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On Friday, December 12, 2008 at 3:07 AM EST

December 11, 2008
Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show starts off with video highlights of Final Resolution.

After the Intro Mike & Don run down the scheduled card for tonight that will feature Abyss vs. James Storm of Beer Money Inc. in a Beer Bottle on a Pole Match, the X-Division Title Tournament begins, and the rest of the Feast or Fired briefcases will be opened.

The Main Event Mafia’s music hits and out comes the MEM fresh off of another dominating performance at Final Resolution where Kurt Angle defeated Rhino to earn his rematch with Jeff Jarrett and the rest of the Mafia defeating Front Line members AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, & Team 3D in a great 8-man Tag which in turn kept the TNA World Title around Sting’s waist. Angle says that it happened exactly the way he said it was and he says he beat Foley at his own game at Final Resolution. Kurt tells Jeff Jarrett that it didn’t have turn out this way. He says that he signed with TNA 2 ½ years ago and had visions of carrying TNA on his back to the top. He says he did everything he could to make it work but the more press and attention he got the more his boss (Jarrett) got jealous of him. He says that Jeff, being the egomaniac that he is, didn’t even realize that he was working for him. He says that he was making money for Jeff. He says the more popular he got with fans the more Jeff pulled him down. Kurt says that he hates Jeff Jarrett more than anyone he’s ever worked for and that we know who he’s talking about. He says that Jeff tried to kill his career in TNA not realizing that eventually he would have to face the greatest wrestler that ever lived: Kurt Angle. Kurt says that he has never been more focused and that he is cold and that he feels nothing for Jeff or his daughters. He says that nothing good will come out of this as the fans chant “you suck” at him. Kurt says that he wants to wish Jeff a Merry Christmas and he wants Jeff to buy his daughters some great Christmas presents to remember their daddy for. AJ Styles music hits and he comes out to the stage. AJ calls Kurt a douche bag (I think) and says at Genesis Jeff Jarrett will show what kind of man and leader he is. He says that Jeff will make an example out of Kurt Angle. He says that he’s not going to talk for Jeff Jarrett because he can do it himself and that he is there to talk to Sting. AJ says that for the past 6 months all he’s heard Sting talk about is honor and respect and doing things the right way and what a real champion represents. He says that he assumes that he was talking about himself but wants to know how a man like that could take a victory like he did this past Sunday when Samoa Joe had him beat in front of the whole world, and Sting’s buddy Kevin Nash comes up and puts the screws to Joe. AJ asks Sting if that’s doing it the right way. AJ says that he can go home and look his kids in the eyes and say that he went out in the ring and did things the right way, but can Sting do that? Kurt Angle cuts him off and tells him to shut his mouth. Kurt tells AJ that he’s nothing more than a punk and that Sting has done more in 2 years in TNA than AJ will ever do in his entire career. Kurt says that if AJ is a real man and if he has some balls then he’ll come down there and say all that stuff to Sting’s face. AJ says he will as long as the rest of the Mafia gets out of the ring. Sting tells them to get out and AJ starts walking down. Sting drops the belt and AJ gets in his face and Sting punches him right in the mouth. AJ and Sting start trading punches until the rest of the Mafia come in and beat down AJ. They put the boots to AJ until the Front Line comes out lead by Samoa Joe to make the save and MEM bails out. Kurt says that if they want a war then they got one. Angle says that tonight someone from the Front Line is getting eliminated for good.

In the back JB asks Jeff about the match with Kurt at Genesis. Jeff says what happened at Final Resolution happened and that Kurt got one over on them. JB asks how Jeff can balance being Jeff Jarrett the owner of TNA and Jeff Jarrett the wrestler. Jeff says that he can’t so from now until Genesis he is the King of the Mountain because he can’t afford to lose to Kurt Angle. Jeff tells Mick Foley that he’s got to step up and run TNA. Jeff tells Mick that now he has all the stroke in TNA.

-------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK-----------------------

Back from commercials Tenay and West hype up the rest of the show. The vacant X-Division Title Tournament begins this week. Sheik Abdul Bashir will face Eric Young in a rematch from Final Resolution and Alex Shelley will face Jay Lethal in the first two opening round matches.

