Andrew 'Test' Martin Interview: Talks about stars who helped him, more

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On Friday, May 20, 2005 at 6:58 PM EST

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The Big Mosh and the Angry Hero welcome Andrew “Test” Martin to the program, right off the bat talking about his neck surgery and the successful recovery he’s been having thus far. Test has been enjoying the time off, doing some traveling, and now he’s ready to step through the ropes and get back into the scene.

Test says Chris Benoit was a big help in giving him advice about the surgery, something he had been putting off. AH asks if he plans on changing his in-ring style, particularly high-risk maneuvers like his Randy Savage-style flying elbow. Regardless of not using said move in two years, Test plans on phasing moves like that out, recalling how guys like the Undertaker would warn him that such moves on a nightly basis are going to hurt you physically in the long run.

Addressing the issue of his WWE release, Test was surprised and shocked when he got the call from Johnny Ace. He says it was more a business decision but he can’t say he wasn’t disappointed at the move since he “cracked his neck in their ring” and gave so much to the company for seven years.

AH gets into Test’s new venture into the independent wrestling scene, mentioning his name being connected to feds like 3PW, Ring of Honor, and TNA. As for right now, Test is doing a bunch of shows in Italy and Australia. AH asks if he’ll be joining his former tag partner Albert in Japan, pointing that Albert is called “Giant Bernard” overseas, which Test gets a kick out of hearing Albert’s new name.

Test has no regrets or bitterness towards the WWE, allowing him to live his dream as a pro wrestler and see the world. He just turned 30 yrs old and truly does miss the crowd interaction, looking forward to his overseas stint and wherever else his career takes him.

Mosh brings up Test’s relationship with Bret “Hitman” Hart and how he got Test started in the business. Test recalls how Bret took the time to talk to him about the business when they first met and was grateful for the opportunity to train with Bret exclusively (despite Bret’s road schedule).

AH talks about one of Test’s crowning moments in the WWE, the “Love Her or Leave Her” Match with Shane McMahon at SummerSlam 99. Test agrees how that was his favorite WWE match as well. He still talks to Shane on a regular basis and puts over how great a guy Shane is.

In regards to the whole wedding angle with him and Stephanie McMahon, Test had no idea what the plan was on the day of the actual ceremony. He remembers how well the fans reacted to the angle, with AH bringing up the “wedding invitation” placed by the WWE in USA Today.

AH asks why there was no follow-up with Test and HHH after the wedding angle. Test was actually surprised himself as to the lack of progression and was pretty much in the dark as to what the plans were. AH addresses a rumor that stated Test was supposed to win the World title at Survivor Series 99 instead of the Big Show, to which Test had no knowledge of at all.

Mosh asks about Trish Stratus and his thoughts on the women’s division in the WWE. Test enjoyed watching Gail Kim and Jazz work and has no idea why the WWE let them go. He goes on to put over Trish as one of the best workers out there today, despite not knowing what to think of her initially.

Test gives his thoughts on the WCW Invasion angle, saying the WWE did the best with what they had, especially since they lacked the big WCW stars in the early goings of the angle. He says the invasion was one of those things that was “either going to work or it wasn’t.”

Test talks about how he prefers being in singles competition as opposed to tag matches. He does, however, enjoy the tag matches since they take less of a toll on his body. AH reminisces over Test teaming with Albert, who Test puts over as a great friend and enjoyed the time they spent on the road together in the WWE.

After giving his thoughts working with Curt Hennig prior to WrestleMania X8, AH asks if there is anyone in particular that Test is looking to work with on the indie scene. For right now, Test is cool with his current bookings in Italy and isn’t really into a 5-6 nights a week schedule like he had in the WWE. Test is also geared up for WrestleReunion II, taking place in Valley Forge, PA on August 26th through August 28th, looking to meet some legends and catch up with old friends.

Mosh brings up the whole Motley Crue bodyguard deal, to which Test remembers the band being a cool group of guys but they were on a “sober kick” and didn’t do too much crazy partying when he was around them.

Test recalls his work with Scott Steiner and how the WWE dropped the ball with Steiner since in Test’s eyes, he could have been a draw for the company. He states Steiner was one of the wrestlers that influenced his decision to get into the business after seeing Steiner on TV and still tries to keep in touch with him.

Mosh asks if people still come up to Test today and say “I’m a testicle.” Test laughs about it, saying the gimmick was one of his favorites throughout his career. Mosh then gets into the Un-Americans angle with Lance Storm, which Test feels was “only entertainment” but can see why people took it so seriously.

The crew gets Test’s thoughts on the business today and why its in the state it is. Test says the industry is cyclical and that the storylines were better back when the WWE got big again in the late 90’s.

In closing, Test talks about some of the underused talent right now in the WWE, most notably Val Venis and Christian, who Test feels could be a World champion despite his stature. Test jokes that he only hangs out with Christian because “his wife looks good.” Be sure to check out Andrew “Test” Martin at WrestleReunion II in Valley Forge, PA on August 26th through August 28th. For more information, visit

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