ECW event rivalry note, WWE contacts TNA about talent + Joey Styles

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On Monday, March 7, 2005 at 2:25 PM EST

- There have been a few stories making the rounds on various wrestling websites that a rivalry has started between WWE's ECW One Night Stand PPV on June 12th and the Shane Douglas promoted ECW Reunion event that will take place at the ECW Arena two days prior on June 10th. Despite what has been said or reported, there was at no point a deal worked out where some performers would only work the WWE show and opt to not work the event being promoted by Douglas. The general position being taken with the WWE run show is that all outside talent being used are simply independent workers that are coming in for a short term one-week deal. WWE officials are wanting to put forth the most authentic ECW product as possible and know they can only do this with the performers that made it possible years ago. While it is very possible some may work both shows or only one, there is no truth whatsoever to the rumors that WWE has been paying talent to avoid the Douglas event in Philadelphia.

- In a move that has both shocked and surprised many, TNA sources are stating that WWE representatives (most likely Tommy Dreamer) contacted TNA last week about the possibility of sending former ECW stars Shane Douglas, Raven, Jerry Lynn and Kid Kash for the WWE run event on June 12th. It is unlikely that TNA officials will allow their contracted talent to appear on a WWE show, but it does show that WWE officials are doing their best to put forth a show with all former stars and make it as authentic as possible.

- It should also be noted that Joey Styles, the longtime voice of ECW on commentary, was contacted to become part of the WWE run ECW event at the same time The Sandman, Justin Credible, Sabu and other outside talent were as well. Styles has stated on numerous times that he has agreed to work the Shane Douglas event on June 10th, but had no plans to attend the WWE event. As a very big ECW fan, I would hate to see the show called by anyone else but Styles.

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