More on Amy Weber/WWE situation - why she won't be back & teasing

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On Sunday, February 20, 2005 at 4:37 PM EST

- In what has become obvious at this point with both the removal of her name off the "SmackDown Superstars" area of and a storyline mention of her being fired by JBL on TV, Amy Weber will not be returning to WWE anytime soon. Some new information regarding her departure from the company has become available and doesn't only deal with the "strip club flyer" incident.

From what is known, her quitting the company also had to do with what happened on the airplane flight between Japan and Alaska. Weber had reportedly injured her tailbone while practicing for a previously scheduled match at No Way Out and landed on her back awkwardly. She then asked some how to treat the injury during the plane ride, causing some WWE workers to feel she was complaining too much about it. Weber then stretched out on several seats to sleep during the flight, which according to many wasn't a big deal or "diva like" since the charter had many open seats available. However, while she was sleeping two wrestlers poured a liquid on her to wake her up. This is said to be among the many examples of physical abuse that she said happened to her on the flight and caused her to quit and fly home on her own, basically not wanting to endure any more time spent with the wrestlers.

A source close to Weber described the wrestlers as quote "a bunch of assholes" who feel they can get away with anything, especially with the strip club flyer incident. Bruce Prichard later explained to Weber that the teasing regarding the flyer wasn't meant to be taken seriously and more of a test to see if she could laugh at herself. JBL was one of the wrestlers spotted teasing her about the flyer, but later apologized to her saying he didn't mean to hurt her feelings as other wrestlers didn't take the flyer seriously. One WWE worker added, "Amy is one of the smarter divas. JBL was just having fun the way he has fun. It was what it was and she took it too seriously at first because she was trying so hard to fit in. The girls just don't understand the mentality because they got thrown into this. Wrestlers should be more mature, but this type of stuff is how we stay sane on road trips."

News Derived From: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter