"Simply Luscious" Ronnie Stevens Interview: Talks about HBK as trainer

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On Wednesday, January 12, 2005 at 3:52 PM EST

Steve Gerweck sent in the following recap...

Recap of the Ronnie Stevens "Simply Luscious" on the Gerweck Report hotline

- Stevens wanted to become a wrestler after attending a Smackdown show in Austin, TX, where she sat behind Jerry Lawler. She fell in love with the sport.

- Simply Luscious is the only female graduate of Shawn Michaels' wrestling academy. While she was there, she trained with the likes of Lance Cade, Spanky, American Dragon, and Michael Shane.

- Stevens put over Michaels as a great trainer.

- She said she trained with Michaels for four months, before moving to Dory Funk's Funkin' Conservatory in Florida.

- She was prompted to move to Funk's school by friend Paul London.

- Stevens said she enjoyed learning a new style at Funk's school.

- Stevens made her in ring debut in San Antonio, TX against Chris Marvel.

- Before training to wrestle, she studied karate and ballet.

- She worked a spot with Tank Abbott in WCW, but received a concussion working with him. She got the opportunity through Michaels.

- Stevens said that she got the ring name Simply Luscious from her ex-husband.

- Stevens returns to Japan in March, where she will wrestle and continue her current gimmick as a heel referee.

- Stevens stated proudly that she is the first woman in the Zero-One promotion.

- She said that she works most often for the National Wrestling Superstars.

- She also stated that she was the first ever USA Pro Wrestling's women's champion.

- Stevens said her biggest strength is her charisma.

- Because of her location, Stevens admits that she commonly works with men and doing mixed tag matches.

- She put over a match she had with Leilani Kai in Texas.

- She spent the summer in Mexico working for LLF and CMLL. She said the pace of the matches are much faster in Mexico, and all matches are best 2 out of 3 fall matches, meaning most matches go about 30 minutes.

- Stevens put over the improvements of Super Crazy.

- Stevens says that she works part-time as a bartender, and often times watches the WWE while she works. She feels there is too much talking in the current WWE product.

- Stevens is looking forward to working with Jazz.

- She said that she has had no contact with WWE, but is getting close to being ready for the company. Stevens said her Japanese experience should make her ready for WWE.

- Stevens said her stint in TNA was the most fun she has had in the business. She likes that the company employs the six-sided ring.

- She said she didn't want to sign a two-year contract with TNA, and that she only wants to sign a contract with WWE or Japan.

- Stevens thought the recent WWE diva search was interesting, but they are passing over a lot of talented female workers.

- Her current career goals include working more in Japan, winning a title there, working for Vince McMahon and winning his women's title.

- Stevens favorite independent women include Tracy Brooks, Gail Kim and April Hunter.

- She said her favorite angle was working with Chris Daniels in Ring of Honor.

- Stevens talked about working in the movie "Selena," and said she has also appeared in the "America's Most Wanted" television show.

- She said her official web site is currently under construction.

- Her dream match is against Molly Holly.

- Stevens doesn't consider herself a sex symbol.

- Her goal for 2005 is to stay healthy and working more in Japan.

- In five years from now, she sees herself in WWE.

- She feels she will be doing more acting once she starts to work for WWE.

- Stevens said she is nothing like her in ring persona.

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