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On Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 6:19 PM EST

The Wrestling Elite sent this in: If you happened to miss Friday night's edition of The Wrestling Elite on Sports Radio 1130 WDFN which included an exclusive interview with WWE Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart, you can find out how to download it now by visiting The Wrestling Elite page at click here.

Speaking of Bret, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that during another radio show appearance in Washington, DC on November 17, the host talked about seeing Shawn Michaels swear to God that he had nothing to do with the 1997 Survivor Series incident on the "Wrestling with Shadows" documentary. Hart added quote, "I remember going over and I thought...I should just go for a fifty-yard field goal right now. I really wanted to. And then I thought about drilling him because I knew he was in on it. I just could feel it. And I tapped him on the shoulder and I said, `Thanks for the match,’ and he shook my hand and broke into tears...but you know, both Shawn and Hunter swore to God on camera that they had nothing to do with any of that. And Shawn’s this Christian today, and in his book, he wrote that Vince took a dive and that I never even hit him and I thought, `This guy is such a liar.’ I wonder what kind of Christian he is." When asked if he has talked to Michaels since he added, "No. And I hope I never do, for his sake."