Press Release - Jarrett vs. AJ Styles NWA World Title Match this Sunday

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On Friday, May 13, 2005 at 11:24 PM EST

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Nashville, TN (May 13, 2005) – There is one thing that Jeff Jarrett holds sacred, and that is the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Born in Hendersonville, TN into a family that built it’s livelihood in professional wrestling, Jarrett had always aspired to become World Heavyweight Champion, and now the cagey veteran is holding on with everything and anything he can to prolong his third NWA World Title reign which has lasted almost a year.

“They have thrown everyone they can think of at me to try and take my title, but it is still around my waist,” said Jarrett. “The internet, Dusty Rhodes, the boys they all might think AJ is the better athlete but he isn’t man enough for this title and he isn’t ready for this title. I will be the champ as damn long as I want to be.”

AJ Styles has always been one thing; Phenomenal. A superior athlete Styles excelled in amateur athletics capturing state titles in wrestling from his home state of Georgia. Styles dreams however focused on becoming the very best professional wrestler in the world and in a short time the phenomenal one is considered just that by many in the industry. He is the most decorated champion in TNA Wrestling history and believes that his time has come to be king of the mountain.

“I have been to the top of the mountain before and I will get there again,” said Styles. “I am in the best shape physically and mentally that I have ever been in my life. I know it’s time -- I know it’s my time.”

Tito Ortiz is known as one of the most feared and dangerous men in the world. The former, and longest reigning, UFC Champion has beaten and bloodied opponents time and time again with brute power and technical prowess. Dusty Rhodes has brought Ortiz to “Hard Justice” to ensure the fight is fair and a true champion will be crowned.

“If I have to choke somebody out, then that might happen,” Ortiz added. “If somebody has to eat a knee or an elbow that might have to happen, I just want to see things fair.”

There are moments in history when a changing of the guard happens in sport and old regime crumbles and a new warrior emerges. Ali vs. Liston, De La Hoya vs. Chavez & Ortiz vs. Shamrock are classic bouts where the cagey veteran succumbed to new blood of the sport. Will AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett join that list? Is it time? The world will know this Sunday, May 15 as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling presents “Hard Justice” live on pay-per-view.