In the back Lauren is with the Motor City Machine Guns and she tells them that it looks like they are a target in the locker room right now. Alex says that she has a remarkable talent of stating the obvious. Alex says that they’re a target because they tell the truth. Shelley says that they were attacked by a video game character (Suicide) and asks how you can deal with that, get a cheat code? Shelley says that he is making it his personal quest to gain the X-Division Title around his waist because Detroit needs heroes.

X-Division Championship Tournament Quarter Finals
“Middle Eastern Nightmare” Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

Bahir has taken his heel character to the next level by actually wearing the towel that they cleaned referee Shane Sewell’s blood up with from Final Resolution on his head blood and all. At the bell Bashir charges Young, Young with a shoulder block, Young covers Bashir for a quick two count, Young hits a hiptoss for a two count, and Young hits a Scoop Slam for another two count. Bashir retreats to the corner and stares down Young. They lock up and Bashir pushes Young into the corner. Earl Hebner tells them to break it up but they don’t get a clean break as Bashir kicks Young in the gut. Bashir punches and chops Bashir in the corner as Mike Tenay announces that referee Shane Sewell has been suspended for two weeks and Bashir was fine for his assault on Sewell. Bashir whips Young into the corner, Young leapfrogs over a charging Bashir, and hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Flying Forearm for another two count. Young whips Bashir into the corner and charges with a Splash attempt, but Bashir moves and Young gets caught up on the top rope. Bashir field goal kicks Young and that sends him and causes him to straddle the top rope. Bashir pounds on Young and then taunts the crowd. Bashir talks trash in Youngs face and levels him with a big right hand for a two count. Bashir puts Young in a rear chinlock. Young fights to his feet with back elbows, but Bashir stops him with a shot to the back and then a Scoop Slam. Bashir climbs to the middle rope and dives but Eric Young gets his boot up! Young retreats to a corner to pull himself up and Bashir comes flying in with a Corner Splash, but Young moves and Bashir eats the turnbuckle. Young with big right hands and then whips Bashir into the corners and then hits a Discus Lariat for a two count. Young whips Bashir in the corner again and charges but Bashir nails him with a back elbow. Bashir climbs back to the middle rope and dives again and Young catches him in midair and hits the DVD! Young climbs to the top and goes for a Diving Elbow Drop, but Bashir moves out of the way. Bashir pushes Earl Hebner and Earl pushes him back. When Earl turns around Bashir pushes Earl down and goes for the WMD on Young, but Young reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge for the pinfall! After the match Bashir chases Earl Hebner out of the ring.

Winner & advancing to the Semi Finals: Eric Young via pinfall (Northern Lights Suplex)

In the back Lauren is with the Front Line. Brother Ray tells AJ that 3D was proud to stand beside the Front Line and tells them that are warriors and the future of the business. He says that anytime, anywhere they have their backs. Ray says that they’re not going to sit around and wait for the Mafia to take one of them out. ODB asks Ray what they have in mind and Ray tells her to pass the flask first. Ray takes a drink and says that he is going out to the ring and is going to make Kurt Angle an offer he cant refuse.

-----------------COMMERCIAL BREAK---------------------

Back from commercials JB says that he has exclusive info on who Jay Lethal is picking to be his partner for his TNA Tag Title shot (he won the Tag Title briefcase at Feast or Fired) and if u have TNA Mobile you can find out. I don’t even have to have TNA Mobile to know who that’s going to be, can you say Lethal Consequences? Mick Foley walks out of the Mafia’s locker room laughing. Mick says he forgot how much he liked those guys and as the Mafia walks out they all laugh and joke with Mick. Kurt says that it’s nice to have Mick home. Mick says that he forgot how long he had known those guys and that they are just misunderstood. That was weird.

