Jazz Interview: Talks about her WWE release, days in ECW, much more

?Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

On Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 1:09 PM EST

Steve Gerweck of Gerweck.net sent in the following recap...

Interview Recap with Jazz

- Jazz said she has been busy wrestling in recent times, and attending to a 15 acre lot that she and Rodney Mack recently purchased.

- Jazz said Mack and she have received a lot of interest to work independent dates.

- Jazz says she returns to Japan on May 17th for IWA Japan for a week of touring. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams helped get her booked for Japan.

- She said Japanese fans love wrestling and watching American wrestlers.

- Jazz said she didn't leave WWE on bad terms. Johnny Ace called to inform her that with business down, and the creative team having nothing for her, she was being let go.

- She said the release "came out of the blue." Jazz felt she would always have a job with WWE.

- Jazz said that she thought working with Mack was getting a good crowd reaction.

- When asked if she though Mack received a fair chance in WWE, Jazz replied, "they didn't give him any big breaks, I'll say that."

- She said when she learned of Nidia and Gail Kim's releases, she knew she was next.

- Jazz said she didn't think WWE would be bringing her back anytime soon because of the direction they are going.

- She said she had no problem with the diva search competition.

- She said she was surprised by the Jacqueline's release. In an interesting note, she said she made her pro wrestling debut against Jacqueline.

- Jazz was attending college on a basketball scholarship, and said school wasn't here forte. She dropped out of school, and went to work. Jazz was approached about training to become a wrestler and went to wrestling school in Louisiana.

- She said after six to eight months of training with Rod Price, she started wrestling for ECW.

- She said her favorite wrestler growing up was the Junkyard Dog.

- She said she came up with the ring name Jazz herself.

- Jazz said that she thought when she entered ECW they were leading to a women's division.

- She said that despite working for ECW, she hasn't been contacted by either Shane Douglas or WWE to work the June reunion shows. She says she isn't hurt by that, and stated that her fans know she worked for ECW.

- Jazz said her ECW highlight was working Jason at Heatwave '99, and her WWE highlight was working Trish Stratus and Lita and Wrestlemania 18.

- She said she has talked with Jeff Jarrett, but hasn't heard anything back from him.

- Jazz says Rodney and herself are considering starting a family of their own, and starting their own business.

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