelphia, PA "Cage Of Death 10"


Steven Ashe sent this in:

Manny Down and Out; Beef Triumphant

PCP Crazy F’N Manny suffered a concussion along with bone chips in his elbow during his hardcore Triple Hell Match against Beef Wellington on Saturday and has been advised by his doctor not to wrestle for the foreseeable future, and both his doctor and his friends are encouraging Manny to hang up the boots for good. The injury occurred after Beef Wellington won their match with his modified sleeper despite Manny trying to counter the submission hold by driving Beef through a barbed-wire board, but Beef hung on for the victory despite the barbed-wire digging into his arms and back. After having his arm raised in victory, Beef’s goon squad, Sexxxy Eddy and the Evil Ninja hit the ring and the three men took turns teeing off first on Manny’s arm covering his head and then clobbering Manny’s unprotected head with sickening chair shots that led directly to his concussion.

IWS Blood, Sweat and Beers
Results Quick and Dirty
Saturday, November 1st, 2008
Le Skratch, Chomedey, Laval, Quebec

IWS Tag Team Title Match: IWS Champions Up In Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy) vs. 2.0 (Shane Matthews and Jagged)
Cheech and Cloudy defended their titles in 9:14

Back to Back to Back and Home: Maxx Fury vs. Chris Bishop vs. Lionel Knight
Heavy Maxx Fury defeated Chris Bishop and Lionel Knight in 7:53

Making a Mark: Shayne Hawke vs. Brodie Lee
Shayne Hawke beat Brodie Lee in 11:16

Handicap Grudge Match: The Green Phantom vs. Sexxxy Eddy and the Evil Ninja
Sexxxy Eddy and the Evil Ninja won in 15:22 after Viking hit the Green Phantom with a chair.

IWS Canadian Title Match: EXesS Challenge
EXesS beat Stinky the Homeless Guy in 4:22.

The Last Dance: The Untouchables (Don Paysan and Jimmy Stone) vs. The Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno and Stupefied)
Dan Paysan and Jimmy Stone pinned Stupefied at 12:52 after dropping him head-first on an open chair.

IWS Title Match: IWS Champion Kevin Steen vs. Twiggy
Kevin Steen defended his IWS Title forcing Twiggy to tap to the Sharpshooter in 15:43

Main Event: Triple Hell Death Match (Barbed-Wire, Thumb-Tacks and Glass Beef Wellington vs. PCP Crazy F’N Manny
Beef Wellington beat Manny with a modified Sleeper in 12:33


IWS Blood, Sweat and Beers
Detailed Results

Blood, Sweat and Beers 2008 opened with Jagged and Shane Matthews looking to capture the IWS Tag Team titles for a fourth time, but Cheech and Cloudy were able to fend off the flow and keep their belts. It was nip and tuck though as Cheech and Jagged traded pin-fall attempts with each coming closer and closer to the win until finally Jagged rolled his shoulder off the canvas just a half-second after the pin-fall was counted. Perhaps more impressively, the two teams kept the crowd in the match while in the background the Montreal Canadiens were coming back from down 4-1 to win their game 5-4.

Maxx Fury was incredibly impressive and crisp for a man who basically hasn’t wrestled in three years. Lionel Knight and Chris Bishop we already knew were (and still are) great. They dominated the early going as they double-teamed Maxx before dissension over which of Team Checkmate would take the pin gave Maxx his ticket to victory. The match was filled with high spots and subtle little moments like Bishop and Knight combining on a double Fisherman’s Suplex which saw Bishop slyly kicking Knight’s leg out from under him to collapse Lionel’s bridge. Despite being a former IWS champion, Maxx’ long absence made him unfamiliar to many of the newer IWS hardcore soldiers, but by the time Maxx emerged triumphant, the crowd was delighted with his return and looking forward to more.

Shayne Hawke barely eked out a victory against the Big Rig Brodie Lee. The fiery red-head basically spat in Lee’s eye and dared him to do his worst… which honestly may have been a slight miscalculation. On the other hand, despite the massive beating that Hawke took, the rope-a-dope strategy did seem to frustrate the big man which led directly to Brodie slugging IWS referee Josh. With Lee distracted, Hawke took advantage for a quick roll-up win.

The Green Phantom’s handicap match began with Sexxxy Eddy announcing that as a former IWS champion; he needed no help to beat the IWS’ Hardcore Hero. Of course, the Phantom is also a former IWS champion and won his title beating Eddy. History looked to repeat itself until Eddy audibled and called for the Evil Ninja after five minutes. The Phantom put up a valiant effort, but the combination of being outnumbered and being outnumbered by two men with low morals and finely tuned ability to ambush eventually left the Green Phantom in danger of losing until Viking hit the ring for the save. Shockingly, Viking struck Phantom with a chair allowing Eddy and the Ninja to get the win.

Viking had a few things to say after the match. As usual, despite being bilingual in French and English, I do not speak fluent Viking, but fortunately the alcoholic anarchist anti-christ came up to me after the show and repeated his rant slower and at a reduced (though still deafening) volume. He also gave me a beer buzz just by shouting at me. The gist of his rant is that he hit the Green Phantom with a chair because he respected him as the IWS’ most hardcore wrestler and he wants to face Phantom in a death match at the next IWS show. Yeah… Viking’s drunken logic makes even less sense than his drunken French.

EXesS returned to his habit of making open challenges, only this time the IWS Triple Crown winner was putting his newly won Canadian title on the line. At Blood, Sweat and Beers 2008, EXesS dragged Inter-Species Wrestling star Stinky the Homeless Guy out of the crowd. Despite some impressive displays of strength from Stinky, in the end the IWS’ sneaky submission specialist was too much for the less experienced Stinky whose attempt at a Heart Punch was countered into a Side Triangle Choke.

On a somewhat related topic, with Manny on the shelf for an extended period, there are going to be some policy decisions that fall into my lap. So, until someone else comes around to fill the void, my first act of ABUSE of POWER is to advise EXesS that if he continues to spit at the IWS fans that he will be suspended and his title stripped. It is gross, unsanitary, a public health risk and it is hurting ticket sales.

The Untouchables made a strong case that they should be considered the number one contender’s to the IWS Tag Team Titles by beating the former tag team champs the Super Smash Brothers. Leaving nothing to chance, Dan Paysan and Jimmy Stone ensured their victory by combining to just destroy Stupefied on an open chair.

Twiggy failed to win Kevin Steen’s gold, but he won something that is even harder to earn: Mr. Wrestling’s respect. I also have to give huge props to Twiggy who threw everything and the kitchen sink at Steen including an insane Twig-A-Rana on the IWS Champion from the Skratch’s elevated bar to the floor. After escaping from a Sharpshooter, Twiggy looked doomed when Steen lifted him for a Package Pile-Driver, but Steen hesitated before delivering the coup de gras… and nearly lost his title in the process as Twiggy threw everything he had left into a flash roll-up. Escaping from that pin attempt, Kevin Steen hit the Package Pile-Driver, but hesitated again before making the pin, allowing Twiggy to kick out. After that, Mr. Wrestling took no more chances, trapping Twiggy in a Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring from which there was no escape.


Other IWS News

We are negotiating for our next IWS show and I will announce the next date as soon as it is confirmed. In the meantime, there is no shortage of IWS action, as the IWS wrestlers roam far and wide.

You can feel the flow of 2.0 in Essen, Germany this weekend as Jagged and Shane Matthews travel to Chikara’s Tag World Grand Prix. Their opponents in the opening round are Tommy End and Zack Sabre Jr.

While 2.0 are making their Germany debut, the Green Phantom, Dan Paysan and Stupefied will be making their ROH debut during the ROH Montreal show this Friday, along with EXesS who previously wrestled in ROH as part of a tag-team with Fast Eddie. Naturally, IWS & ROH stars Kevin Steen and El Generico will be on the card, wrestling in the main event match featuring every ROH champion, Steen and Generico the Tag Team champions, Go Shiozaki, FIP champion and Nigel McGuiness, ROH champion with Nigel’s belt on the line. Hopefully, the rabid Montreal home-town crowd will cheer either Steen or Generico to victory.