In the back the Beautiful People are with “Sarah Palin” and Lauren. Lauren starts to say that there is noway that she is really Sarah Palin when Velvet cuts her off and says that Lauren is just jealous. Kip is wearing a t-shirt with Sarah Palin’s face on it. Angelina calls Lauren dog breath and then says that Palin is considering naming the Beautiful People part of her cabinet. She says they cant go to the white house looking like that because they’d give the “old coots” at the Senate a heart attack. She says that she brought some of her personal suits from her wardrobe and they’re going to give them a makeover. Kip looked to be frustrated as they walked off.

When we come from commercials we get a vignette about a new TNA wrestler coming soon that is a “modern day gladiator” called Brutus Magnus. I believe that is the UK version of Gladiator’s Nick Aldis that was known as Oblivion on the show. Don’t worry he’s actually a wrestler too not just some muscle head that TNA picked up.

X-Division Championship Tournament Quarterfinals
Alex Shelley w/Chris Sabin vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal

We got a little Front Line vs. Front Line match right here. Mike and Don hype up how Jay Lethal took advantage of the Machine Guns cockiness at Final Resolution when he jacked the briefcase from them. Shelley attacks Lethal from behind before the bell rings. Shelley throws Lethal headfirst into the top turnbuckle and then stomps on him in the corner. Shelley stands on Lethal’s throat and then Shelley stands him up, but Lethal fights back with hard jabs. Lethal attempts to whip Shelley into the ropes but he reverses it and Lethal hits a backhand spring off the ropes into a back elbow. Lethal with a big right hand on Shelley and Shelley comes back with a Back Suplex attempt, but Lethal lands on his feet. Lethal goes for a Dragon Suplex but Shelley is able to fight to the ropes and stop him from hitting it. Lethal tries to run the ropes but Shelley quickly nails him with a back elbow as he turns around. Shelley tries to come off the ropes too but Lethal hits a back heel kick for a two count. Lethal climbs the top and Sabin gets on the apron but Lethal knocks him down. Shelley then hits Lethal from behind and whips Lethal into the ropes. Shelley goes for a clothesline but Lethal ducks and then hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Sabin on the floor! Shelley charges to dive at Lethal but Lethal quickly gets on the ring apron and hits a shoulder block to the gut of Shelley. Sabin tries to grab Lethal again but Lethal kicks him in the face. Lethal starts to climb back in the ring when Shelley kicks the middle rope pretty much low blowing Lethal. Shelley picks Lethal up and drops him with the WA4 (Kryptonite Krunch)!

Winner: Alex Shelley via pinfall (WA4)

After the match Chris Sabin grabs the stick and calls out Mick Foley. Sabin says that they’re going to give Foley props because at Final Resolution he did what all the TNA Knockouts having been trying to do for months, screw the Motor City Machine Guns. Sabin says that Sunday they gave Mick a chance to fix it but they’re gentlemen so they’ll give Mick one more chance to waddle down to the ring and fix it. He says that if he makes them go to the back and get him he’s not going to like what happens. The lights go out and Suicide’s music hits and he repels into the ring. Sabin swings with a clothesline but Suicide ducks and superkicks Shelley’s knee. Suicide then leg sweeps Sabin. Suicide with body shots and a forearm to Shelley and then hits an atomic drop and headbutt on Sabin. Suicide does a weird running Stunner type move going all the way across the ring and ending it by slamming Shelley’s head into the middle turn buckle. Sabin charges at Suicide but he moves and sends Sabin into Shelley. Suicide then does a running dropkick like Low-Ki used to do that sends Sabin into Shelley again. Suicide then hits a botched Code Red that Tenay says is called the DOA (Dead on Arrival). That really didn’t look good as he botched the move.

--------------COMMERCIAL BREAK-------------------

Back from commercial Lauren is in the back with Matt Morgan and Abyss. Abyss is laughing and pulling out his hair and starts to talk before Matt Morgan cuts him off and asks him what’s wrong with him. Matt asks Abyss what he was thinking last week. Abyss apologizes and says that they told him they would introduce him to Peter and Quagmire at the Drunken Clam (Family Guy). Matt gets pissed and asks Abyss if they are really going to have that conversation on national TV. Matt tells them that it’s a cartoon and then Abyss asks if they really aren’t real. Matt responds by getting pissed and telling Abyss to stop being so gullible. Matt says that he wants to see the Monster out there and tells Abyss to take Storm out.

Rough Cut w/ Beer Money Inc.

This weeks Rough Cut will be on Beer Money member James Storm. James talks about growing up on a farm. He talks about growing up being a wrestling fan and they show a picture he took as a kid with Dutch Mantel. He was an amateur wrestler in high school and won a national championship his first year. He says he had to quit wrestling because his dad passed away and he had to help his mother pay bills. He was still offered a scholarship to wrestle but he broke his collarbone. He talks about how he knew that if he could overcome his injury that he could overcome everything. He talks about how he tried out at the Nashville Fair Grounds (which interestingly enough is where the Asylum was where TNA had all the PPVs in the early days) and he was accepted to start training to become a professional wrestler. They show video footage of his early days as a wrestler. He talks about the day he got the call that TNA was offering a contract he looked at his boss and told him he quit he was about to become a full time professional wrestler.

Beer Bottle On A Pole Match
“Cowboy” James Storm w/Jacqueline vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Whoever grabs the beer bottle off the pole can legally use it in the match but its still a one fall match. Storm immediately tries to climb the ropes to get the bottle but Abyss snatches him down and hits him with a big shot. Abyss with another big shot and then whips Storm into the ropes and hits him with a press slam. Abyss picks Storm up and then throws him over the top rope and Storm actually flies over the guardrail as he lands on the floor. Abyss follows him out and Storm throws beer from a fans cup in Abyss’ face. Storm with a big right hand and throws Abyss back over the guardrail. Storm grabs a steel chair and walks over but Abyss punches the chair into Storm’s face. Abyss clutches at his hand like its hurt. Abyss throws Storm back into the ring and hits a big Splash in the corner. Abyss points at the beer bottle and climbs up the ropes but Storm hits him with a big stepup Enziguri from the apron. Abyss tries to come back with a clothesline but Storm ducks and nails Abyss with the Last Call. Storm climbs to the top and grabs the beer bottle. He takes a drink from the bottle and then goes to hit Abyss with it but gets caught with the Black Hole Slam! Abyss grabs the beer bottle but Jacqueline runs in and snatches the bottle from Abyss and runs to the back. Abyss goes to beating down Storm in the ring when Matt Morgan shows up in front of Jacqueline stopping her. Jacqueline runs back down to the ring while Abyss stomps on Storm in the ring. Jacqueline is trying to hide under the ring but Morgan drags her out. Morgan picks her up when Roode comes out of nowhere with a low blow. Storm distracts the referee while Storm lays Abyss out with a vicious chair shot. Storm covers Abyss and gets the pin.

Winner: James Storm via pinfall

After the match Beer Money continue the beatdown on Abyss but Matt Morgan comes in to make the save. Morgan hits Roode with a Splash and then sets up for the Hellevator when Storm hits him the back of the head with the bear bottle! Beer Money beats on Morgan and Storm was about to cut Morgan with a piece of the beer bottle until Abyss came back into the ring with a chair and made the save.

--------------COMMERCIAL BREAK-------------------

Back from commercials JB is in the back with the Main Event Mafia. JB asks Sting about AJ’s comments but Nash cuts him off and says that AJ let his teammate get hit in the balls. Nash says that if he hadn’t done it then the Front Line would’ve done it to them and the point was to keep the World Title. Nash says that the problem is Devon and Bubba Ray finally got a taste of their own medicine and didn’t like it. Nash says that he always knew that JB played for the ‘other team’ but didn’t think it was for the Front Line. Steiner gets in JB’s face and asks him if the Front Line sent him there but Kurt stops him and points at the TV that shows Brother Ray coming to the ring. Ray says that he’s in the ring all by hisself and he wants to talk to Kurt Angle man-to-man alone no Front Line, no MEM. Kurt tells the rest of the MEM to wait there and he comes out to the ring. Ray says that he is going to keep it as short and sweet as he can. Brother Ray says there is a lot of potential in this feud for a lot of bloodshed, broken bones, and possibly even some ended careers. Ray says that he knows that MEM wants to destroy the Front Line and he can guarantee that the Front Line will never sleep until they get rid of MEM as the fans chant “TNA” to them. Ray says that he likes hearing the people cheering that and the fans then start chanting “you suck” at Kurt, and Ray says he likes hearing them chant that even better. Ray says that hearing them chant “TNA” kind of reminds him of being back home in Philadelphia which gets some “ECW” chants. Ray says that while MEM tries to destroy the Front Line and the Front Line tries to destroy MEM they all destroy TNA in the process. He asks Kurt what happens then and says then they would have to go and sale their souls back to the devil. He proposes a match between Kurt Angle and himself tonight. He says that Kurt tells the Main Event Mafia to leave the building and he tells Front Line to leave the building. Ray offers a handshake and Kurt Angle shakes it.

--------------COMMERCIAL BREAK-------------------

In the back Joe tells Ray that if he thinks they’re leaving the building then he’s out of his mind. Ray says that he gave Kurt his word. He says that if Kurt wins then the Front Line disbands and if he wins then the Mafia disbands. Ray tells them that they have to leave and the Machine Guns immediately say “you got it” and leave. Joe finally agrees and AJ says that it’s a stupid idea. Devon doesn’t leave and Devon asks where he thinks he’s going to go. Devon asks Ray if he really believes that the Mafia wont get involved just because he shook Kurt Angle’s hand. Ray says that Kurt is a gold medalist and that he has to take the hand shake from a gold medalist. Devon finally agrees and tells Ray he’ll see him later.

In the back JB is in the Mafia’s locker room. Kurt says that he made a promise and he’s going to stick to it. The Mafia leaves with no problem but Booker asks Kurt if he’s sure and Kurt says he’s sure. Booker tells Kurt that Ray is from the streets and that he’ll get down, but Kurt says he can handle it.

--------------COMMERCIAL BREAK-------------------

In the back Lauren is with the “Governor” and the Beautiful People. They are dressed in suits. They are disappointed with how they look but Palin says they look like Beyonce and they get excited. Kip starts to say that she is not really Sarah Palin but again they cut him off. Palin tells them that they still have a ways to go.

Feast or Fired

L.A.X. and Curry Man were the other three winners of Feast or Fired briefcases and they are out with JB to find out who is going to feast and who will be fired. They select Hernandez’s briefcase to be opened first and he earns a TNA World Heavyweight Title shot!

--------------COMMERCIAL BREAK-------------------

The next case they open up is Curry Man’s and he is FIRED! Maybe that means a certain Fallen Angel is on his way back to TNA? That obviously means Homicide earns the X-Division Title shot! Curry Man asks JB if this is good and JB says that it’s not good. Curry Man says that he loves TNA and he will soon sign contract to get title shot. Security takes Curry Man out and he is still saying he will sign a contract.

Sojournor Bolt vs. Christy Hemme

Bolt, who recently signed a contract with TNA, comes out to Team Mexico from the first Americas X-Cup tournament way back in 2003’s music. That is just cheap. Christy Hemme has new music now and some new ring gear that is, um, very nice. They lockup and Christy gets a side headlock on Bolt and turns it into a headlock takeover. Christy keeps the headlock on but Bolt reverses it with a head scissors. Christy gets out of it with a flip and Bolt takes her back over with a headlock takeover of her own. Christy reverses it with a head scissors and Christy has it on very tight, but Bolt finally escapes. They lockup again and Bolt gets the advantage with a waistlock and turns it into a suplex. Bolt puts Christy in a Front Chancery but Christy counters out with a hammerlock. Bolt fights to her feet and she reverses it and hits a big knee strike. Bolt slams Christy’s head into the turnbuckle and then hits a snapmare followed by a basement dropkick to the back of the head for a two count. Bolt hits a big scoop slam and then an Elbow Drop for a two count. Bolt hits a knife edge chop and then goes for a clothesline, but Christy channels Elix Skipper with the Matrix move to avoid it. Christy with a double forearm and then a flying clothesline. Christy with a facebuster and then a big Crescent Kick followed by a basement dropkick. Christy climbs up the ropes but Bolt punches her in the stomach and slams off the top. Bolt hits a Superkick for a two count. Bolt sets up for a Powerbomb but Christy reverses it into a sunset flip for the pin!

