Dreamer contacts 2 more former ECW stars for One Night Stand PPV...

?Reported by Ryan Allen of WrestleView.com

On Friday, February 25, 2005 at 11:10 AM EST

- Yesterday here on WrestleView.com, we reported that Tommy Dreamer has been put in charge of the ECW "One Night Stand" Pay Per View, and has been recently offering former ECW stars who are not under WWE contract, spots on the show.

In addition to The Sandman, it appears that Dreamer also has contacted Justin Credible and Sabu with offers to appear on the ECW One Night Stand PPV on 6/12 in New York City.

With yesterday's news of The Sandman being contacted, and today, Sabu, it appears that this show is headed in the right direction.

Credit: Mike Johnson @ PWInsider.com