As for the other IWS wrestlers on the show? You may recall that the match that first put Kevin Steen and El Generico on the map in the United States was an IWS 4-Way in Viking Hall for CZW featuring Steen, Generico, EXesS and Sexxxy Eddy later voted CZW’s 2004 match of the year. This famous match was followed by an equally electrifying IWS 4-Way in JAPW featuring Generico, Eddy, EXesS and Beef Wellington. (Kevin Steen was busy defending his IWS title on the same show against Roderick Strong.)

It seems only appropriate that the first official IWS match in ROH should also be an IWS 4-Way. Dan Paysan, Stupefied, the Green Phantom and EXesS are all excited to represent IWS in ROH and in front of their hometown fans and each has told me that they are determined to deliver a match that lives up to the tradition of IWS 4-Ways.

In one final bit of exciting news, earlier in the year El Generico was invited to give an exhibition during Mexico’s Lucha Expo. This demonstration match appears to have finally convinced Mexican wrestling authorities to rescind El Generico’s lifetime ban against performing in Mexico. (Generico was banned from competing in Mexico and exiled to Montreal after a training accident when he injured a fellow student with his patented Brain-Buster.) This opens the door for El Generico to compete for Mexican Lucha Libre promotions.

With no IWS show to plug, allow me to mention that Inter-Species Wrestling will be holding its next show (No Show Name As of Yet) but I am rooting for: Love Hurts Two: Only When I Pee. Show will be held on Sunday, February 15th, 2009 at Foufounes Electriques, 87 Ste-Catherine Est, (near the corner of Ste-Catherine and St-Laurent, close to the St-Laurent metro) Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:00 pm, show starts at 8:00 pm, tickets are $15. 18+, card and times subject to change. For more information go to or write to and tell Rotchy that Llakor sent you...

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World Wrestling Network presents
Pro Wrestling Riot - Road To Gold: Part One

November 8, 2008 - Bell Time 8:00 PM

The New Lakes in Regency Park Civic Center

8330 Civic Drive - Port Richey, FL 34668

Tickets at the door:
Adults $10 and Kids 13 and under $5
Tickets in advance:
Adults $8 and Kids 13 and under $4

For more info or to purchase tickets call (352)422-4582 or visit

Pro Wrestling RIOT Title Tournament

Opening Round Matches

Sideshow vs. The House of Vitale's Damballah

Sedrick Strong vs. 911, Inc.'s Shawn Osborne

Jaison Moore vs. Craig Classic

Austin Amadeus vs. Chris Jones

Pro Wrestling RIOT Tag Team Title Tournament

Opening Round Matches

The House of Vitale's Lou The Fixer & Snow vs. The British Lions

Bumz R' Us vs. The Dynamic Duo

Plus much more!

As a nation elects its new leaders, Pro Wrestling RIOT is set to crown its first heavyweight & tag team champions at Road to Gold. Sixteen single competitors & eight tag teams will vie for the honor of being Pro Wrestling RIOT’s first champions. All roads lead to this Saturday, November 8th, in Port Richey, FL at the New Lakes in Regency Park Civic Center. There are no polls or pundits; only heart-pounding action like only Pro Wrestling RIOT can deliver. The initial four first round single matches & two first round tag team matches will take place this Saturday and are as follows:

Sideshow vs. Damballah – Arguably the most popular wrestler in Pro Wrestling RIOT goes head-to-head with the most unpredictable & violent competitor on the roster. Sideshow, who has been through a rollercoaster ride over the past year, recently lead his team to a Wargames victory over Ron Niemi’s 911, Inc. at the 2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. However, that was not without controversy as he had a heated altercation with partner, Sedrick Strong, after the match regarding Sideshow’s sister Danielle. Sideshow, who has been very volatile since the incident where Danielle was powerbombed through a table at It’s Personal, has not been able to be reached for any comment regarding this incident. The dangerous Damballah has been responsible for reaping terror in RIOT, as well as ending the RIOT careers of many competitors. This uncontrollable lunatic seems to be on the trail for blood & carnage more than for gold. Can Amy Vitale control the madman from Sulfur, LA, or will this match be completely out of control?

