Reaction to Final Resolution, Abyss signs contract extension, Pittsburgh

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On Monday, January 17, 2005 at 3:47 PM EST

- TNA officials were said to be extremely pleased with how the Final Resolution PPV went last night in Orlando. In my opinion, TNA has gone three for three since the start of the monthly PPV's in November of 2004 and if you didn't catch the show last night, do yourself a favor and get the replay.

- Abyss, who made his return to TNA last night at Final Resolution following the Scott Hall vs. Jeff Hardy match, signed a contract extension with the company earlier in the week. Only a small amount of TNA staff members and workers were aware of his return and it was kept secret throughout the day before the PPV went on the air. In fact, the production truck was made aware of his run-in on Jeff Hardy just a few minutes before it took place. Given the situation that went down the last week or so, many are glad TNA was able to re-sign Abyss and turn it into a positive.

- As we made note of in the report for last night's show, the next TNA PPV, titled Against All Odds, will be taking place next month on February 13 at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. There was talk of holding the PPV in Pittsburgh, PA with Shane Douglas handling the local promotion, but the company made the decision to hold off and not rush into a new market. Many expect the next scheduled PPV on March 13th, Destination X, to be held in Orlando as well unless plans change.

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