Dustin Rhodes upset with Nash, Idea for Dusty's office in his truck, More

?Reported by Ben Bauer of WrestleView.com

On Sunday, April 17, 2005 at 1:42 PM EST

-Buyrates for the March 13th TNA PPV, Destination X, were down about 10,000 buys from the previous TNA events. There is pressure on Dusty Rhodes to get the buyrates back up for the next PPV.

-Dusty's son, Dustin Rhodes was very upset at Kevin Nash for some comments he made in a recent interview. He didn't acknowledge him at all at the recent tapings.

-The idea for Dusty's office to be in the back of a truck is one Dusty decided to use after he heard Bob Carter, the founder of Panda Energy, started his business by running it out of the back of his truck.

News Derived From: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter