Jacqueline released, Rikishi's WWE status, & Lita angle likely to run for months

Reported by Christopher Marchant of WrestleView.com
On Wednesday, June 30, 2004 at 3:48 PM EST

-WrestleView has received many emails recently on the status of Jacqueline Moore. Jackie was released soon after her run as Cruiserweight Champion a few weeks ago. Jacqueline's WWE highlights have included being one half of the PMS group with Terri Runnels, managing Marc Mero and holding both the Women's Title and the Cruiserweight Title.

-Rikishi's status with the company is slightly more complicated. The SmackDown heavyweight is still a WWE employee and is out rehabbing an injury. However, he did make a recent appearance for an independent show run by former WWE wrestler, Afa. Obviously, the WWE weren't too pleased to hear that Rikishi is too hurt to work for them, but will show up to help out family.

-According to sources, Lita's pregnancy angle is likely to run through until she is supposed to give birth in around 8 months time. Dont be expecting a quick climax to this one.

Credit: Dave Scherer @ PWInsider.com