Sedrick Strong vs. “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne –Shawn Osborne, the only member of Ron Niemi’s 911, Inc. who will be in attendance at this Saturday’s Road to Gold: Part One has been on a tear in Pro Wrestling RIOT. This former WWE developmental star says that he will be kicking it in overdrive on his way to claim gold in the state of Florida. Sedrick Strong, after a very successful run as a tag team competitor, has solidified himself as one of the top single wrestlers in Pro Wrestling RIOT. Strong has been embroiled in a violent feud with Ron Niemi’s 911, Inc., more specifically, the Dark City Fight Club of Kory Chavis & Jon Davis.

The entire interview is available at

Jaison Moore vs. Craig Classic – These two 2008 Jeff Peterson Cup competitors face off in what promises to be a high impact, fast paced encounter. Moore, a favorite in Pro Wrestling RIOT, has solidified his standing with victories over competitors such as Kenny King, Austin Amadeus & Rhett Titus. Classic, who is a regular with Big Japan Pro Wrestling, stole the show at night one of the 2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup when he went toe-to-toe with CHIKARA’s Gran Akuma in the first round.

Austin Amadeus vs. Chris Jones – Amadeus, who is embroiled in a heated feud with former manager “The Princess of Pro Wrestling RIOT” Amy Vitale and her House of Vitale, goes against the new FIP Florida Heritage Champion Chris Jones. Amadeus, formerly known as Austin Andretti, has been a mainstay in Pro Wrestling RIOT and has impressed since breaking free from Vitale. Jones comes to RIOT with a very impressive resume that he’s been able to amass in a very short time. Both these young competitors are hungry for RIOT gold and either one could be the dark horse in this tournament.

Bumz ‘R’ Us (Ray Beez & Mr. Milo Beasley) vs. The New Dynamic Duo (Fantastic Dantastic & K-Dizzy) - Fresh off their 2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup victory over Lou The Fixer & Snow of the House of Vitale in a brutal TLC match, Bumz ‘R’ Us have momentum going into the Pro Wrestling RIOT Tag Team Tournament. Impressive victories over Team Vision, Lou The Fixer & Snow, as well as winning the 12-Man Tag Team Warfare match at Declaration of War has established this unlikely tag team as a force not only in Pro Wrestling RIOT, but throughout the entire Southeast. Not much is known about The New Dynamic Duo except that they seem to be based in South Florida. The Duo recently participated in the Tag Team Gauntlet at the 2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup and even scored a handicap victory over the massive Snow at Escalation, thanks primarily to Bumz ‘R’ Us.

The House of Vitale (Lou The Fixer & Snow) vs. The British Lions (Chris Gray & Tommy Taylor) – The House of Vitale attempts to re-establish itself after a brutal TLC loss to Bumz ‘R’ Us at the 2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. Could they have revenge on their minds with hope of meeting Bumz ‘R’ Us later in the tournament? Ms. Vitale seems to be hedging her bets to capture tag team gold as she has two teams vying for gold, Lou The Fixer & Snow, as well as The Heartbreak Express. Does Ms. Vitale have a preference over one team or another, or is she just concerned about bringing home the gold by any means necessary? The British Lions are fresh off their Tag Team Gauntlet victory at the 2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. These former WWE developmental stars made an immediate impact by eliminating The Heartbreak Express to win the gauntlet. This did not bold well with Ms. Vitale. Could she be using Lou The Fixer & Snow as roadblocks for the British Lions or does she have other tricks under her crown?

World Wrestling Network (WWN) has just released the newest Pro Wrestling RIOT DVD “The Ties That Bind”. This release features eight huge matches including Sedrick Strong vs. Kory Chavis, Sideshow vs. Jon Davis, Team Vision vs. The Lifeguards, Lou The Fixer & Snow vs. Bumz ‘R’ Us in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, Jerrelle Clark vs. Scott Davis, Jaison Moore vs. Nooie Lee in a 2008 JPC Qualifier, plus more featuring “The Marquee” Bruce Santee, Damballah, “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne, Francisco Ciatso, Ron Niemi and others! This DVD is available for immediate shipping at


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