Winner: Christy Hemme via pinfall (sunset flip)

After the match Christy and Bolt hug and shake hands, but then Bolt slaps Christy and pushes her. Christy then jumps on her and they are going at it until referees run out to break them up.

In the back Lauren approaches Curry Man who is being taken out by security. They stop and Curry Man says that his briefcase said Fired Championship Title shot and asks who the Fired Champion is. Lauren explains to him that he is fired. Security carries Curry Man out as he screams for one more chance. They show a video package of Curry Man highlights with sappy music. It has a graphic that says “Curry Man 2008-2008. We barely knew thee.” I have to admit I laughed at that one.

Main Event
Frontline vs. Main Event Mafia

Brother Ray vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle

If Kurt Angle wins this match then the Front Line must disband while if Ray wins then Main Event Mafia must disband. Angle didn’t do his usual entrance and instead showed up out of nowhere and attacked Ray from behind. Angle stomps on Ray and then chokes him on the middle rope. Angle continues to beat on Ray with stomps and punches and then hits a big back suplex for only a one count. Angle continues to beat on Ray as he has been all over Ray from the start. Angle beats on Ray in the corner with stiff shots and Angle is literally beating on Ray all over the ring. Ray finally gets in some offense with big chops. Ray and Angle trade shots until Angle pokes Ray in the eyes. They show a closeup of Angle’s chest that looks nasty and red from those hard chops. Ray comes back with a big clothesline on Angle and then another one and another. Ray whips Angle in the ropes and hip tosses him all the way to the corner. Ray hits another nasty chop and then whips him into the ropes again. Ray goes for a backdrop but Angle kicks him in the face. Angle charges Ray but Ray ducks and hits a VICIOUS German Suplex that dropped Angle straight on his head for a two count. Ray attempts to whip Angle but he reverses it but Ray holds onto the ropes. Angle charges Ray and gets backdropped to the floor! Ray follows him out and hits a big right hand and then throws Angle into the guardrail. Ray with another big right hand and then throws Angle headfirst into the announce table. Ray slams Angle onto the entrance ramp and then charges at Angle and attempts to Spear him, but Angle moves and Ray crashes through the wall underneath the entrance way!

--------------COMMERCIAL BREAK-------------------

Back from commercial Angle attempts to hit Ray with a chair but Ray hits a big body shot. They are stiffing the hell out of each other and Ray is busted wide open. Ray throws Angle into a wall as the referee calls for the bell. The referee has declared the match a NO CONTEST as the fans chant for them to let them fight.


Ray and Angle continue to fight into the backstage area. Ray picks up something and hits Angle with it and then throws him into a production truck outside. Ray picks up a broom stick and hits Angle with it. Angle slams Angle into a chair and then slams him into the production truck again. Angle tries to kick Ray but he catches the leg and chops him. Ray throws Angle into a table and then hits him with a chair over the back. Ray chops Angle again and starts laying out security as they try to break it up. Ray throws Angle into another wall and Ray tells Angle that he would end Angle’s career right now if he didn’t have a wife or kids. Angle tries to talk his way out of it but Steiner hits Ray from behind with a lead pipe. Booker hits Ray with a nasty chair shot and then Steiner and Booker take turns hitting Ray with a chair and a trash can. Sting looks on as the Mafia destroys Brother Ray. Sting walks away as they beat on Brother Ray. They are just killing Brother Ray with stiff shots. Ray is still trying to fight back but Steiner and Nash throw Ray into a dumpster. Angle proclaims that “Nobody messes with the Main Event Mafia” as TNA goes off the air.

Final Thoughts

Tonight’s show was very up and down for me. There was some good but also some bad. The matches were good but still too much talking not enough wrestling. There was a lot of stuff that TNA could have cut out of this show. The Sarah Palin stuff is just stupid and unnecessary. Also, I love the Rough Cut segments because they are always nicely done but tonight’s didn’t make sense. Why show something like that about a heel? James Storm comes off as an asshole on TV but came off as anything but that in that segment. Suicide still has my interested peaked and he does some really cool moves (some that Kaz never did before) but that botched move really screwed up that segment. I want to see where they’re going with this.

The X-Division Matches were good, I thought the match between Young and Bashir was just as good as their one from the PPV and Bashir is awesome for coming out with the bloody towel on his head. Nice to see Shelley getting put over in the X-Division tournament as Lethal doesn’t need it since he’s getting the tag titles shot. Still too short, with more time, Lethal and Shelley could’ve had an unbelievable match.

The Bottle on a Pole Match in ring wise was okay but I hate stupid gimmick matches like that. Just have a No DQ match. Doesn’t look like this feud is ending just yet which is interesting to see where they go with Lethal getting a title shot.

Christy Hemme looked very impressive once again in her match with Bolt (who was impressive too) and they had a very good wrestling match. A lot of reversals and counters, some chain wrestling. I really enjoyed that match. It got decent time and if Christy continues to improve she could be a top Knockout. Those shorts she wore were very awesome too.

I like how the Feast or Fired turned out. Hernandez getting a TNA World Title shot is going to be very interesting but I just wish it would be on PPV instead of Impact which it will most likely be. Homicide getting an X-Division Title shot gives the eventual champion after Genesis a great match to already have set up. Curry Man is gone and hopefully Fallen Angel is coming back very, very soon. The goodbye video they did for Curry Man was hilarious. My brother who hates wrestling was in the ring when it showed that and asked me what was going on and after I told him they did the final interview with Curry Man and then the video package, and he laughed very hard and said that it was hilarious. He actually watched the rest of the show with me after that and was impressed with the main event. Fallen Angel needs to be back before Genesis. Save us Fallen Angel!

I’m very confused with Mick Foley, his only appearance on the show was him joking around with the Main Event Mafia and saying that they are just misunderstood when Kurt just said at Final Resolution he was going to “beat the shit” out of Mick.

The Main Event really impressed me. I wasn’t mad about the No Contest in any way because there is no reasonable way that either could’ve won. Brother Ray and Kurt Angle both stiffed the hell out of each other with several really, really hard shots, and the match was very entertaining. The beat down the Mafia put on Ray was classic too. Booker definitely killed some of Ray’s brain cells with that first chair shot. It was classic heel too with Ray trusting Angle would hold up his word and of course they broke it. Again Sting just looked on and eventually even walked off on the Mafia. I’m really enjoying this angle. One of the better endings to an Impact TNA has ever done.

Also, TNA already announced on their website that next week will be headlined by a huge Six Sides of Steel Main Event! Samoa Joe and AJ Styles will face Sting & Kevin Nash inside the cage! Also, the X-Division Title Tournament continues with the debut of Japanese star Kioshi (Akira Raijin). Plus, two of the Main Event Mafia members who were apart of two of the best tag teams of the 90’s Harlem Heat and the Steiner’s will team up as Booker T. & Scott Steiner face Matt Morgan & Abyss!

- Match of the Night: Kurt Angle vs. Brother Ray (***)

- Segment/Promo of the Night: Main Event Mafia and AJ Styles Confrontation

- Final Grade: B

Scheduled for Next Week:
- Six Sides of Steel Main Event: Samoa Joe & AJ Styles vs. Sting & Kevin Nash
- Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Booker T. & Scott Steiner
- X-Division Title Tournament: Sonjay Dutt vs. Chris Sabin
- X-Division Title Tournament: Consequences Creed vs. Kioshi
- Knockouts Street Fight: Chirsty Hemme & ODB vs. Rhaka Khan & Raisha Saeed
- Rhino vs. Lance Rock
- Jeff Jarrett Speaks!

Genesis 2009 Lineup So Far:
- Angle vs. Jarrett II
- TNA X-Division Title Tournament Finals: TBA vs. TBA